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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.

September Update - Diversity

Posted by Little Orbit (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Between traveling to Germany for Gamescom and Seattle for PAX West, we've had an extremely busy August, but I'm back with another update.

This month we're going to talk about diversity.

It's no secret that I love the tactics genre - especially the early games that all heavily influence Unsung Story. However, Artistic Diversity is one of the areas that I feel we can improve on when looking at those games. These previous titles focused on worlds where the population is a single skin tone from a single culture. To be fair, there were clear technology limitations that prevented changing the color of sprites or body features in real time.

Unsung Story focuses on an epic war between to clashing cultures, and I feel like we need to make sure the two sides of that conflict feel uniquely different.

Last month, I made a decision to pursue a solution to a couple different problems we were facing in the project that I felt needed to be solved. I wanted time to address the overly sexualized females, the lack of diverse body types, and give a nod to a more classic art style without losing our original vision. 

This month, I'm very pleased to show our progress. 

General Update

  • Base human models are done with lots of texture and body form variation. These were completely reworked last month to support everything we wanted. 
  • Technology work in the character avatar system so that units can seamlessly shift between variations.
  • All class concepts are now finalized and half of the 3D models are done. This is where the equipment and clothing is coming from for our base models.
  • Creatures! We've created build outs for 10 unique types of creatures, and this month we started working on concepts. More than half are complete. 
  • We are working back through the missions for gameplay and design iteration. We found a lot of areas for improvement in the initial whiteboxes, and have started making adjustments to objectives, map shape, spawn points, and some enemy combos.
  • Programming hand-off. There was some ramp up this month, while Torus handed off to our internal team.

Heroic & Classic Looks

Unsung Story will now feature four body forms for each race and gender: Heroic, Classic, Heavy, and Thin. We had already intended to feature multiple heads, multiple hair styles, multiple skin colors, and eye colors. But this new system not only allows for each unique body form, but it blends between the models and textures to create lots of seamless variation.

When players start the game, they will be able to choose between Heroic and Classic. Rather than prompt for this information directly, our current idea is to surface this question as part of customizing your main unit. From there the game will use that setting to weight how it randomly generates the rest of your band and the general look for the rest of the game. Don't worry. You'll be able to unlock opportunities to rewrite the history for your other units and modify their appearance as you progress.

Please bear in mind these are early iterations and art will continue to change as we move forward. We are still working on conforming all the class equipment and outfits to the new body forms.

Here is our Female Sharpshooter, which is a Technology class from Branholme in Alionne. She was the starting point for our human female base model. As a side note, the artist who did the concept added heels, but there is no intention of using boots with heels in the game.

Sharpshooter final concept
Sharpshooter final concept

I have classified this version of the Sharpshooter as an example of the "Heroic" body form with more extreme proportions and saturated colors.

Here are some variations for our human female. You'll see examples of the "Classic" body form on the left with more conservative proportions and a less saturated palette. There are more skin tones being worked on, but I didn't have any ready for this update.

Human Female Variation
Human Female Variation

Here is our starting point for the human male model, which was based on the Human Male Disciple. Again, I would categorize this as the "Heroic" version of our Disciple.

Human Male Disciple
Human Male Disciple

And below is an example of some diversity for our human male showing some skin variation along with our "Classic" body form on the right.

Human Male Variation
Human Male Variation


In July, we took a journey to Branholme, the home of the Technology School in Alionne. This month I want to explore the culture of the Saxtel Wilderness and Aramor, the home of the Nature School.

At the opening of Unsung Story, the Saxtel Empire has been at war with the kingdom of Alionne for 77 years. At the heart of the conflict is a big philosophical difference between the two countries. The rustic Saxtel land is brutal and raw in its beauty, and it is also the homeland of the Horned, which I previously showed off in June.

Saxtel Wilderness
Saxtel Wilderness
Saxtel Wilderness Sketches
Saxtel Wilderness Sketches

Next up is our Sellsword. He's from the School of Nature and serves as the basic melee starting unit in Unsung Story. We work on the design till we have an approved final render of the class, and then we model out his equipment set over the top of our base human male model.

