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the williamsbuildings hangtag story

Posted by live from bklyn (Creator)

howdy all! a huge thanks again to our backers! y'all are the ones making this happen! and also a thanks to you all for spreading the word and helping us make this thing go far.

have you wondered how we at lfb make our fabulous hangtags? no? well we'll tell you anyway.

we make them the same way we make our business cards; by printing on the insides of broken-down cereal boxes and cutting them out.  i've made about 100 so far in anticipation of the project being funded. check out the photos below.

also, if any of you are looking for a good paper cutter, the one pictured below is the Carl DC-250 heavy duty trimmer. and heavy duty it surely is. 100% awesome.

also again, yes, i spread the hangtags out all over just for that picture. spreading things all over is terrible way to organize stuff generally. and i haven't punched holes in them yet.

and for the final also, you can see i have a bunch of triangle pieces of cereal box from the cutting that i think are interesting but don't know what to do with. suggestions welcome. no suggestion is too absurd, snarky, cynical or sarcastic.

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