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The Legacy Benchtop Filament Extruder Machine makes 3D Printer "ink"
Holding Humans Responsible for Preventing Further Pollution of the World's Waterways
Holding Humans Responsible for Preventing Further Pollution of the World's Waterways
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    1. Andre Mercado on

      she is still working on the prototype... lol. I really hope she is in jail somewhere.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander Sor on

      Any news 4 years after the start of the project liz?

    3. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      1 year since any comment fro Liz. Please tell your backers what you are doing with their hard earned money.

    4. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Liz,come back on Kickstarter and explain to the people who gave you there money where it has gone.

    5. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Hay greg, I posted a complaint and emails Kickstarter a couple of times but they don’t seem interested . Liz has no intention of refunding us and the project is so out of date now it’s not worth making your own filament in my opinion. should never have been allowed to start this funding with out demonstrating she had some knowledge on how to complete it. Kickstarter is total BS,I might do one to make a real lightsaber or teleport machine, I have no idea how to do it but with enough money i could give it a go

    6. Greg Nutt on

      Whoever has not already done so, please go to the campaign page and report this project. Enough is enough.

    7. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Reply from Kickstarter after a couple of email to them......

      Support (Kickstarter)
      Nov 22, 3:09 PM EST


      Sorry to hear that the creator hasn’t responded to your concerns about this project. When creators go silent, we know that this can damage backers’ trust. We’ve reached out asking them to take time to respond to backers, as well as post an update on their progress so far. It’s important to remember, however, that each creator will approach their project differently, and issues may come up that delay the process.

      We take feedback about project delays to heart. We commissioned an independent study and found that, while many Kickstarter projects do end up delayed, only 9% of projects on Kickstarter fail. Creators run projects on Kickstarter for ideas that they care deeply about. In cases where they run into roadblocks or are busy working on their projects, they might not be aware of the best ways to keep in touch with their community.

      We do our best to try and help creators when they run into these situations. We set up a resource page of services to help with project completion, and try and communicate backer sentiment when we hear it from our community. Ultimately, creators are responsible for their own behavior — from communication and engagement to fulfillment. A big part of Kickstarter’s mission is to support creative freedom and independence; we don’t step into the actual creative process itself.

      I’d encourage you to keep reaching out to the creator to ask for an update, and stress that even a short note that they’re still working on it would be preferable to silence. If you’ve already tried that and haven’t received a response through Kickstarter messaging, you might want to consider reaching out through other channels such as a creator’s own website, where available.

      Thanks for being a thoughtful backer and part of the Kickstarter community. I hope you hear more from this creator soon.


    8. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Rhys I know what you mean, I have contacted Kickstarter about this project a few times and they are not interested.They get there money and it’s not there problem If the backers get nothing.I only check kickstarter to see if anything is happening with this project.When I have got my refund from here I will get this app off my phone and never look at kickstarter again.If you look at the highest funded projects on here and read the comments most of them have failed the backers.

    9. Rhys Clarke on

      So... I backed 2 campaigners this and the cobblebot never received either of them $800+ and nothing to show, so f&$k Kickstarter from now on

    10. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Copy of email sent to liz today 27th October 2017

      Hello Liz

      Can you please come back onto your kickstarter project and give us an update.
      You have not made any comment in over 6 months.
      You have promised me and others a refund on more than one occasion , can you update the people who gave you there money as to what you are doing to resolve this project.


    11. Rhys Clarke on

      Any update at all would be appreciated

    12. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      It article was dated back in 2012 so before This project but not confidence inspiring

    13. Rhys Clarke on

      Enough time and money to do that but not ours hmmm

    14. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Happy 3rd Anniversary Every one, Its now 3 years since this project was funded by us. No comments from Liz since April. Was promised my spool winder and a refund several time on here and by email but still nothing. Kickstarter is total BS,You could start a project with no idea how to finish it and hope that when you had the money you could make it happen. If not then say sorry folks and go off to the next project . Think the rules have changed a bit since this project but still a lot of fails on here.

    15. Missing avatar

      D on

      Clearly she has zero integrity.

    16. Brett Hubbard on

      Hi Liz, any update on the spool winder?

    17. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Me again.No news in over 3 months now.Still asking for the backers list showing who has received there pledged items and who has received a refund. I reported this project to Kickstarter several months ago and the system will not let me do it again, I don't think Kickstarter cares if all the projects on here fail. Should you wish to report a project to Kickstarter the report tab is in the FAQ part of this project after you go to the "Read more about the campaign" link. The J Man don't give up ..

