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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.

Follow up to the June 1st Art Update

Posted by Little Orbit (Creator)

Dear backers,

Kickstarter is sometimes an imperfect medium to have a two-way conversation, but in this case I feel the need to at least follow up to the many comments on yesterday's post.

I want to start with a little extra context for how we arrived where we are with the style.

1. We cannot copy Yoshida's style

PlayDek engaged Yoshida, he did work, he was never paid for it, and there was a dispute. I have already spent months going back and forth with Cygames about bringing him back or even paying for the work he did, but we couldn't make that happen. So it's important to bear in mind that legally we need to stay clear of his style and anything he did previously for the project. I don't want to step into dicey territory that will jeopardize the project. 

For the record, I absolutely love Yoshida's work. I wish this situation were different. As you saw in early updates, we tried playing with some hybrid styles. At best they were passable. At worst they felt like cheap Western knockoffs of Japanese art. So we abandoned that approach.

2. We are limited by what the studio can do

It is possible that PlayDek would have been able to deliver on the thousands of art assets it takes to make this game - all within the style they showed. But it's important for me to acknowledge what my studio can and can't do well. We are not a 2D pixel art studio. We aren't a Japanese-based art studio with lots of that style of talent.

In fact I saw mention of Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment in the comments, and I think that's a very good example. My studio (Hijinx/Game Machine) worked on Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. It was our first tactics game, and being forced to deliver on that art was awful. Konami had their hearts (pun intended) in the right place, but they also pushed us into a box where we weren't going to be successful. I don't want to repeat that situation.

Side note: I wont take the bullet for the VH:FoJ cutscenes. Those were completed by another team that we had no control over.

3. We are already significantly behind

Many backers have graciously told us to take all the time we need - despite having already waited more than 4 years for the game they paid for. And in a perfect world, we could iterate forever. Sadly that is not the case. We are a small studio, we took on a lot of extra cost for the eventual Kickstarter rewards, and eventually we need to ship this game.

So where do we go from here?

First, it's okay not to like the art. 

I said back at the beginning when we took over this project that we were going to be 100% transparent. We were going to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I think that is especially important now more than ever. 

By the same token, I want everyone to feel comfortable expressing their opinions too. That's okay. The minute we stop posting on a regular basis or you guys stop responding is when we've lost the true spirit of this Kickstarter.

Second, I have read each and every comment. 

There are lots of very well thought out pieces of feedback that the team will be considering as we move forward - specifically female bust and waistlines, exaggerated "cartoony" proportions, and color saturation. I also acknowledge that we need to push to make sure this style stands out on its own. I can't promise that we are going to address each backer's specific concerns, but we will do our best.

Lastly, our enthusiasm for staying true to this project hasn't changed.

This was the comment that hurt the most to read yesterday, and it's probably the biggest reason I'm posting today.

We have worked very hard to stay true to what you guys backed. It goes without saying that changes and additions have been made. My lead writer may never get proper credit for the amazing work she has done alongside Matsuno's work. Hopefully most fans wont be able to tell where his work ends and hers begins. But it takes a lot of people to make a game like this, and the original core ideas have to translate successfully through a lot of hands before they become a finished product.

Art is no different. It needs to not only look aesthetically pleasing, but it needs to serve many functions for the game to work properly.

Please bear in mind that you've only seen the first couple pieces of what we have planned, and it's all out-of-context. We haven't shared any fully composited scenes with finished environment art and UIs. The studio needs to keep pushing forward, but we're listening, and things will continue to evolve. 

I hope you'll continue reading, watching, and commenting. Most of all, please be patient just a little longer. You may find that as things progress they aren't as bad as you thought or maybe we incorporate a change that helps make the style work better. And if not, please know that we gave it our all.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Sincerely, Matthew Scott

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sig Fried on

      I cannot help but the the current artstyle does not work with Matsuno's vision. Any chance you can rehire Akihiko Yoshida into the project, but this time pay upfront?

