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Little Teeth to record sophomore album's video poster

Little Teeth bring the story of their aggressive break-up, frightening make-up and unearth their most humbling truths on this new album Read more

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Little Teeth bring the story of their aggressive break-up, frightening make-up and unearth their most humbling truths on this new album

About this project

Just after their debut full-length album was released in 2008, Little Teeth faced the biggest challenge of their career, they broke up. Two of the three founding members who had screamed and panted, cooed, cried, pissed and bled into "Child Bearing Man" decided to leave the band. Dannie Murrie was left in the devastating wake of her life's dream falling apart, into her hands, onto a record that would collect dust on the Absolutely Kosher warehouse shelves.

I couldn't let this happen.

Child Bearing Man had seen me, had dug deep claws into my bones, dragged hot liquids from my body, ripped me open to stand naked in front of myself, first in horror, then in peace. It helped me confront my most uncomfortable demons and turn them into something beautiful, as the album had done, as the album had taught me. I couldn't let it sit on the shelves. I couldn't let it not give the same amazing gift to people who needed it as much as I did. But I had played a prominent role in Little Teeth's break up (the emotional pillage that resulted from aiding and abating my favorite band's break up is a story best told through music), when Dannie asked me to help her start over, I told her that I couldn't. She told me that the reason why I couldn't was the exact reason why I HAD to.

So together we started again, we wrote the songs that told the story of the city burning down, the ashes that smoldered and blinded, the wind that blew and confused, the river that washed it clean and left in its wake a fertile ground from which we could grow - the story of Little Teeth. This story is the album that we are now prepared to record.

We have spent the last two years writing songs, touring, fighting, crying, crying while fighting through songs performed in front of people who expected us to be a different band when we showed up.
It has been quite a difficult trial. But to an amazing end.
It has forced the very hardest to find, hardest to reach, most guarded truths out of us. Through this honesty, extreme determination, love of each other and love of the project, we have finally found out how to be this band (and found a young straight boy to help us do it)!

We couldn't be happier with where we are now and we couldn't be where we are now without the people who have helped us along the way - everyone who told us that we weren't terrible (especially in the beginning when we really were), everyone who told us they could see where we were going (even when we didn't know), everyone who when we finally figured it out told us "finally, you figured it out!"
Playing these songs is only half the battle, the real struggle is watching and listening and understanding. Without a witness we are just banging pots and screaming out, with an audience we have the opportunity to create art. You have given us this opportunity. THANK YOU!!

Now we are ready to record this album that has challenged us so much. We've invested every dollar we have turning our bedroom into a fully-functioning home studio. Though, even with our bank accounts emptied, our credit cards maxed out, and Absolutely Kosher's incredible faith and support (they rule!), one large expense still stands between us and our sophomore release. So we are asking you to help us raise $3,500 so we can buy a new computer, one that can process the kind of production this album requires. Just like playing a show, booking a tour, or creating a community, we can't do this alone, we need your help!
Thank you so much!
Sofia Murrie Bell

P.S. to your right you will see a list of rewards, i.e. gifts of gratitude. We know some of them are pretty wacky, since we are pretty wacky, but if you would like a less (or more) wacky gift, please let us know and we would be happy to help you get the right gift for you! THANK YOU!
P.P.S for international shipping, please add $15 to your gift of choice


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    Psychic Gratitude! YES!

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    receive a phone call from the band wherein we will thank you profusely and let you know our joke of the week.

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    receive a hand-ornamented Christmas card signed by the band, kissed by the band, filled with good thoughts and infused with gratitude and love and a digital download of THE FIRST SINGLE off the album as soon as it is finished.

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    receive the Christmas card, the love infusion, a photograph taken by the band on our 2010 US tour (your choice: comical, scenery, or performance) and a LIMITED-RUN split tape released by Single Girl Married Girl out of Philadelphia.

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    (the American Road Package) receive the card, the picture, the limited run tape (p.s. that features an alternative version of one of the songs that will appear on our upcoming album, super duper precious artifact that once sold out, will never be heard again! woah!) and a digital download mix of our favorite underground artists CHERRY-PICKED during our travels across the US (this mix is going to be super great! We've met some seriously talented free thinkers on our tours!!)

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    the American Road Package plus a Little Teeth t-shirt (optional: includes pictures of each band member pre-wearing your shirt) plus one of the 89 original little teeth pin designs hand-selected to match your tastes.

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    the American Road Package, plus the t-shirt & hand-selected, and an original drawing by the band gift-wrapped by the band with a lock of each of our hair in the ribbon around it (for $5 extra we will include locks from our pets' hair)

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    receive an original, one-of-a-kind Little Teeth t-shirt handmade especially for you, custom designed to your liking plus the Little Teeth box set of rare and unusual recordings (creepy and heart rendered).

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    receive a DVD of thanks and praise made by the band wherein we will compose and perform a special song for you, about you, plus an original t-shirt and the Little Teeth box set of rare and unusual recordings.

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    the DVD of thanks and praise, the original one-of-a-kind t-shirt designed to honor you, the drawing complete with locks of hair, the pin made for you, a vintage Christmas ornament (salvaged from one of our favorite thrift stores across America) and a Christmas tin full of delicious Christmas cookies baked by the band while thinking warm and wonderful thoughts of gratitude for you.

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    all the above plus we will come to your house to sing Christmas carols and make you breakfast (residents outside of California, breakfast will be mailed, carols will be sung over videochat)

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    we will design and construct a life-sized doll of you made out of musical instruments and clay from Constantinople. This doll will be programed to feel love and be able to tell you in our voices that we love you and be able to mean it. (or a private show performed in our underwear either in California, via videochat, or during our next US tour, plus the very first vinyl copy of our upcoming album signed by the band in our blood.)

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