    18. Andre Mercado on

      wondering if this info is up to date?

      Registrant Name: Elizabeth Havlin
      Registrant Organization:
      Registrant Street: 77 S Washington ST
      Registrant City: Seattle
      Registrant State/Province: Washington
      Registrant Postal Code: 98104
      Registrant Country: US
      Registrant Phone: +1.2063171878
      Registrant Phone Ext:
      Registrant Fax:
      Registrant Fax Ext:
      Registrant Email:
      Registry Admin ID:
      Admin Name: Elizabeth Havlin
      Admin Organization:
      Admin Street: 77 S Washington ST
      Admin City: Seattle
      Admin State/Province: Washington
      Admin Postal Code: 98104
      Admin Country: US
      Admin Phone: +1.2063171878
      Admin Phone Ext:
      Admin Fax:
      Admin Fax Ext:
      Admin Email:
      Registry Tech ID:
      Tech Name: Elizabeth Havlin

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    20. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Getting close to 3 years from funding. Very few updates or progress.
      I asked before for a list of backers showing who has received they pledges, who has been refunded and how many are sill waiting, please give us this information and a definitive date on refunds for those who have asked.

    21. Missing avatar

      D on

      *carry, not care

    22. Missing avatar

      D on

      @matthew maclellan, there is no progress, but I'm sure we'll get an update. Here is how it will read:

      #Whole new plan moving forward doing something only similar to the initial plan
      #Promise that initial plan will still happen
      #Sob story to elicit pity
      #Insult backers
      #Threaten backers

      This is how all updates will go until she admits to herself that she has failed on this project.

      On the plus side, her promise in the comments to pay us back may care legal weight.

    23. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Any progress in the last 2 months ?

    24. Rhys Clarke on

      Greg nutt as long as it does nothing that it's supposed to �

    25. Greg Nutt on

      Anyone want to buy a "BRICK"? :)

    26. Greg Nutt on

      I bet this would make a great news article as to the potential problems into backing Kickstarter projects. Buyer beware.

    27. Greg Nutt on

      Still waiting for my refund.

    28. Rhys Clarke on

      Must admit have lost faith in this project, I would like to request a refund asap $340 is a lot of money to see nothing for.



    29. Missy Hp on

      Any chance for a refund?

    30. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Received not revived �

    31. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      Hi everyone, How many of the people still here following this project have received the items they pledged for or had a refund ? I don't see that many different people on the comments section so guess some have revived what they wanted or have just given up. I hope to get my refund one day soon so I can get this kickstarter app off my phone and forget all about it.

    32. Liz Havlin - Founder Creator on


      I am a self employed entrepreneur.

      I have to earn money to pay back the backers who want a refund.

      Then, I can begin working with am engineer to finish the project machines and test the prototypes.

      That is the only way forward that I see.

      - Liz Havlin

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    34. Liz Havlin - Founder Creator on

      Hello Backers, and future no longer backers =)

      I did not receive the phone call I was waiting for so I will re-visit Plan A in a future update.

      Plan B:

      I have been offered a space for a 3D Printing & Design Training program.

      Since this Kickstarter project is what is holding all my other projects back, this is Plan B for the summer of 2017:

      Use everything I own to get a classroom open to train Military Veterans in "3D Design to Manufacturing". One of the huge holes in 3D printing (besides the fact that everyone still throws their leftovers in the trash =( , is that there aren't any places to go get actual training in 3D printing.

      Well, I am going to fix that.

      Since I am a Mompreneur with 2 kids in tow, my classes offer on site child care.

      Instead of paying the 90 days of hosting fees for the website this month, I will launch the website next month so Kieran can have his $45 refund now.

      As I earn money teaching, I will get Andre his $500 that he shouldn't ever have put on Kickstarter since he in continuously unemployed and could not afford it in the first place. Andre and 5 backers have stalked me, harassed me, hacked me and bullied me for the absolute last time.

      Next time, you will get a No Contact restraining order. Period.

      In about 30 days, Prototype America will be live.

      We are looking for Beta Testers for the Project Management App.

      Keep smiling and keep checking back for updates!!!

      If you have something you would like to add or want to help, please connect on Linked


      - Liz Havlin

      "Never give up, Never surrender"

    35. Missing avatar

      Kieran Hammond on

      I'm interested in a refund. Promised many times, hopefully I'll get it this year...