    2. Kopiok on

      I don't comment much at all, but I wanted to say thanks for responding constructively to the criticism and keeping such an honest and open line. I respect that immensely and I feel reassured that you are at least being thoughtful about the criticism, even if you ultimately decide to go in the same way.

      As such, I since you are reading, I wanted to offer my 2 cents. I dig the color and general stylizing of the art, overall. The major issue I have from the examples posted is that the silhouette of the different races were almost identical. Between the two, only the feet (hooves vs. boots) and headgear (horns vs. not) were clearly differentiated. The body shape were almost exact matches. It's going to be easier to tell units apart, as well as add flavor to the game, if each race has a clearly distinct body silhouette. For an example of a game you might look to that I thought did it extremely well with a similarly stylized art direction, check out Pyre.

      Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to checking out the final product!

    3. Quothe on

      I just want to let you know you've got my complete support. Everything you've done since you started this videogame necromancy has only given me confidence that you'll make something great.

      Do whatever you want, this game will be all the better for the mixing of your team's ideas with the initial concept. I don't think theres ever been a project like this, you can't really help but make something totally unique!

    4. Michael Pureka on

      Keep up the good work; I'm sorry to hear about the issues with art, but there are only so many miracles you can work. The new style could stand some polish, which is unsurprising, but at this point, it's amazing there's going to be a game at all.

    5. Missing avatar

      Liza Wong on

      Thank you Matthew for the updates! It's good to see the game coming along, keep up the great work.

    6. Garrett Fitzgerald on

      I want to thank you for the continued updates and response to even the tough criticisms. Your company is in a hard spot with the art and I respect what you have been able to do. Personally I kinda like the vibe of the art with the exception of the female proportions which are nutty. Looking forward to seeking more as it develops.

    7. Missing avatar

      Patrick Jouppi on

      I am discouraged by these developments. The art style of the character portraits and sprites were an iconic part of FFT, emblematic of the gritty and downtrodden swords and sorcery realm of Ivalice and the general atmosphere of the game itself.

      Furthermore, the early artwork put forth by this project provided a salient link between that game and this one, cultivating nostalgia and suggesting the potential fulfilment of a long-unrealized desire: a proper successor to FFT.

      In my heart, however, I gave up on this project ages ago, and I still applaud your tenacity and willingness to keep this project moving forward. You need to do what you need to do and Playdek's inability to fulfill their contracts is not your fault. Best of luck.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andelock on

      I haven't really felt the need to comment over the years, but after seeing the tenor of the bulk of the comments regarding the art, I thought I would finally speak up. Given the Yoshida situation you discussed above, I think the art is great. I appreciate all that you and your team have done to try and provide the game that we supported years ago. I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Standifer on

      Matthew, I think the job you and your team are doing is incredible and commendable, particularly with your level of openness and communication. I don't think there's any way you could have pleased everyone with the new art style, given your constraints. I think it looks nice, although of course very different from Yoshida's style. As I've seen other comments note, the animation looks great. The quality of the art, and the thought your team have put into it, show. If the same level of care is put into the gameplay, we're in for a treat.

      I appreciate that you're listening to us. Keep up the good work and keep telling us about your progress, good and bad.

    10. Missing avatar

      Divreus on

      I've gone back and forth between indifference and utter hatred of the new art style as my friends could attest, but my one consistent thought is that the designs stand out -too- much. It's hard to believe they're SRPG generics, they look like characters from a MOBA!

      Maybe I'm being unfair to the others and maybe the sharpshooter is the only one I have a real problem with. I quite liked the Disciple from the beginning and the Horned have grown on me, but I feel the sharpshooter and especially her sketches showcase the worst about the steampunk aesthetic. I simply can't believe most of her sketches were even considered, most of all #3. Is this a game about armies or cosplayers?

