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Every body dreams of flying. 
This is a story about one girl’s quest to make that dream a reality.
Every body dreams of flying. This is a story about one girl’s quest to make that dream a reality.
142 backers pledged $11,078 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sara Close & Seth Warren Creator on April 25, 2012

      We have had many questions from folks wanting to continue to donate to the film - and we welcome the generosity as there's still a fair bit of work to do! We are working on getting donation capability set up at, but in the interim, please email us at to discuss. Stay tuned here as well for updates on distribution to the public.

    2. Sara Close & Seth Warren Creator on April 25, 2012

      Esteban! We'd love to organize a screening at Sylmar. Shoot me an email when you have a moment, and I can update you with where we are in organizing those :) Looking forward to it!

    3. Robin D Jones on April 11, 2012

      Congrats on meeting your editing funding goal. Good luck with the distribution goals to come! I hope you find a lot of support for it too! Go get that dream you two!

    4. Esteban Murillo on April 11, 2012

      Congratulations on funding your film! The Sylmar Hang Gliding Association ( wishes you the very best and we look forward to the final release. Maybe we could organize a screening? Hope to see you both in our LZ real soon.

    5. Brenda Ernst on April 4, 2012

      Congratulations on reaching your goal! Best of luck with finishing the film. Super stoked for y'all!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mallory Shear on March 16, 2012

      Thank you for reminding me what I had forgotten. The amount I pledged is exactly the amount of a paycheck I received today, for doing a job I am good at and like doing, but is never something that will lead me to living my dream. Since I am starting today, it might take a little time, but when I get it, the first paycheck I make doing a job that WILL help me live my dream will go to you guys too.

    7. Ann Silberman on February 23, 2012

      EVERYONE should support this project. Seth is one of the coolest cats I KNOW! I am IN!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Morningside Flight Park on February 23, 2012

      We threw in $300 for Morningside Flight Park. Can't wait to see the movie!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kitty Hawk Kites on February 23, 2012

      Sara and Seth-

      We just chipped in $300 for Kitty Hawk Kites. We're all very excited to see the final product and are encouraging others in the hang gliding community to support the project.

      Come see us on the Outer Banks!!!

      -John, Bruce, and Marc @ Kitty Hawk Kites

    10. Missing avatar

      Johanna Lönngren on February 20, 2012

      This could be me talking, absolutely love it! Good luck and happy landings!!

    11. Linda Simpson on February 13, 2012

      Hi Sara (and Seth) - very best of luck with this!! I added $20 for international postage... flying in NZ would be spectacular by the way... come and visit... and finally, I'd like a video of the dance please ;) Linda x