    36. Liz Havlin - Founder Creator on

      ...working on an update... still waiting to hear back about one important piece (hopefully today)...

    37. Andre Mercado on

      Anyone interested in a civil suit?

    38. Liz Havlin - Founder Creator on


      Thank you for following up.

      I will send out an official update this weekend.

      I'm waiting for one phone call to confirm the last piece is in place.

      After 3 years of pivoting, we are now in position to launch an international recycling into Large Scale 3D printing supplies campaign.

      - Liz Havlin

    39. Missy Hp on

      So when can I get my refund?

    40. Liz Havlin - Founder Creator on

      Again, I am doing the best I can.

      I will leave it at that.

      When I am able to give refunds, I will.

      Otherwise, you will get your rewards.

      I have shared my life with you in the hopes you could see that I am not giving up despite the challenges of every day life plus some.

      Yes, I made mistakes.

      Yes, I hired and partnered with people who took advantage of me.

      Yes, I have lost everything but my family, my marriage (which is still intact), and my faith that the original message will presevere.

      Of the original 80 backers, many have gotten their rewards and many are still with me.

      The haters will hate, and I look forward to getting the 5 bullies off my back.

      Many projects that have raised millions have "failed".

      I will not fail. I already have it all ready. Its putting together the pieces so they fit into the global recovery & recycling process.

      Thank you for supporting Wastestream to Mainstream - Recycling into 3D printing supplies.

      - Liz Havlin

    41. Missing avatar

      matthew maclellan on

      I only want the refund you promised me on more than one occasion , Kickstarter states that the project needs to be completed to the satisfaction of both yourself and the backers so you stating on your post on 28th of september 2016 that this kickstarter is closed is rubbish. You show now evidence the project is moving forwards and looks to me like the only reason you say it is is to avoid falling foul of kickstarter policy's . Give us some info or show us some pictures of anything you have made in the last year to move this project on. Not bullying just stating my point of view.

    42. Missing avatar

      D on

      "I do not post updates via the comment section." You don't post updates at all!

      No one is bullying you. We ask for communication and that you keep your word. I am not asking for a refund because Kickstarter's terms state I can get one, I am asking for one because you said you would give people refunds. Truth be told, you've said a lot of things that you don't follow through on. Pointing that out and asking that you communicate with us IS NOT BULLYING!

      You stated you would start issuing refunds on 11/15/16. When that date came and went your backers asked questions. You accused them of attacking you "I will be relieved to turn my full attention to the mission rather than dodge blows."

      Negative things keep happening in your life (idea theft, divorce, health issues, school, breaking your leg) and no one faults you for that, but you handle it poorly. You seem to wait until your backers start getting angry about your lack of communication before you finally talk to us, and when you do you offer us excuses and demand pity. Case in point, "I have been a work from home mom for almost 5 years now." Good for you! Sincerely! But that is not relevant to the project. I am not going to say 'Well gee golly, she's a stay at home mom. You go ahead and take 2.5 more years to finish this project.' We've all got problems and responsibilities.

      One last note, Andre Mercado is not stalking you simply because he found your PUBLIC online profile on another site. He is researching the person we gave money to who is avoiding us. It's due diligence to know who you are in business with.

    43. Liz Havlin - Founder Creator on

      Hello backers and interested parties:

      This project is moving forward.

      However, due to extreme online bullying, I do not post updates via the comment section.

      Denise: you are using your wife's account to cyber bully. cease and desist.

      Andre Mercado - stop stalking me


      I have been a work from home mom for almost 5 years now. Be proud not evil.

      I will never give up and I have not failed.

      - Liz Havlin

      Here is Kickstarter's policy for projects offering a refund:…

      I am still working 24/7 on this project.

    44. Missing avatar

      D on

      I would love to get the refund she has promised us many times over, but I think it's time for me to catalog this project and Liz as a failure. Life is clearly too difficult of a task, and people too mean, for her to succeed at anything. She will always have an excuse as to why she didn't succeed or keep a promise, and it will always be someone, or something, else's fault.

      “The trouble with excuses, [sic] is that they become inevitably difficult to believe after they’ve been used a couple of times.”
      ― Scott Spencer

    45. Missing avatar

      D on

      How about an update? You stated that it was discouraging to hear that we are discouraged -- your silence doesn't help with that.

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