Sellsword final concept
Sellsword final concept
Sellsword 3D work in progress
Sellsword 3D work in progress

Staying within the Nature School, let's check out one of our more advanced casters - the Plagueweaver. These guys play a role in the 77-Year War, and we will see them featured in a special mission. We explored a number of designs that blended the various cultural influences for the Saxtel Empire.

Plagueweaver sketches
Plagueweaver sketches
Plagueweaver final concept
Plagueweaver final concept
Plagueweaver 3D model
Plagueweaver 3D model

And rounding out the School of Nature is the Archer class. This is one of only two classes that hasn't been finalized.

Archer sketches
Archer sketches

Saxtel Creatures

To round out my September update, I thought I would share some of the brand new creature designs. 


She is a fire-based phoenix/harpy with several explosive abilities including Spark, Blaze, Inferno, and Cremation alongside their monster ability "Self-Destruct".

Heronfir sketches
Heronfir sketches
Heronfir final
Heronfir final


He is a big brawny brawler that hits hard and can take a beating. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but the Lionus executes Mighty Blows, Shattering Blow, Knockout alongside their monster ability "Wild Blow".

Lionus sketches
Lionus sketches
Lionus final
Lionus final

We'll be back next month with more updates! As always, we appreciate your continued patience and support.

Sincerely, Matthew Scott

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vale Nagle on

      This looks amazing. This level of customization goes a long way towards making a game more enjoyable. I wouldn't have expected it because I know it's a lot of effort, but it really helps set Unsung Story apart. Good job!

    2. Mateus Drake on

      Really glad to know.
      That was my main problem with the character designs when they were revealed.
      I'm in love with the Plagueweaver design. Always liked Plague Doctors, and this design is really, really awesome.

      I liked everything in this post.

    3. William Beck on

      @JeremyCollins You need to learn that you aren't for what you are preaching.

      @LittleOrbit, and @MatthewScott Now what I've seen from this new developer is awesome, and Please don't be, or let people like this force anything on you make the game the best you can. Also Thank you for picking up this idea off the ground, running with it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Duncan Jones on

      Ah 'angry white men'. Remind me again who built the foundations from which you virtue signal? Go ahead and destroy western civilisation, bask in your new third-world shithole. Just don't ask us 'angry white men' to fix it for you yet again.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Vaeth on

      Thank you for the update, and thank you for your efforts in diversifying your cast of characters and models. Don't let the complaints get to you - there is nothing about options, diversity, and inclusiveness that detracts from the game you are making; it can only make it better. I had long ago written off my money as gone, and the fact that you are still moving forward with the project is only a positive in my mind. Waiting 5 years and having a game feel rushed when it finally releases would be a bigger disappointment than the game failing altogether. Take the time to do it right and make something you can be proud of and the gaming community will enjoy - it seems like you are on the right track!

    6. J.R. Raith on

      Love the way things are progressing, Unsung Team! Thanks for another meaty update. I really appreciate the work you're putting into this thing. I even think it looks really great. Thanks for keeping the project alive!

    7. Jonathan Robertson

      Lots of interesting discussion on here the past few days and beyond. I think it helps to remember that it’s okay to disagree with one another. The most obvious thing that unites us is our interest in how this project was originally pitched, so we always have that :D

      I like that the dev popped in to drop a comment as well. Gotta say that from my perspective, LittleOrbit has been positive and sincere throughout this whole process and I really appreciate them for that.

      I honestly hadn’t heard of them before they showed up for this project, but I’m liking their involvement more and more :)

    8. Nohvarr on

      Honestly, I'm glad to see that we won't be staring at the exact same models throughout the entire campaign. A little variety is welcome and I'm delighted to see that a project I'd written off completely appears to be moving forward in a direction I can agree with.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexander Troiano on

      Dude I dont care about the arguments, politics, or whatever anyone else is saying. These models look freaking awesome. Lionus and the Heronfir alone are worth the price of entry.

