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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
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    1. Doug Edwards on

      Will the backer only classes ever become available for purchase as DLC or are they true exclusives? Also how will they compare with the normal classes? Will playing as Polearm Knight make the game super easy?

    2. Missing avatar

      Gnostic on

      There are also way to improve game-play enjoyment with multi class.

      Rather that having multiple class / profession only giving skills of each class, there should be more interesting way to give perks to multi-class.

      For example combining fighter with tamer class actually let you ride the beast you tame for stats / ability boost. You get to be a dragon knight if you tame a dragon. Then add range / mage class to the mix then you can shoot projectiles / fireball from a dragon back further because you are higher in the sky and gravity boost your hits harder.

      There should be a terrain advantage on high ground / flying, with high ground giving the possibility of defense boost and being higher give some offense boost (accuracy, damage, range).

      Initiative / speed stats should be more dynamic, instead of just acting first, it can allow you to act twice or trice if your initiative / speed is much higher. Otherwise there is little reason to boost speed if you can only act once per turn.

      That way combining healer with a very fast class allow you to heal / boost your party multiple times when you need it.

      Some beast of the tamer can give more terrain advantage

      Combining the defender with tamer beast that can dig / trench will boost defense to the roof, with hiding / moving underground to escape when the character is being overwhelm. When fighting on body of water or when the weather is raining should heal summons like water element each turn, conveying the heal perks to the defender / tamer / rider. Likewise fire element on hot area. some beast like phoenix can even give the defender / tamer a second like if the mana / magic points is not below certain limit.

      Commanding Attacker and defender may give a commander class that boost ally nearby or de-buff enemy. The possibilities are endless and should give much game play value.

    3. Emma Yorke on

      Aaah, well that's nice to hear, that we'll at least be able to keep our *party*, as such, even if single main characters will come and go. :) We can at least get emotionally invested in our soldiers/mercenaries/party members :)

    4. kenshivalion on

      I'm cool with the different "main" characters per episode. Any chance they would all come back to your party post-game for additional challenges?

    5. zacH on

      If there is enough demand for it, would the stance on "no main characters" be changed? I think it would be really great to get attached to a main character, even if it's a person's spirit inhabiting the body of several characters throughout the story.

      Hope we'll see some art soon! Backed because I LOVE Akihiko Yoshida's work. Thanks for making a linux port, as well!

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      This update was fantastic! It really brings some information that is as concrete as possible at this stage which is what so many of us want. Of course everything is subject to tweaking as it should be. I am a little bummed about not being able to carry one protagonist and see the growth of characters alongside them (as in FFT) but this does open up avenues to see a major conflict from multiple angles which I love. I guess that's something I really loved about FFT. You did have one protagonist but you did see the realities of the conflict through the eyes of characters you encountered whether they ended up in your party, were your perceived enemy or in some cases are your ally and then turn into an enemy (and vice versa). It was this constant re-evaluating of the conflicts and the characters' views of the conflicts that ultimately made the storyline so compelling. I really hope we see that again in Unsung Story.

    7. Little Orbit Creator on

      Tyler maybe we can sweeten the deal this coming week! ;)
      Tarli I will be sure to pass this request along!
      James the game indeed won’t have a main character, however Peterious is correct in that there will be a main focal character for each episodes. Also Lumiere, you will be able to keep you party member characters, however the “heroes” (focal characters) you mention will be different. But you will get to keep your party members and help build them up!
      Ben I hope there will be hidden characters classes too! Those always make the game more interesting imo!
      Adrian we aren’t sure on that yet. We are going to focus on the main game first before looking at the possibility of DLC. ;)
      As for the episode and scenario lengths, no need to worry! They will be much larger and longer than I think you are perceiving at this time. We will have more information later this week that will go into this in further detail so stay tuned!

    8. MαcKrø on

      Thanks for the informations !!
      But I think that 5 stages per episode isn't that much... or perhaps there are more than 5 battles per episode ?? Or mabye that stages can have several rooms ?

