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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      I agree with many of the comments, nervous about project. I want to know more about game, maybe see some of the art. I love Yasumi Matsuno, but would like to know he is excited and active in project, just seems like he leased his name.

    2. intrepidis on

      Please don't do another pointless update like this. You ask what my criticism of this video is? Well I'm not really sure at the moment but in the future I might know, my response could go either way. I like either response but we'll know more as my thoughts progress... In short: A waste of time.

    3. Wooster on


      I may have a lot of concerns about the project. But the selection of questions non-answered wasn't really one of them. Fans want nitty gritty details. I was expecting a disconnect between popular questions the fans wanted to have answered and what Playdeck was prepared to answer. They should have however picked a selection of questions they were prepared to answer perhaps in addition to, or prelude the video explaining that they weren't expecting those sorts of questions and move on to what they could answer.

    4. Lumiere on

      It's actually worse than I thought when I watched it the first time. I just went back and watched it a second time and tallied:

      1) don't know
      2) don't know
      3) don't know
      4) nothing new from previous update
      5) don't know
      6) don't know
      7) don't know
      8) an actual answer!
      9) don't know
      10) nothing new from previous update
      11) no actual answer

    5. James Petit on

      I think you guys could use Mighty number 9's update's as references. Seriously, I don't care about the people's opinion in this video, what made me want to support Mn9 was the fact they showed how the development team worked as a whole, how Inafune saw the industry and what he wanted to try with his game, showed the main composer playing the main theme on piano, showed the artists designing stuff on their computers, etc.

      I'm not trying to sound racist or anything, but the reason I backed this project was because of the japanese staff involved, so I seriously recommend you try showing them

    6. Tyler Laney on

      This was a terrible "update", to the point that I am actually questioning whether to discontinue my pledge. I, as a fan, would much rather your group intelligently reveal the more firm ideas, art, etc that you have rather than trying to answer specific questions that you do not have answers for. This project has amazing individuals attached to it, but after several weeks I feel like I know to little about what this project is about and the extent of the involvement of those individuals. My pledge is still in place, but I am concerned and am going to want to see more concrete and encouraging information at a minimum.

    7. Javier Begazo on

      it sounds more like you asked Matsuno for general ideas of a story, but he's not taking an active role in the game mechanics.

    8. Javier Begazo on

      You guys just don't know what you're doing is what it sounds like. Kickstarter isn't to source ideas, it's to obtain funding for ALREADY DEVELOPED ideas

    9. Javier Begazo on

      If I can offer any advice for your future QA videos,
      I don't think anyone as an audiences cares about what the Community Manager thinks is a combat system. With respect, we don't care what you think, we care what the game designers think and you should focus on your responsibility as a conduit between us and the developers.

      Kickstarter is NOT a place for you personal opinions and preferences, we want to hear more about this project for which you are asking us to fund.

      Please please buckle down and focus your vision.

    10. Donald M Pollack on

      The lack of firm answers is worrying with this project. If you can't convey the structure of this project more firmly it leaves a lot of uncertainty about the final form. Luckily you still have another two weeks to dig a bit deeper for answers and we pledgers still have time to evaluate our pledges.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Pourtier on

      For the permadeath thing, I think FFT had a good system, allowing some error (eh, can't predict if the ennemy will land a critical hit) and creating another set of choices during the battle: I have three turns to decide, can I revive this character or inherit his skills before he's lost for good? Can I end the battle in the three next turns? Etc.

      I think the major problem of communicating for this KS project is that it's still early in development. You should brainstorm with Matsuno-san and the team and set a number of features which will be there for sure, ASAP. As for know, even if most of us are huge fans of Matsuno's works, we just can imagine what the end result will lokk like. Some concrete ideas about gameplay will reassure a lot of the backers and, I hope, help more people to join.

      One last thing (for now): Don't forget people who watch this video haven't necessarily read all the updates yet. When you're talking about classes and professions, by example, to the question "how much will there be?" you already have a basis: "10 different professions, and under each profession will be 3 different classes" (excerpt from update #9) which makes at least 30 classes. You may have wanted to start with that before adding that more can be implemented as the project goes ;)

      I think with two weeks left and 147k$ to go the answers could be more "we have these ideas and will decide further into development" than plain "we don't know" ;)

      Thanks for reading. I wish you to succeed ^_^

    12. Chris Shannon on

      I'm not sure I feel confident in my pledge. I was looking for a sort of spiritual successor to Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics, where the game stays closer to a gritty story of intrigue and betrayal, and people, including your squad, can die.