    10. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Howe on

      I'm pleased to hear that you were already going for a wide variety in character differences. As much as I dislike the 'heroic' look and your decision to go with it, I didn't want you adding extra development time on something like that. However, it sounds like you just took the feedback into account to help direct how to design the other models you were already intending to make.

      As far as new classes, I like the Sellsword and Plagueweaver better than the Sharpshooter and Monk. The Sellsword is a little over the top (seriously, why is he WEARING bucklers?) but doesn't look unbalanced in the way the first two classes did. The Plagueweaver likewise looks a little over the top, but it fits thematically. I'm not a fan of this art direction, but these guys feel a lot less lopsided. I swear the Sharpshooter looks like she's about to fall over. I hope the class design keeps in this direction, as I'm largely neutral about it, whereas I actively disliked the Monk and Sharpshooter.

      Don't much care for the Heronfir. The halter-top thing looks silly. I like the idea of a phoenix/harpy, but the horns and sexuality give it a more demonic feel. The Lion Maximus is pretty cool. Honestly, first art piece out of you guys I actually like. It's still a little bit silly, with it's 'muscle pillar' arms, but I very much like the design simplicity of it. A muscle-bound lion man, with simple leather clothing and his weapons. Unlike most of the rest of the art in the game, he's not overcomplicated, which is what I really disliked about the Monk and Sharpshooter. His weapons are a bit weird, but I can work with that. I just like that his clothing is relatively simple. Not a fan of the huge buckled on the chest-wrap, but it's alright.

      Anyway, hope all is going well. I feel a bit better after this post. I just hope you aren't using up too much time on your character models. I'd rather have a game developed on time and on budget with art I don't like, than an unfinished game with art I do like.

    11. Missing avatar

      John Gall on

      Last month I posted critically about my views of the art style, specifically the Disciple and how it was very immersion breaking for me and made me disinterested in the game.

      I'd just like to say that after seeing this months update, I feel like my faith in the game has been restored. I know it was no easy task to get to this point, and the team had to make many sacrifices to do it, but I think adding that extra level of customization is a big step towards alleviating the concerns of many of the backers while still respecting those who liked your original direction.

      This was an excellent birthday present for me, and I wanted to give the team my thanks for their openness, diligence, and hard work in creating this game. I'll be keeping a close eye on development, and I hope that when this game is released I will be just as excited to play it as I was to back it years ago.

    12. Henry B on

      Mathew and all the team.

      Thanks for keeping us informed and your hard work on this proyect. It saddens me to read the comments that get posted when you make a comment, but I appreciate the work and I am eager to see your final vision of the game. I really like the art and appreciate that it's different.

      For the rest. Always remember, kickstarter is not a pre-order. You are basically donating money to get something done, and if it gets done you MAY get a reward, but that's about it. You are not an investor, you are not a creative for the game, you are not a tester, and the creator has no reason to listen to you if they don't want to. Yes I know the proyect has changed, but between the proyect being thrown to the garbage, and have another team work on the idea I like what we have. If in the end you don't like the product well, give it a chance at least. Remember Mighty no9 and many other kickstarters that went down the drain, at least Little Orbit has been transparent and honest. Give them a chance

    13. PK on

      I'm not exactly sure why, but every update makes this game look more beautiful. It's like you guys are making me remember more clearly now the old Blizz art, but in a good way and in a different direction. It's clearly nostalgic at times while still bringing something new to the table. Thank you so much for the update.

    14. Walshee on

      Phoenix harpies- nuff said. :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Mithrandir on

      The new Classic styles definitely seems less "over the top" cartoony, while still remaining unique and different from FFT.
      I love the PlagueWeaver.

    16. Dunan on

      One thing I really hated was the unrealistic proportion of the female sharpshooter. I’ve never seen a body so out of proportion, waist to leg ratio is way out of whack and this is coming from someone who consumes a massive amount of fantasy artwork and anime and game media.

