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CA$ 12
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, May 14 2019 4:13 AM UTC +00:00


I was studying for an exam one day and I was stuck on this concept for a day. At that point it hit me that there should be a way to connect with other students who are taking the same exam as me on the same day! That was the birth of Live Campus idea. I spent three and a half years so far perfecting my idea and adding features, going though failed attempts, pushing myself in to the unknown and now I have a working Android version! I need funds to create iOS version and upgrade the app to make it premium quality. In addition to that, I will be using the funds for marketing, which is the key. Thank you !  :) 

Please do try my mobile application and see it for yourself :) 

Note: Have a textbook with you before downloading the app.

Android App Store: 

Risks and challenges

I have spent countless number of hours after work, perfecting my idea and making sure that I am actually solving a problem for students. After I had the vision and how the app would function I hired app developers from Upwork to get started and it was a steep uphill learning challenge, because I had never worked on an idea before and had no clue about the app business, but I did not give up! I was determined to solve a problem and have my own mobile app. The problem Live Campus solves is that you can get connected with any student in any university who have the same textbook or same course exam date as you. That is the exact challenge I had when I was in university and it was hard to find help. This is simply done by scanning the barcode of your textbook with the mobile app and you are ready to connect! I had financial issues, I had to take money out of my retirement fund and direct funds from my paycheck every two weeks. On top of this everyone was telling me that I am wasting my time and energy. However, I told my self that I am going to commit myself, believe in my self and work on one idea only and make it happen! Here we are, Live Campus is alive :)

There is a long road, there is tons of growth and learning to come.

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    Pledge CA$ 25 or more About US$ 19

    iOS + Marketing by End Aug 19

    Goal by end of August 2019:

    1. Complete iOS version

    2. Currently the app is only in BC, I want to have all Canadian Universities/Colleges data on the app.

    3. In September I am going to visit every university for marketing, promotion and brand awareness. This is critical as the new semester starts in September!

    4. Post videos of the progress and my visits to all the universities on youtube.

    If you you would like me to share my experience or if you would like advice, I am available.


    Instagram: live.campus

    Youtube :

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