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World class scientists + powerful cinematic music +  thrilling theatrics || It's a TED-Theater-Symphony show LIVE!
World class scientists + powerful cinematic music + thrilling theatrics || It's a TED-Theater-Symphony show LIVE!
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Posted by Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund (Creator)

Hi everyone! We promise we won't spam this many updates once the campaign is over! :)

Just wanted to announce that thanks to our partners at iam8bit, we are officially adding  signed vinyl as an add-on! As was forewarned, because it's a 3-disc set with lots of logistics involved, we have to offer them at $100 + shipping. As with the other add-on's, shipping will be calculated later but we'll do our very best to keep it under control. We promise these are going to be really special.

PLEASE NOTE the image here is temp art. In fact, as our artist extraordinaire Angela Bermudez works on the artwork in the coming months, we'll provide backer-exclusive work-in-progress updates. AND, to sweeten the deal, for anyone whose tier includes the "Creative Advisor," you'll get to help weigh in on the final product through feedback, voting, etc! :)



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    1. Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund Creator on

      @Stefan Madlener - Thank you!!! You are all set for CD and vinyl :) Don't forget that we'll calculate shipping costs later but it'll let us be more efficient and cost-effective as a result. Just a head's up! and thank you again so much!

      And you're too kind re: Williams. No slouch. And I (Austin) ADORE Jess. She's a dear friend and someone whose music means the world to me. I'll be in the UK conducting a concert of my music in mid-May (called Animex Live), and including some of her music in the program as well. She's brilliant <3

    2. Stefan Madlener on

      Just pledged 195 for the 75 tier, so I hope that ensures CD and LP for me :)
      Great project, I am looking forward to it. Ever since Journey you are one of my favorite composers, second only to John Williams. Would love to see (or hear) you do a collabo with Jessica Curry

    3. Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund Creator on

      @D.j. Tetreault - I haven't checked your backer info but basically, if you add $100 to your total that will let you add on the conductor score. When the campaign ends, we will interface w/ BackerKit so that you can make that choice explicit to us (for example the vinyl also costs $100!), so it'll all be handled then. For now, just up your pledge and we'll take care of the rest starting soon!!

    4. D.j. Tetreault on

      Congrats on the announcement! Sorry if it's silly, but my question is if I wanted to also get the conductor score, would I pledge $200 total (and will there be space to denote what that extra pledge is for?). Thanks!

    5. Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund Creator on

      @Jose Lima Cortes - no worries on the double post :) If you want a CD, just add $20 to any tier (from the $50 tier, or higher) and if you want a vinyl just add $100. Shipping for both will be calculated later. You can therefore add $120 if you want both.

      Likewise the signed 11x17 kickstarted-exclusive poster is $30.

      Using backerkit you'll be able to add any combination of add-on's you wish.

    6. Jose Lima Cortes on

      Sorry for double message. If I get the signed cd tier, and I want to change the pledge for the vinyl, how can I do it? Where I have to add the money? Oh God I don't want to miss the vinyl!! :))))

    7. Jose Lima Cortes on

      Oh nice! But I don't see the vinyl option in the rewards! How I can get it one?

    8. Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund Creator on

      @Michael Kalus that is the assumption yes. Still sorting specs but yes, most likely

    9. Michael Kalus on

      Yes thanks.

      one more question, I presume it'll be 180gr vinyl?

    10. Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund Creator on

      @Michael Kalus - our minimum run will be at least 1,000 but we will include extra items to ensure the Kickstarter backers get something really special. So, in other words, there won't be a time limit technically. Vinyl can be added on now or after the campaign using backerKit, or theoretically bought down the road at future performance, etc. Does that answer your question?

    11. Michael Kalus on

      Ohhh, I had wondered about this.

      When does one need to decide on it? Is this going to be limited to only a certain number or can anybody who wants one get one?