      It really looks wrong and it has nothing to do with any political agenda from my point of view.

      Still totally agree with what Dragonforce says as well in addition to that.

    17. Chris on

      This is an excellent update and wonderful direction to take the game. Keep up the good work, y'all. Really looking forward to the final product!

    18. Matt Lohkamp on

      matt - this all sounds really great. you're navigating tricky territory, and I don't think anyone could manage to find their way without a misstep here or there - what counts in the end is that you keep moving in the right direction, and I think this post exemplifies that. keep up the good work, buddy.

      for the record, for the sake of providing a counterexample to all the people whining about catering to SJW PC culture, who pretend that this is dog whistling or virtue signaling or whatever - there are people like me who very genuinely appreciate the work you're putting towards making diversity an aspect of your game. You have every right to take pride in that, and I hope that the good example you set will help nudge the industry in a more progressive direction.

    19. Derek Chiasson on

      This update is incredibly frustrating. One one hand, I do love the ability to really customize what my characters look like in games, and more options are always better. On the other, this was NOT the original vision of Little Orbit and was seemingly added to cater to the vocal minority that make it a hobby to be offended. That's time and resources being taken away from making this a good game.

      The line about how the concept artist included heels but you won't be including them in any of the final designs made me cringe. 1) Way to totally throw the artist under the bus. I'm sure he or she worked hard on the design and was proud of the work, and you basically trashed it to appease the SJWs. Better approach: when they complain about the heels being sexist, point out that some women in real life wear heels and this is one out of what I assume will be dozens of female character models.

      To be perfectly clear, I'm quite certain no one commenting has any actual issue with diversity. Had this been a feature that was part of the original plan, no one would've cared. The issue is that it's being done in response to the handful of people who complained the loudest over nothing.

      It frankly ruins your integrity as artists to just cave and completely alter your vision like this. I put a lot of money into this game and I was really hopeful when you took over. I even defended the new art style despite not being a huge fan of it. But the way you've responded to the SJW crowd has left a bad taste in my mouth. I really wish I hadn't invested in this. I'd jump at a chance for a refund now. This update has completely killed my faith in this project and Little Orbit.

    20. Muad'Dib on

      Another game where some puritanical SJWs and zealots want to tell others what they are allowed to do, say or think.

    21. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Easily triggered mantards are the worst aspect of video game "culture". I wish the industry would just ignore the mouth-breathers, they remain a vocal minority in a growing market. Game publishers can move on even if the Neanderthals won't.

    22. Little Orbit Creator on

      For clarity, each month I write what ends up being about a 1000 word essay for you - the backers. These are generally a walk through of progress updates, production notes, development challenges, and personal observations. I figure if you're still reading, then you probably signed on to see how the sausage is made.

      I'm not interested in preaching or using Kickstarter as a political platform. However I am proud of the research and effort that has gone into creating the world of Unsung. As a producer/designer/creator I feel like diversity in its many forms is a great source of personal inspiration. I'm never going to be able to make everyone happy, and for those who feel disenfranchised with our approach, then I am genuinely sorry. However we are now out of time. I will do my best to manage us through the rest of the project the best I can. But now we need to focus on finishing.

      RE: Character customization for all your units. We'll look into this. It's possible we can give players a number of options ranging from "Generate my band randomly" to "Customize each unit individually". The plan was to generate random names for each unit except the main one.

    23. Jeremy Collins on

      @Eric C, the person you attacked, @DragonForce, has been an incredibly valuable and thoughtful voice on these boards. Dragon has maintained a vision of this game being the truest spiritual successor to FFT/Ogre that it can be. I recognize the quality of her or his mind and thoughts, and am grateful to share these boards with such an articulate thinker.

      As to your assertion that "people like that don't buy video games", dude. For real? Did you just say that on a Kickstarter board where "people like that" literally helped pay for a video game to be made?

    24. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      @EricC: I don't think questioning the adherence of a funded Kickstarter project to its pitch is silly, in fact I think it's part of the peculiar developer-backer relationship that makes Kickstarter project different from publisher-funded ones.