      I've also got a very minor gripe with their expressions in that they're all the same determined scowl. Where's the berserker's glory-seeking impetuousness and cocksurety, and for a lord of the wild, the wildlord certainly doesn't seem very regal or serene. The sharpshooter's got a nice scope to see all her friends and comrades die through in the event a battle starts going south but she doesn't look at all vigilant or concerned with preventing that from happening. The disciple is fine but could also stand to slightly betray a confidence that his discipline and rigorous training will prove superior.

      The logo is absolutely perfect for the glorified Final Fantasy Tactics romhack I was hoping for but despite my love for it if this is the direction the game's art is going in I have to question if it's still fitting.

      Regardless of my concerns, I eagerly await the next update and any potential refinements made to what you've shown. I want to be able to love this game and I want to be able to continue to love it with my wallet but right now if I saw any of this on Steam I'd pass right by it without a second thought.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alva Wieteki on

      I’ll say I’ve liked everything but the art. Looks like a generic mobile game with no life to it but everything else looks promising.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lien on

      First time I've commented, but art style is a thing that's extremely important to games so I felt like it was a good time to.

      First, it's really unfortunate things couldn't work out with Yoshida. It would have been great to have his art and it's really upsetting that PlayDek stiffed him and screwed up this whole project so much.

      Having said that, I have a lot of respect now for Little Orbit for trying to make this right. It's something I had completely lost hope in seeing completed previous to you picking it up. It is not your fault for what happened in regards to Yoshida. Providing you pull this off, I think you'll have earned more accolades than Playdek could have if they had actually managed this project properly and executed the original vision flawlessly.

      Enough of that, onto the real matter at hand. Personally I think the art style, at least from the concept art, is pretty good. It's distinct enough that if someone had played Unsung Story they would most likely recognize the art as being from the game afterward, which is the primary goal of having a recognizable style. It's the reason Fortnite is now beating the snot out of PUBG. As long as your CG artists can nail the look in the concept art, then this is a good style. Much better than trying to go outside your comfort zone and trying to imitate Yoshida's style if you don't think you can nail that.

      Female bust/waist sizes don't strike me as particularly absurd. They're very in-line with the sort of western comic style being represented here. In fact I think they're a lot more modest than most. Even if it's toned down a little it's probably fine, but I don't think you should be worried about it at all.

      I think the best option to make as many people as happy as possible is allowing for multiple different body types to be available for any one species and gender, however that also obvious means spending more money to creates those models. So, if that's not an option I really don't believe that idealized proportions on males and females is an awful thing. I'm a grown man who only weighs 115 lbs, but these power fantasy male designs don't and have never bothered me even if I can't identify with them. There are going to be people who it *does* bother, of course, but it's really difficult to say they're in the right any more than the people who aren't bothered, or the people who love it. If as many sides as possible can't be pleased by the means available to you, I would much prefer that Little Orbit go with the designs and preferences of your own employees. Ultimately I believe better work will come from artists who are creating what they're passionate about and what they prefer over trying to satisfy too many of us acting as back-seat drivers.

      I know there's a compulsion to satisfy the backer because we payed for this, and even more so because of PlayDek screwing the pooch. Don't let that influence you *too much*. Make the game the best you can first and foremost.

    13. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      @Dunan I have to agree with you, I think this comment section, due to the the respect we owe Little Orbit for their work, ended up mixing up the kind of unwarranted negativity that plagues the internet with the rightul criticism that should be provided if their work goes too far compared to the original pledge.

      Firstly, Little Orbit is delivering a lot of updates and enthusiasm about a project that, under the previous team, was basically dead. This is obviously commendable, deserving of praise and a boon for those that wanted to see Matsuno's legacy realized.

      This, however, is still the Unsung Story we funded back in the days, and we shouldn't forget that our enthusiasm to see it resurrected stems from its roots as a game built foillowing Matsuno's legacy. It isn't a new project, and Little Orbit should be held to scrutiny by us backers when they make decisions that alter in an important way (emphasis on important, since there are obviously countless decisions that a developer must take regardless of the general vision) the core identity of the original pledge, especially after earning our trust exactly by showing their love for Matsuno and for his original vision.

