Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians

by Little Orbit

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    1. Derek Chiasson on

      I put in $250, but that tier doesn't come with a physical game as far as I can tell. There was a very short window where we were able to add a physical copy of the game to our order, but I missed it. Is it still possible to get a physical copy of the game?

    2. Little Orbit Creator on

      Derek for your tier you will receive 4 copies of the game, and one of these copies can be a physical PC/Mac/Linux copy. :)

      So do not worry, you are already covered!

    3. Kristan Alicesun on

      So is that everything except the Card Game & the physical / extra copy, right?

    4. Byron Campbell

      I already increased my pledge for the add-ons I want, but I haven't done anything else. I'm fine at this point, right? The survey hasn't gone out yet?

    5. Donnicton on

      Is there a minimum for the lower tiers? I.e. if I originally did the $20 tier, could I still do the $15 add-on via paypal and get the four kickstarter classes added? I was interested in the extra classes but I'm not big into art books or betas to justify the $80 tier.

    6. Stephen P. Suelzle on

      Thanks for giving us another chance to get addons. I am a little confused. I am at the $110 pledge level and wanted to add:

      Special Kickstarter Edition Character Package (all 4 characters) - $15
      Kickstarter Exclusive Game Package (name updated from "Kickstarter Exclusive Tabard Package") - $5

      Would that be duplicating some of the benefits from my pledge or am I just getting hung up on terminology?
      Perks aside, I am really looking forward to playing this game. Thanks for all your effort so far and in the future!

    7. Alex Grider on

      Not sure if I messed up or not... is there a backer survey that's going to let us select our add-ons or was i supposed to do that already somehow? I pledged enough to cover the add-ons I wanted but haven't yet actually selected them.Maybe I'm misreading the post but it seems to imply you should've already locked in add-ons. Help!

    8. Chet on

      The project has been funded, yet we have spent this entire update selling and quoting prices.

      This concerns me, will future updates be focused on continued revenue, or actual game development?

    9. Kevin on

      @alex the survey hasn't been handed out yet. What they probably meant was confirming the reward tiers with humble bundle.

      @donnicton The minimum tier to purchase the extra classes and the game package is at $20. Only those two are not available for any lower tiers than $20.

      @chet Well it's true that the project was funded, but bare in mind it was just the base goal. Setting up a PayPal account is the best way to reach the other stretch goals. This is something that could potentially affect the game's development, so give them time to get more donations via PayPal. The game isn't originally due to be out by 2015 anyway. The game play updates will come when they come. Rushing them wouldn't help.

    10. Ivan Brooks on

      I just realized that the email for my kickstarter and paypal accounts are different, and I just paid for the kickstarter edition classes on paypal, will that be an issue?

    11. Minh Do on

      I'm interested in adding the music sheet for the score. Can u guys add that as an option?

    12. Missing avatar

      Silver Venom on

      For the pledge $80 or more we just get one of the classes ..?

    13. Agus Hartono on

      @Silver Venom: With $80 pledge, you will get 4 KickStarter Special edition characters.

      @Stephen P. Suelzle : You already signed up for the 4 special characters when you pledged on $110 tier. So maybe you can use the $15 and add another $15 to get the printed artbook, I think it's gonna be very cool.

      @Byron, @Alex : All you need to do is wait for the survey form, which might come in a few weeks or months, when @playdek has settled everything down.

    14. Sean on

      Thanks! Backed and added-on the characters, but now I can chuck another $5 in for the Tabard/Game package too. Cheers Playdek!

    15. Chet on

      @kevin, sorry, I missed that part of their pitch. The part where they said they needed $600,000 to START making the game. I was under the impression that giving 110% of what was asked for would be enough to make the game they sold us on.

    16. Missing avatar

      rpm285sm on

      @Chet: I don't really get what you're complaining about. It's standard practice for a dev to set up a paypal system after a campaign. They funded only 1 week ago. The game hasn't even made it to pre-alpha by the looks of it. I'm not sure what kind of updates you thought they'd have by now. You've backed enough games to know better than that. For example, Wasteland 2's first kickstarter update was two weeks later and just gave the link to their website. Paypal had already been setup during their campaign. For Torment the first update that wasn't about funding was almost 3 weeks after the campaign ended and again, they already had paypal and other options established during the kickstarter. Playdek isn't the same size as inXile and they're newer to this sort of thing. Cut them a little slack.

    17. Missing avatar

      ZetorTSR on

      I'm not sure exactly how these paypal donation add-ons are supposed to sync up with my kickstarter reward. Do I need to include any extra information or are you just adding the add-ons to the same paypal account I used for kickstarter? Also, if I buy an additional copy, will it receive any ad-ons I purchase (Special Kickstarter Edition Character Package, Kickstarter Exclusive Game Package, etc), or will I need to purchase them separately for each copy of the game? I really want to give you guys some more money, and I do trust you, but I need a bit more clarity on how all this works before I put money in.

    18. Zachary Reese on

      Just wanted to know: the Character Package mentions Kickstarter, but does that make them as exclusive as the Game Package? I ask in case this will be offered later, but if not, I may invest now. Thanks!