      The idea that the game was never going to be made without Little Orbit is also kinda off topic regarding the issues I mentioned: no one forced Little Orbit to take up Unsung Story's mantle but, once they decided to do so, it goes without question that they should try to respect the game's original pitch as much as possible. As you correctly stated, this situation let them work on an already known project commonly associated to a renowned industry veteran like Matsuno without taking a risk with pitching their own original concept, so it isn't like they didn't benefit from this either.

      This still leaves them a huge breadth of options in terms of narrative, art direction and mechanics to convey their own vision of Unsung Story, but, if one of those facets end up so strikingly, almost disrespectfully, different compared to the original concept, and no attempt is made to find a compromise, the least we can do as backers is to express our disappointment for what we dislike in hope something can change.

    25. Markytheoz on

      What is this garbage? Please tell me they are offering refunds?

    26. Missing avatar

      Eric C on

      As for a comment about the update. As someone else said. I am always wary of people announcing "we will have diversity" Because normally that advertisement is "our characters whole personalities will be that they are diverse because the people writing them were more concerned with having a diverse cast than making them real, believable characters."

      Luckily in this case you didn't start out like that and were pressured (don't know why any of this input matters) into taking this path and you went for the appeasement route. Just know that you will never appease the people complaining about over-sexualization and diveristy. Where's the disabled, transgender models? huh? Oh you didn't include that? Bigots! That is the response to appeasement.They just increase their demands.

      That being said, I have always like games that create a diverse world with factions that are different because they represent different ideas, different ways of life. So if that's how you intend to bring life to your world, by all means be diverse. But don't just shoehorn in different skin colors for appeasement because that won't really increase your sales since the people focused on that stuff DON'T buy video games. Just look at the decline in comic book sales over the last 3 decades as evidence as to why you shouldn't shove diversity in as the main priority rather than having a story that requires diversity so the diversity naturally arises from that need and the story has some sort of sub-textual commentary on those differences.

      Now, on to the art shown. Body type diversity. Looks fine, I can't believe the concept art has heels! *Gasp* *clutches pearls* what a whore! Who cares if she has heels for fucks sake?

      I think it's great that you are giving people the option to customize their characters. And I still enjoy the art style and coloring despite some people claiming it looks like "grotesque MOBA-like" art. (what a dumb opinion) Although I probably would prefer an art style more inspired by the original look of FF tactics if I were being more generous to that opinion. But it's not my game, you do what your vision is, if I haven't made that message clear yet. Games should not be designed by committee they should be designed by people with a vision for what they want to make. Just like any art form.

      The art seems functional and creative, so to me that's all it needs. I'm more interested in the gameplay so I look forward to those updates since when it boils down to it, gameplay is all that matters...MAAAAYBE story a little if it's compelling.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric C on

      Newsflash Dragonforce, Unsung story as it was originally pitched is never getting made. So this questioning of why did they not start their own project and go through the risk of doing their own fundraiser instead of taking over this project that would not have been made otherwise is kind of silly, man.

      What I think is silly is that people on this kickstarter still think they should have any creative input at all. I mean, you barely even have that on a regular kickstarter let alone a defunct one.

    28. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      Since I don't want to be overly negative, I would add to my previous post that, while I still can't bring myself to like the game's character design, even with the new models and updates shown here, I must also say the maps and environments shown so far have been really good and are absolutely in line with what I expected from the original pitch.

    29. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      The problem never was diversity, if your vision for the game, its story and its world require different cultures and ethnicities, then absolutely go for it. Bonus points if those are actually different cultures with their own traditions, mentalities, costumes and real-world inspirations, rather than just color swaps.

      The problem, at least for me, is unfortunately still about the exaggerated, almost grotesque, MOBA-like art direction you've shown us since some months ago, which is extremely unfortunate regardless of the ethnicity or culture of the characters you end up portraying.

