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Guitar Wing: Wireless Control Surface for Guitar and Bass's video poster

Guitar Wing: Wireless control over software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps & MIDI effects units...right from your guitar or bass. Read more

Austin, TX Sound
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This project was successfully funded on February 21, 2014.

Guitar Wing: Wireless control over software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps & MIDI effects units...right from your guitar or bass.

Austin, TX Sound
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“The coolest guitar gadget ever….Guitar Wing gives you the ability to control software while playing your guitar at the same time. You can interact as much or as little as you want.”  
- Vernon Reid (Guitarist - Living Colour)

“I am extremely excited about the Livid Guitar Wing. Guitarists have been, until now, highly marginalized, when it comes to MIDI controllers and tools that are otherwise widely available to keyboardists, drummers and singers. What an amazing solution!" 
- Shaunna Hall (Guitarist - George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic  / 4 Non Blondes)

“Looks like exactly what I want and have been struggling to get out of foot controllers”
Trey Gunn (Bass Player - King Crimson)

The Guitar Wing™ from Livid Instruments is an expressive control surface that gives guitar and bass players wireless control over the functions of their favorite software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, and even lighting and visual platforms. 

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How Guitar Wing Works

Keep The Guitar You Love

The Guitar Wing fits any electric guitar or bass and does not require modifications of your instrument. Easily attached (and removed), it communicates with your computer using wireless technology. 

Key Product Features

Learn To Fly, Fast.

Every Guitar Wing will include the Wing FX™ software plug-in, so you can quickly use it to control effects, pitch, filters and more. Built-in motion sensors offer users new ways to control their sound without compromising their play. 

Our Story (why we've made this) 

We have been designing and manufacturing control surfaces for musicians since 2004. Our products are the instruments that enable artists to create expressive, real-time performances using digital sound and video tools. In the beginning, we were inspired to create products that applied the guitar style and form because of the great play-ability and incredible energy that guitars can bring to the stage. 

Enter 2014 and Guitar Wing

Over the past decade, digital audio has completely revolutionized music production. Until now, guitar and bass players have not had a tool like Guitar Wing to easily access and interact with digital tools through such a natural extension of their instrument.

What People are Saying

“I have no doubt the Guitar Wing will take an already expressive instrument to a whole new place.”
- Christopher Holmes (Audio Facilitator for Nine Inch Nails)

"Guitarist's have long been searching for a bridge that would connect a guitar to the way that modern music is created, manipulated, and controlled. The Guitar Wing is an exciting new and creative tool that today's guitarist will be using to interact with everything from DAW software, to inspired new sounds."
- Peter Parente (Guitarist - Jon Secada, Chayanne, Gloria Estefan)

"Guitar Wing from Livid Instruments breaks new ground for guitarists and electronic performers- especially for those of us who are both. Switching from one to the other always felt like an interruption that would break the creative flow. No more interruptions with Guitar Wing." 
Tony Lannutti (Guitarist - Sinch / Bluskreen)

"I could totally see myself using the Guitar
 Wing for triggering samples and effects during our live set."
- Joel Burleson (Ki:Theory)

"In recent years guitarist have been forgotten when it comes to new school electronic and other high production sample based genres. Livid has created a unique piece of hardware that allows guitarist to jump back in and actually control their DAW while feeling the freedom of a wireless guitar performance. I have used Livid Controllers on multiple world tours and can always count on them to be intuitive, stylish and most importantly, dependable."
Fred Carlton (Guitar/Ableton Technician - 30 Seconds to Mars, Glitch Mob)

"I've spent a lot of time designing custom control systems for myself and other guitarists. This device is going to make most of that time-consuming and expensive custom work unnecessary. Just clamp this onto your favorite Axe, and suddenly you have a whole new realm on control available to you."
- Vance Galloway (Music Systems Designer - Monolake,  Decibel Festival)

"The Guitar Wing looks very exciting, especially for live performance. There are many moments in my new Vapor City Live show that I wish I didn't have to reach away from the guitar just to turn an effect up or down. The guitar wing would make incorporating my guitar in an electronic set so much easier and more fun"
- Travis Stewart (Machinedrum)

Developing Guitar Wing

Guitar Wing Prototype Evolution
Guitar Wing Prototype Evolution

Beginning from an idea that has grown and evolved since our earliest years as a company, we have been actively developing the Guitar Wing for the last 12 months. Each prototype has undergone extensive testing and refinement, to include design improvements such as:

  • Increased pressure and touch sensor responsiveness
  • Strengthened support clamp and grip
  • Added swivel feature to fit on any guitar style
  • Extended the life of each battery charge
  • Improved button height for ergonomic play 

We've had some help from visionary advisers.

Guitar Wing was co-designed with music innovator Moldoverwith input and assistance along the way from guitar legend Vernon Reid.

Using Guitar Wing As A Controller

's video poster
"We are standing on the verge of a controllerism revolution where music, FX and visuals can be integrated and "played" with the same ease and fluidity as traditional instruments." 
-Shaunna Hall (George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic  / 4 Non Blondes)

The Guitar Wing combines the latest in wireless technology, RGB LED lighting and ultra-thin pressure and touch sensitive controls, for a totally new, completely portable, and elegant design that fits almost any guitar. 

You can use the Guitar Wing with the bundled effects plug-in, WingFX™, or dive into the vast world of software, controlling programs like Logic, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Guitar Rig, Reason, and many others. Whatever your vision, the Guitar Wing provides an expressive control surface that’s designed to fit the needs of guitar and bass players. 