      Listening to this video has actually shaken my faith in this project, because it seems like many of those critical aspects that made me love Mr. Matsuno's work in the past might be absent. I mean when Mr. Matsuno and Mr. Sakimoto team up, magical (if bloody) things happen.

    13. Aerouge

      Wow ... if the game will have as much content as this video... I seriously should consider backing this...

    14. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Speaking of episodes... The KS homepage briefly mentions that the game will be divided into episodes but doesn't really explain how this will work in enough detail. In the Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview with Joel Goodman he says ": Each episode will have somewhere between 5-10 stages, or scenarios, and we are planning for at least 5-10 episodes at launch. We still need to determine the DLC plan for episode expansion."... So my first question is, will Kickstarter backers receive any / all of the episodes released after the game launches? I'm fine either way, as long as DLC is substantial / good I don't mind paying for it... But there are gamers who think DLC is a dirty word and hate any sort of episodic release model / microtransactions, due to the way some big companies have charged for content that probably should have been included with the base game... And It occurs to me that lack of clarity on this issue may drive away potential backers.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I'm excited about the possibility of this project and happy to be a backer for it. Having said that, I agree with the other posts detailing how pointless it is to post a video that includes nothing but "we don't know" responses.

    16. Pierfrancesco Pedone on

      I don't see the point into doing a video like this if all the answers are : " we still don't know but we apreciate your question" .. lol :D

    17. Nathan A Newsad on

      Hey guys, thanks for all the work! Excited to see how the project continues, sounds incredible so far! Much <3

    18. Cédric Stu on

      Never saw a Community video were almost all the "answers" could be resumed as "we don't know", "we can't answer right now", we will decide it later", ...
      Really disappointed with this "update".

    19. Lena LeRay on

      In the future, I would appreciate written summaries of video contents. I prefer to read information... but you should also consider people who are unable to hear.

    20. Ryan on

      @Bruno received an email from Wordpress which gave me a link to a site called

    21. Wooster on

      Thinking a bit more, they could do a best of both worlds approach with regards to permanent death, like Valkyria Chronicles 2. Units that fall are unable to join the next battle in a fatigue like system. It might be better then permanent death because it may force you to use characters outside of your core team.

      Actually, how large will the deployed squad be? Are we talking a dozen or half a dozen?

    22. Lienn on

      @aion i did check. Nothing. Can you confirm the domain used plz?

    23. Ryan on

      @Bruno I'd check you spam/junk folder. I received the confirmation email right away

    24. Ryan on

      @Wooster @Playdek Perma death is an interesting feature, one that many people would want, but not everyone. Why not implement an option to toggle Perma death on and off -- Starbound just implemented this as part of a patch.

    25. Lienn on

      I need some help here. When i registered at forum i never received the e-mail. Mind in confirming me the e-mail or domain that will be used at password delivery so i can register it as safe address? :/

    26. Wooster on

      They did say they'd answer the most up voted questions. It's not their fault some of those questions were for late development. So kudos for addressing them anyways. (Personally I prefer permanent death. It makes me care about my units instead of throwing them into the fire)

    27. Toby Maddox on

      @Lumiere: There's a reason it's called kickstarter :P Considering how early in the developmental stage this project is, it's not surprising that a lot of things are still conceptual. However, it shows tremendous character on the part of Playdek (at least in my eyes) to actually respond to our questions, and-based on their level of interactivity-I believe they will be keeping us in the loop continuously as the game progress.

    28. Eminus Sleepus on

      at least they answered the other half :)

      let us just wait and see what updates will be there.

    29. Lumiere on

      Is it me or are half the answers "we don't know?"

    30. Rowan Ellis on

      Great website! I really wish this project would get some more should be blowing up way more than it already is! The idea, the people behind it - all so incredible, I still can't believe y'all got together some of the greatest Japanese artists in the world to create an amazing new game with. More power to ya, I wanna see some stretch goals reached!!