      At the cost of repeating what I already said back then, this isn't an original project you're pitching us, and we aren't free to choose to back it or not anymore. We already spent our money on a project which had a strikingly different art direction and promised us to follow in Matsuno and Yoshida's footsteps. This art direction has absolutely nothing to do with the heritage of Yoshida and, while no one could reasonably expect to see a carbon copy of his style, there were countless possible art styles you could have tried in order to find a compromise between the project's original pitch and your own vision.

      I understand you strongly believe in the new vision and design choices you've developed, but then why didn't you pitch them directly to the public as your own project, rather than taking up Unsung Story's mantle? That way, every choice wouldn't have been dragged down and questioned because of the previous team's pitch and promises and people would have been free to ignore or support your work on its own merit.

    30. Walter Mellin on

      If you want to be inclusive and have diversity, just do it. Normalize diversity by just having it in the game and not making an announcement about it. If it's in the game, honestly most people wouldn't notice but the people who care about that stuff will appreciate it and those that don't, it's a little thing in there they could probably move past unless they're David Duke. By making a spectacle of diversity, all it does is stir up angry white men and this game already has an uphill battle.

    31. Walter Mellin on

      The gameplay better be great because I absolutely hate the art style. I probably should've said something at an earlier juncture, not that it would've made much of a difference. I get deviating from the original art from the pitch, but to go so far away from the original art and so hard into this Warcraft-like style. No thanks. But I lost my money to this years ago so I'll at least play this game. I get that the artists are working hard and putting a lot of effort into this project that would've died and I'm thankful for that, but god damn this art style.

    32. Jeremy Collins on

      Yo. Just so the words get said somewhere, let me go on record right here as stating that:
      Being a woman
      Being LGBTQ+
      Being non-Caucasian
      are not political stances. We aren't in an "us versus them" scenario here. I don't look the way I do because it suits my politics (That's a weird thought, good people. Please examine that.).

      This is not a political issue at all. This is about accepting that this world, this life, is a shared experience, with so many different kinds of people, one could never hope to meet them all, let alone truly come to know them.
      Is that so bad?
      Is that thought, that recognition so scary that it makes you angry enough to throw some digital vitriol around, assert your distaste for people of different backgrounds sharing a piece of your world with you?
      Please examine these thoughts. There's more to this than a few words can address, and this is a way more serious issue than the threadwaisted sniper and the bald blue guy.
      We are real people you're attacking now. I'm not okay with that, and I'll let you know everytime you step on someone else's fundamental right to feel welcome in this place.

      You are not the gatekeepers of cultural normalcy. You're just another human on a planet full of'em.

      Now let these good people make this game.

    33. Missing avatar

      Duncan Jones on

      Far too late for a refund, but won't ever play this pile of cultural Marxism bullshit.

    34. Dunan on


      I share the same sentiments, they're ugly models probably due to the engine they use or it's a conscience decision to use the models in that vein. Never seen a sword look so ugly before, so chunky it looks like it's made of stone.

      I'm glad something else I backed actually ended up how it was meant this. IE: Divinity Original Sin 2. Everything's consistent there and you don't have the abnormal body shapes.

      Anyway guess I won't be giving this one a chance even if it's finished. Really hate the look of it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      SJW dog whistles and identity politics aside, good update. Thanks!

    36. Jonathan Robertson

      Art looks great, guys :)
      Games are inclusive by nature, yeah? I hear the people who are frustrated with the delays and get where they’re coming from.

      Politics aside, being able to have a larger variety of characters serves to improve the variety and recognizability of characters on the field... that seems great to me and I think XCom does this as well.

      What usually concerns me more than this is visual quality, generally speaking. I can customize the finest detail of my hero in Skyrim, but no matter what I do, the hero always strikes me as incredibly ugly :(

      This art that the poster shared with us is phenomenal-looking and it really gets me excited about what this game will eventually become :)

      Will it be out tomorrow? No, but this feature/adjustment isn’t going to change that. I get the point that it’s not just *this* change. I do get it.

