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Let's rebuild our stage in time for the 2012 season.

We need your help to raise $9,000 to rebuild our damaged stage.

Who we are

We are Livermore Shakespeare Festival, a small, non-profit, professional theatre company in scenic Livermore Valley.  Our Festival not only helps to create a Valley-wide community of theater and Shakespeare lovers, but also defines Livermore as a tourist destination, drawing audiences from the entire Bay Area and beyond and enhancing the local economy. 

What we do

We have produced our outdoor Shakespeare Festival each summer since 2002.  To celebrate our 10th year of Shakespeare in the Vineyard, we are presenting an all-Shakespeare program, Hamlet and The Merry Wives of Windsor, at our beautiful venue: Concannon Vineyard.  Concannon provides a spectacular performing space in front of an historic Victorian home, including the home’s balcony, porch and staircases, and a large concrete deck at ground level.

The backstory

When we first began performing at Concannon (summer 2008), however, we discovered that the ground-level deck caused several problems:  sight lines for the audience were obstructed; choreographed swordplay, tumbling, fights and dances on concrete were very hard on the artists’ bodies, especially their feet, legs and backs; and costumes (long dresses, capes, fragile footwear) were frayed and torn because of constant brushing against the concrete floor.

We were fortunate to receive a grant from the Livermore Arts Commission over three years ago to build a wooden stage that covers the concrete deck, providing a safe performing platform for the artists as well as enhanced sightlines for the audience.  The stage worked beautifully.  Then it rained.

The wooden stage is installed at Concannon for the month of summer performance, generally the middle of July until the middle of August, normally a rain-free time of year in California.   However, last year, during tech week (the week before the show opened), we had a huge rainstorm, practically unheard at this time of year.  The stage was soaked, delaminating the surface and causing extensive water damage to the supporting structure.  Since we were so close to opening, there was nothing we could do except try to level the stage with shims and reinforce the vertical supports.

And, although the stage is a solid structure, we cannot leave it in place at the vineyard year-round.  We assemble and install it for our performances, and then disassemble and store it when the shows close.  Last summer we salvaged and stored the damaged structure.  Now it’s time to prepare the stage for this summer’s productions. 

What we need

The economic downturn has eliminated most support for the arts from government and private grants.  We depend on the support of our loyal donor base (contributions and box office) to fund our shows: pay our artists; provide costumes, sets, props and lighting; support our college apprentices; cover marketing and minimal administrative expenses.  There’s nothing left over to repair/rebuild the stage.  This is where you come in.

Your contributions will help us buy the materials and pay for labor to rebuild the stage.  Our technical advisor estimates:

  • Lumber and supplies:  $3000
  • Pick-up, delivery and labor: $3500
  • Prime and paint:  $1500-2500

Building the stage will be a capital improvement project for our company, a non-profit 501C3 corporation.

If your generosity provides funding over our basic goal of $9,000, the remaining funds will be used for simple acoustic walls to bounce sound back into the audience area.  Both the stage and the walls will be stored and used for years to come.   

We are excited about our summer program and invite you to join us.  You can see more about our company at


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    A thank you on our website for helping us rebuild our stage in time for the 2012 Livermore Shakespeare Festival!

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    A website thanks, PLUS a thank you in our printed program, AND a unique magnet featuring an image of our new stage and Victorian backdrop

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    Everything above, PLUS our 2012 season poster, signed by our talented graphic designer, Nikolai Lokteff

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    Everything above, PLUS we will take a photo of you with some of our artists at the show, standing on the stage you helped build. We will email it to you with a personal note of thanks.

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    Everything above, PLUS a chat over coffee with our director and dramaturge about our shows, the theater, and Shakespeare

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    Everything above, PLUS a scenic rendering, personally signed by our accomplished scenic designer, Randall Enlow

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    Everything above, PLUS 2 tickets for a show of your choice, a blanket for use during the performance, an exclusive lapel pin, AND a thank you from the stage in the curtain speech

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    Everything above, PLUS an additional two tickets to a show (4 total), AND an invitation for you and a guest to attend our cast party, where we will make a toast in your honor!

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