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Lix 3D pen enables you to doodle in the air. This professional tool offers you the comfort and pushes your creativity to another level.
Lix 3D pen enables you to doodle in the air. This professional tool offers you the comfort and pushes your creativity to another level.
Lix 3D pen enables you to doodle in the air. This professional tool offers you the comfort and pushes your creativity to another level.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Samantha Haughwout on

      I think I completed my survey. I backed this project so long ago I can't remember if I charged or not.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jens Carroll on

      Dear lux team,

      I have waited now forever. In the mean time I have gotten old, grown bald and a beer belly.

      I am pretty much done updating an address that never changed.

      Please send me my money back.


    3. Wakky Mo on

      What a smack in the face... not even received my pen... then just browsing Facebook, LIX pen advert came up..


    4. Missing avatar

      Diarmid Scott on

      Still nothing received.

      Has anyone in the UK looked in to legal advice for not receiving goods?

    5. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Manzi on

      I wrote them om facebook and on the email on their website, they say that they will not refund customers "because it was a pledge and not a purchase, Kickstarter does not function in the same way as a standard customer purchase". This is ABSURD !

    6. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Manzi on

      Me too I did not receive my stuff! I now want my money back!

    7. Danny Fang / High5dogs on

      Dear lux team,

      I have waited now forever. In the mean time I have gotten old, grown bald and a beer belly.

      I am pretty much done updating an address that never changed.

      Please send me my money back.


    8. Missing avatar

      Marsupilani on

      I still not received my pen.
      My address is the same for over 10 years.
      I updated every time with the same address, but still not delivered...

    9. Missing avatar

      wouter on

      Still working nicely with the abs filament. Getting the hang of it. Hopes it continues to work well

    10. Missing avatar

      Bert Schrijen on

      Lix, how many times i have to update My adresse?

    11. LIX Creator on

      Dear Ruth and Jo Jo,

      Both of your rewards will be shipped out by next week. We have added them to the batch we are currently preparing. Thank you for your support and patience.

      Dear Dennis,

      Please contact our support team on so that we can help you and repair/replace your LIX PEN.

      Thank you - LIX Team

    12. Missing avatar

      wouter on

      Second testrun (ABS) also ok.

    13. Missing avatar

      wouter on

      Finally got my LIXpen. Nice packaging. quick tryout seems to work ok.
      will test some more

    14. Jo Jo Coon on

      Updated my address originally when requested. Nothing. Have now moved again years later so have come back and updated my address AGAIN. Maybe I will get my pen now? I'm pretty sure I was pregnant with my first child when I made this pledge... He is now 4 years old hahaha

    15. Missing avatar

      dennis winge on

      LIX is a joke. I already got mine broke pretty soon from jamming. How many years has it been and you still havent got everyone there pen. Gaaaarrrbbbaaggge!!!!! I wish i sold it on ebay to get some money back. Sell yours if you can. Go ahead and say sorry were working on it another 100 times.

    16. Ruth Glendinning on

      I still have not received my original product. I have responded to every request and updated my address. Please let me know what's going on.

    17. LIX Creator on

      Dear Ulrich,

      Your LIX PEN is in the batch we just prepared, ready and on its way to you. You will soon receive an email with tracking information to track your reward :)

      Thank you,
      LIX Team

    18. LIX Creator on

      Dear Benquey,

      Thank you for updating your address 2 days ago, we have just added you to the list to be shipped out. We have just finished a batch and will get another one ready to be shipped too. Thank you since we need recently confirmed addresses to ensure safe delivery of the rewards.

      Much appreciated, thank you for your support.

      LIX Team

    19. Missing avatar

      Benquey veronique on

      I am fed up with waiting... for 4 years, and it seems like some of the bakers have received a pen... Why not all of them ? I gave you 3 times my adress, It hasn't change !! Please stop taking us for "@"# and send us our contribution. I will never give my money for that kind of project....

    20. Missing avatar

      Ulrich Nether on

      I backed Lix in May 2014. I'm waiting for my reward now for 4 years! Lix asks for an adress update now for the seventh time (!) always, then writing messages the Pen is on it's way- but nothing happens. Meanwhile you could get a pen via Amazon within one day.
      Doesn't that look like frauding the backers? If you don't send the pen, send my money back!
      And Kickstarter: I'll never trust any campaign anymore - there are better crowdfunding platforms meanwhile.

    21. LIX Creator on

      Dear Mary,

      Thank you for your comment.
      No in the video we are not using such filaments this is correct. We are referring to polymer blends using a mix of plastic (generally PLA) and metal/wood etc depending on the filament. We will be selling our own filaments of these in the very near future also. For now we have used samples of these "special" filaments for in-house testing and they all passed :)

      These filaments are already available on the market in spool form. If you would like to see what they are, you can easily find examples of spools by searching on Google.