      I hope that there will still have some unique classes or even hidden classes!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexey on

      @Cassandra and volcatius
      I bet you will hear from your previous heroes while playing other chapters. I think that I can see Matsuno-san's massage that episodes will be created from highly intertwined fragments of a global story.
      For me that approach looks fresh enough and I'd love to discover epic dramatic story from different points of view of different characters.

    10. Emma Yorke on

      It's a little disappointing to hear about the way we won't get to keep a single, solid team throughout the game. Like others have pointed out, you'll no sooner invest your time and emotions into a character's story and skills than you'll be forced to give them up for a totally new team. I think this was one of the big gripes with games like Krater, where people couldn't stay involved with a set cast of characters. This makes me sad. :(

    11. Muad'Dib on

      I don't like the idea of short campaigns instead of an epic story with a protagonist. No character identification and and less development.
      But of course it's more DLC friendly...

    12. Missing avatar

      Tal P. on

      Totally loving what I'm reading here. Free class changing for everyone, I like how you swap around weapons to change, I like how there's the main group(attacker, defender, etc) with the sub classes underneath...I can totally see myself spending a lot of time with a system like that. Just reading it makes me want to break out my FFT copy again.

    13. Adrian Tai on

      hmm.. nice implementation for the class/ sub-class. looking forward to it.

      as for the additional episodes, will they be a new game, or there will be payment to unlock them, or will they free, etc...?

    14. Rowan Ellis on

      I love everything I'm reading here! Can't wait for this to become a reality.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ben Pennell on

      This is a very interesting character progression system. I was at first worried that the characters would be generic since you would just be able to swap out equipment to switch between classes which all shared the same level. But the idea that you have to choose which class to be when you level up to permanently determine a unit's abilities is great and will make for a lot of tough choices when designing your party.

      It also makes me hope for there to be a few hidden classes which you only get by acquiring unique items. Finding the rare class change items like the blood spell or crown was one of my favorite features of Ogre Battle. That game also had a good system for recruiting monster units which I could see happening in Unsung Story with the beast tamer classes.

      And its interesting to see that the "main characters" are going to essentially be guests in your much more permanent party of nameless player built characters. Perhaps this is a comment about who the real unsung heroes are.

    16. Sacrificial Toast on

      A short story structure sounds interesting to me. I can get behind it.

    17. Lumiere on

      @Peterious: Which is why it was asked before whether heroes carry over. So if each chapter has its own main character(s), how are we going to keep the previous characters?

    18. Missing avatar

      mistborn on

      Five stages per hero seems extremely short. Hardly get to know them before they are done. How do you achieve any sort of leveling of character progression in five stages?

    19. Peterious on

      @James: From the sound of it, while there is no "Main" character, each chapter does seem to have it's own main character(s) So I think it will be more in line with what you are used to.

    20. James Petit on

      Much better than last one, good job. At least the questions were answered this time. Only thing I have a problem right now is the "No main character" idea, and the "Everyone can become anything" idea: it sounds like the characters we will control won't be very unique. Other than that looks fine and i fell like keeping my pledge now.

    21. Lienn on

      @Tarli Morgan i agree! Iespecially since they might be dying in the end i'd love to see some Joan of Arc-esque character! ^^
      This idea of separated characters reminded me the concept used at Valkyrie Profile, where you actually would pass through the story of each fallen hero, knowing his story, his strengths and actually added a specialfeeling regarding each of the heroes! ^^
      Really looking foward to something similar here! ^^

    22. Sailor for you on

      If there are really only 25 stages, then this game will be relatively short (about 12 hours) compared to other games that can take considerably longer. Please consider having either more levels, non-story levels or challenge levels so that the game will last longer! It would be a shame to waste all of the customization, classes and characters on such a short game!

    23. Belias the Gigas on

      Please please please have at least one of the episodes centred on a woman! That'd be really great since Matsuno does such amazing women, but so rarely centre-stage...

    24. Tyler Laney on

      Thank you for a much more satisfying update. Adding a little art would definitely sweeten the deal though :)

    25. Mark L

      Thanks so much for this update. It made a lot of things I was fuzzy about much clearer. It sounds like the kind of game I would enjoy.

    26. Lienn on

      Awesome update! ^^

    27. Missing avatar

      Tarlol on

      Sounds like a dream come true.