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Every body dreams of flying. This is a story about one girl’s quest to make that dream a reality.
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Big News!

Posted by Sara Close & Seth Warren (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Some exciting news to share today, and we wanted you all to be the first ones to hear - we've officially been accepted in to our first film festival! YAHOO!!!!!! We're honored to be selected for the Coupe Icare, a huge, international free-flight festival that happens in France, September 20-23. ( Anyone want to go? ;)

Also - drumroll - we have your downloadable copy of the film ready for your viewing pleasure! We're using Dropbox to deliver the file to you in an easy way. If you click on the link below, you'll either be directed to log-in or sign-up for DropBox, and then it will further you in to the Live The Dream folder. There is a download icon you can click on to download this file directly to your desktop. You will receive this invitation to download from me in a separate DropBox email - keep your eyes peeled.

A word of "please"... Please make sure to not post or distribute the film. This film is intended to be viewed on your computer, maybe with friends, maybe over a beer, with lots of smiles :) Sharing it on the web, or posting it on a blog, or any where else besides your desktop is a no-no. We greatly appreciate you helping us out in this way.

T-shirts, posters, and all that other fun stuff to come shortly! Stay tuned.

(PS - if anyone has a hard time w/ DropBox, please feel free to email me and I can either try to help you, or send you the password protected viewing link for Vimeo.)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Evette & Paul on

      We just watched it. Excellent! It made us soar to new heights!

    2. Missing avatar

      Cliff Whitney on

      Got mine fine this morning.
      Fantastic job! As the former owner of a HG flight school in TN I am so excited to see this project. This film really hit home for me and brought back so many memories of students and their journey to first flights. I agree totally and was shaking with excitement when Malcolm described letting Sarah fly solo for the first time, such a rewarding experience for both pilot and instructor. Well done Sarah, take your time, be always safe, be always patient and welcome to the best club on earth!

    3. Sara Close & Seth Warren Creator on

      Hi Lin - We will check in to it. Last we saw, the downloads were proceeding just fine, but there's a possibility it could have glitched. I'll have Seth check in the morning. Best - Sara

    4. Lin O'Driscoll on

      Great job, guys! I'm a couple of minutes in already, and loving the atmosphere and joy present during that first tandem.

      Is it just me, or did the file get moved or deleted from the shared dropbox folder? I restored it from the dropbox history, but I think we'll all have to be careful not to delete or move the file from that folder so that everyone can see it and access it without problems.


    5. Sara Close & Seth Warren Creator on

      Hi Everyone - I have received a couple of emails about this personally, as well. Above, I state that I will be sending you a separate email with a link in it. Please be patient - I have to email everyone that donated separately. You will have a link later today! Best, Sara

    6. Missing avatar

      Cliff Whitney on

      I have a dropbox account but there is no link to dropbox in the Email you sent?