      We will be selling LIX's own straight-rod filaments of these various filaments soon.

      Hope this information helps :) Thank you!

    22. Missing avatar

      mary mattingly on

      “Question about your new streamlined pen, you mentioned in the email new materials other than plastic, like metal and wood-based plastic filament. Yet when I clicked on the video I didn't see any of that and on your website it doesn't list the metal or wood based material. Please explain if it's a real thing.”

    23. LIX Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      Thank you for your support.

      We are currently putting together another batch to ship out to those that have updated their shipping addresses. We ask for a recently updated address because we had issues in the past with items being returned or lost or delivered but somehow the backer never received it. Because of this, we have to be extra certain that the address information is correct.

      We hope to fulfil all pending backer rewards and apologise for the delay, but please update your address and let us know. Please contact us if you need assistance on

      Thank you

    24. DotStudio on


    25. Missing avatar

      Christina Dinsmore on

      You've had my money for 2 years and I still haven't received my pen. Now you have the nerve to send us an email trying to sell us the latest, better, more improved pen at a lower cost than I paid for the originally (now confirmed to be of a lesser quality). I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ayjay on're launching another product and you still haven't even fulfilled your obligations for your first one?!

      I'm sick of this. I demand a refund.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      l invoke my rights under Kickstarter's
      Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backers whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      This is my formal request for a refund of my pledge amount.

    28. LIX Creator on

      Thank you for all your responses and to those that are updating their addresses as required.

      Those of you that have expressed a malfunction with your LIX PEN please kindly contact our Support Team on who will be able to help you with a repair/replacement free of charge as part of our ever-improving customer service.

      Thank you all once again for your support. - LIX Team

    29. Missing avatar

      Wiecher Hakse on

      Still have not received my statue..and changed my address several times as requested....Any idea when to receive?

    30. Eveen Kwan on

      I did not receive my pen either, will update my address again...

    31. Ellie Bloemendaal on

      Wow, again and again verify my address. That's it. Like my refund.

    32. Missing avatar

      Marsupilani on

      Got a email today to verify my address again... I think they try to pull my leg...

    33. Missing avatar

      Jens Carroll on

      Mine was a birthday gift that never received. Very sad!

    34. Missing avatar

      Tina on

      Well, it seems many of us are still waiting for the lix pen...

    35. Missing avatar

      SR90 on

      i am sill waiting for my lix pen .. please let me know what is going on !

    36. Missing avatar

      Christina Dinsmore on

      Just when is this going to arrive?!?!

    37. Missing avatar

      David J Messenger on

      This product and business is a bit of a disaster really... Risk of Kickstarter

    38. Christiaan Wever on

      Where do you ask for refund? This project is a fraud

    39. Missing avatar

      Dafoz on

      Haven't visited this page for a while, and can't resist pasting a section from the creator's profile:

      "Ismail Baran is the co-founder of LIX. Passionated for virtual technologies and promo design, he mixes all these together to produce a wonderful output. He is the Marketing director, he is in charge of the marketing activity of our company. He studied marketing and graphic design.

      Well, that sort of sums it all up. It's been all about design and marketing. Ironic that "Virtual technologies" are mentioned. For those people who still haven't seen their pens, you can't get more virtual than that!

    40. Lawn mowing on

      Still not arrived

    41. Missing avatar

      Pamela Baxter on

      This was what I thought a great idea to back, still not received the pen after updated shipping address so many times as continuously suggested. It appears there are now so many 3D pens on the market today which have surpassed this one? I would still like to have my pen or my money back though and will never back any other projects on kickstarter again.

    42. Ellie Bloemendaal on

      I am was respectful for more than 3 years. Please refund my money and keep your pen.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sandra Hordis on

      Still nothing. Updated/Confirmed my address countless times. On Dec 24, I'm going to process for a refund.

    44. Annie Yang on

      Received my pen today! I forgot about this Kickstarter project and only updated my address two months ago lol. I got the sent the wrong color (grey instead of black), but it's too much of a hassle to exchange so I'm keeping it as is. I played around with it for a little less than a hour and it works nicely...much more smoothly than my experience with 3Doodler (smoother consistent lines, but questionable slow and fast speeds and it's not for very long work sessions). For reference, it was shipped out from NY on November 8 and I received it November 17.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicole Winans on

      Still no pen for me :( im about to attempt to get my money refunded.

    46. Missing avatar

      Areej Mahmoud on

      Never got my pen. Treating backers this way is discouraging to back other possibly competent people in the future. Oh well. It seems that people who got the pen can't seem to make it work anyway.

    47. Leandre S, Williams Jr on

      I got my pen and I does not work like they say it does! A complete waste of money! Complete junk!
      I wasted my money on this kickstarter! Never Again! I am being respectful about it!

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