      My philosophy (not shared by everybody) is usually to watch and enjoy what the devs are doing. If these devs pull off this game project, it’ll be one of the greatest comeback stories Kickstarter has ever seen and I’m interested in seeing how it all plays out!

    37. Peter B on

      Thanks for this update, and thanks for calling out diversity as an important value in making games. It's one of the reasons I backed your project.

      Ignore the haters.

    38. Crix on

      All you had to do was call it character customization, instead of trying to force this some sort of inclusive diversity slant.

    39. Missing avatar

      Torin Greenwood on

      Thank you for this update, and thank you for deservedly making diversity a talking point in the development process.

      I don't understand the vitriol from others, nor do I understand their assumptions that they know what the majority of backers want. I think it says a lot when they can make blanket statements about how people they've never met feel.

      Just because I am a backer does not make me feel I have the right to nitpick over every detail in the development process. But, I do have faith that Little Orbit will continue to do a great job, because these updates have been open, honest, and refreshing. Good luck, and thanks again.

    40. Doug DaSilva on

      Thanks for the update! The model variants are a good idea and looks promising. I would agree with another comment I saw asking for full access to all variations at the start of building your party. I know a lot of people, myself included, who would spend a good hour in each XCom game getting each character customized and named. It helps gives you more attachment and connection to your party.

    41. Chris Bergeron on

      Thanks for the update, especially considering your busy schedule. I really appreciate the added customization, it's always fantastic when developers go the extra mile. Don't let the naysayers get you down, we were already a lost cause before Little Orbit came along, and things are looking better all the time since you guys took over. ^_^

    42. Rik Spruitenburg on

      Thanks for keeping us updated. I love how you, Matthew Scott, take ownership for the goal of improved diversity. I know some people are bitter about the idea. But as long as it is coming from a personal conviction, it will only improve the game and story overall.

    43. Missing avatar

      Viredae Marchette on

      Yeah, I signed up for an interesting tactical game with some promise, that was five years ago, I was trying to be patient with this game, and I had hopes when little orbit got involved, but really, this is a waste of money that I never asked for nor do I want.

      How do I get a refund?

    44. Ben Magargee on

      Thanks for the update! The body shapes are great and will really help distinguish units even further on the battlefield. One thing popped out at me though, the art for the guys showcased wildly different skin tones and the girls were just shades of white. I honestly don't care since I'm sure the options for females are just as much as the males, but when you build a conversation around diversity just make sure you commit in all aspects when presenting. I can't wait for the day when devs can make things as diverse or specific as they want, but we've got a few decades worth of exclusion to make up for so I'm glad you are contributing to that.

      I feel bad everytime you update, because I know it's you willingly opening yourself up for another wave of criticism. I do not know how you do it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      I love this update; the new designs that were shown look awesome, and I appreciate the variety of appearances that are being brought to the game.

      Don't let the anti-diversity naysayers get you down, either. I *like* that skin tones and build types are going to vary, particularly given that current gaming technology supports that variety. I think it'll make the game world feel ... well, "more realistic" may be inaccurate, since we're also looking at incendiary harpies and plague-slinging dark mages in this very update. "Wider" is probably a safer choice of words.

    46. Michaeljack on

      Great, Gender politics poisons another game.

    47. Unco Lober on

      Art direction that looks more and more like a free mobile game with every passing day and features like skin tone selection (framed as topical politics no less) just screams "FFT spiritual sequel", doesn't it.

    48. Andyrew105 on

      Get woke, go broke.

    49. Jeremy Collins on

      @Craig Hughes, I appreciate your thoughful response, and of course the long delay since I dropped $280 down a PlayDek-shaped hole is felt, but let me accentuate something here: The delay is shared by us all. We all want this game as soon as we can get it. The issue, I think, is what our operational definition of "this game" is. If you and I have different visions of that, I'm okay with that. That doesn't worry or scare me. Do you understand what I mean? I wouldn't cop to a chip on my shoulder so much as a desire to have the game feel "right" -admittedly a loaded and dangerously subjective term!
      Still, I understand your impatience.