As a class compliant MIDI device, the Guitar Wing works with almost any audio software, iOS application, VST Plugin and more. Setting up the connection is easy, and with colorful LED feedback, you’ll know what’s going on without having to look at your computer screen. 

Software Templates 

We have a growing list of software templates that will be available for Guitar Wing users. Here are a few that will be included upon release:

Ableton Live, Guitar Rig, Traktor, Max/MSP, Reason, Logic, WingFX

Templates that are coming soon: Garage Band, Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, Digital Performer, Bitwig, Reaper, iOS apps, and many more…

Watch Moldover explain his Guitar Rig mapping.

's video poster

Watch D.V.S. explains his Ableton Live performance mapping.

's video poster

About WingFX Software

WingFX is a software plugin that acts a wireless digital effects rack for Guitar Wing. With several effects designed for optimal use with Guitar Wing’s innovative controls, you’ll shape your sound in ways you never thought possible. With features like pitch shifting, filters, distortion and sample playback, you can turn your guitar into a multimedia instrument with ease. Use the built in tuner function to tune your guitar and select a visual mode for sound reactive LEDs. 

Moldover & Jeff Introduce WingFX
's video poster
WingFX can be used as a standalone application or VST/AU in your favorite DAW to record your performance in real time. 

WingFX Features 

  • Sample playback (wav, mp3, aiff...)
  • Filters 
  • Overdrive
  • Delay
  • Wah
  • Phaser
  • Pitch shifting
  • 3D motion controlled effects
Guitar Wing SDK

In addition to the pre-configured software templates, we invite the community of software, hardware and iOS developers to integrate Guitar Wing with their products. We are making a Guitar Wing SDK (software development kit) available to those interested in expanding product compatibility for Guitar Wing. Whether you represent a company, are a student, artist or inventor, we invite you to explore Guitar Wing as an inventive platform for interfacing with emerging technologies.

Guitar Wing Specs

Wireless (Bluetooth) | Battery powered (USB charged) | Class compliant MIDI (driverless) |  All-RGB LED lighting 

5 Pressure sensitive pads | 3  Touch faders | 6 Rubber function buttons | 4 Side selection switches 

Three axis accelerometer (for motion control)

Rubberized clamp for easy attaching and detaching 

WingFX™ multi-effects software plugin (Standalone & VST)

Our Plan

Company Profile

Livid Instruments has been crafting custom controllers in Austin, Texas since 2004, and offers a line of commercially available control surfaces and DIY products through dealers and distributors worldwide.

  • Jay Smith - Founder and CEO
  • Travis Redding - COO
  • Peter Nyboer - Director of Software
The Team: Justin, Rachel, Fletcher, Mark, Mike, John, KC, James, Corey, Christian, Jeff, and Jenny.

Partners: John Acquaviva, Carl Hung, and Matt Newport.

We take attention to detail very seriously in the creation of our products and only select the highest quality parts and materials for production. With a set of open source hardware and software tools, we encourage other artists and the creative community to adapt our products to their specific needs. Livid's mission is to empower artists to create with a sense of inventiveness and experimentation.

Why We Need Your Help

After months of development and testing, we have arrived at the final, production-ready prototype. The funding we raise through this Kickstarter campaign will go toward:

  • The costs associated with the first Guitar Wing production run
  • Completing the development and testing of WingFX™
  • Ensuring product affordability through volume parts acquisition
  • Expanding integration possibilities to other software and hardware
  • Fulfilling each backer reward on this project

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Special thanks to our friends over at Austin Bazaar for the amazing shooting location!

The Guitar Wing™ and WingFX™ is a trademark of Livid Instruments Inc. Patents Pending all rights reserved.

Risks and challenges

We've been actively working on the Guitar Wing and WingFX™ software for the last 12 months, during which time we have designed and tested many prototypes. We have now arrived at what we are confident is the final, production-ready prototype.

We've been manufacturing MIDI controllers for the past ten years and are very experienced with the ups and down associated with hardware production. We have an established supply chain and a large network of highly experienced suppliers, however there is always the risk that something may alter the established component or production lead times that our plans rely on. In the event that any such change will impact the fulfillment schedule for our listed rewards, we will notify our backers promptly.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Well the first model was designed specifically for a right handed guitar or bass, it can be attached anywhere on the instrument. So it would be useable for a left handed guitar, or anything else you wanted to clamp it on, like a table or stand for that matter. The clamp is adjustable and flexible so it can be clamped to the upper horn, lower horn, behind the bridge or anywhere where it fits really. We've even played with it on a viola!

    Last updated:
  • Guitar Wing uses Bluetooth to communicate with a USB MIDI receiver (included). This means that setting up a Bluetooth connection between your computer and Guitar Wing is not necessary. The USB MIDI receiver is also driver-less, so there is nothing to install when connecting to a computer. A simple way to visualize the path is:

    [Guitar Wing] <-> [Bluetooth] <-> [USB MIDI receiver] <-> [Computer]

    You can use a device like this to use it without a computer


    Last updated:
  • Bluetooth is very reliable as a system. The signal even hops communication frequencies to find the cleanest one. Bluetooth reportedly reaches up to 50m (~150ft). This provides a signal range that is ideal for any practical application.

    Last updated:
  • You can use a device like this: to easily connect it to standard MIDI gear without a computer

    Here's another video example…

    Last updated:


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