      Shouldn't the quality and appropriateness of the art style to the setting and overall tone of a game developed as a successor to Matsuno's classics be a huge issue, given how relevant art direction is in his games and, more broadly, in gaming? If they are deemed appropriate, has there been a change in the plot's tone that justifies them? As an example, Disgaea and Ogre Battle are both awesome, but that doesn't mean you can swap their stories or art direction since their core identity is extremely different.

      Shouldn't it also be clarified why they choose this kind of Warcraft style art, exactly, since it seems it was considered as the only alternative to a Yoshida-like or Japanese design while there are countless more options that would be more in line with the tone of Matsuno's previous works while avoiding the issues mentioned by Matthew?

      What is even stranger to me, as I tried saying in a previous comment, is that Matthew says he was frustrated (and rightly so!) by the way Konami sent Vandal Hearts Flames of Judgement to die thanks in part to its horrifying art style, but doesn't seem to want to directly acknowledge how this situation risks being very similar. Once you get out of this Kickstarter comment section and Matsuno fans see this kind of art, how will they react? If they aren't the main target anymore, isn't that a problem in itself given the way Unsung Story was born and funded?

      I would appreciate some answers regarding those points, even if I realize this may be unlikely in the current situation and I realize this criticism will probably end up being meaningless given the work the team has already done. If things continue like this, I guess I could just acknowledge this isn't the project I was hoping for and move along, hoping other people will like it more and it will still end up being successful.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      I forgot to add a question. Im not sure if this has a ben a big feature in any Tactics style game, at least i cant remember any of the ones i played . I have always felt that the shopping feature was more expansive in RPG games Or in JRPG,s but maybe its just me?. But how will this game handle shopping? Will it just be loot or city shopping or other examples?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      I Dont comment much on kickstarter but i do read the updates. Felt i had to comment on this. About the artsyle, dont beat yourself too much about it. Some people will always not like the art since its subjective. The most important thing is too belive in your vision. Not saying you shoudnt listen too feedback, just not be excessive obssesed with it.

    16. Akamu on

      And just for the record, I like the boob window. There's nothing wrong with that, people are way too sensitive with the over objectification stuff.

    17. Akamu on

      In regards to the art-style. My big complaint is the character proportions.

      For me, there has to be at least somewhat realistic looking characters; that I can see myself playing for hours, over many campaigns. I keep looking at the Berzerker and it keeps reminding me of world of warcraft, and I hated that game with a passion. I never played that game specifically because of the over exaggerated, cartooney looks of it.

      I don't see how your team can't create less complicated looking characters, that don't resemble Yoshida's style. I mean, they don't have to be so fancy. Your blue Monk could be even more basic, and I would be fine with that. But then again, is that even a Monk if he can't use his fists?

      A great Tactical RPG in my eyes, would have a very compelling story, with many twists and turns. Branching paths, that are dictated by the player (Tactics Ogre), along with a large cast of Character's with grit, that could greatly compliment, or bend the story as you move through it.

      My tactical RPG would be a tall order, and I would probably need to make it myself. But I'm hoping that something good will come out of this.

    18. Missing avatar

      J on

      The artwork is fine. Not what was conveyed in the original images, but considering what happened since then, I can't find fault with them.

      The male figures are every bit as unrealistic as the female figures, but the same people raising hell about the female figures don't seem to care about that. I guess complaining about the "objectification" of male models doesn't let you morally grandstand and signal to the world how "progressive" you are.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Stem on

      @Matthew Scott, I didn't get a chance to way in during the initial conversation a few days ago but I just want to let you know that you should be proud of what you've accomplished so far. You have not only been very vocal and detailed, revealing the intricacies of game development, but you have made great progress and challenged yourself and your team to do great things. I continue to look forward to your updates and to playing your game when you have achieved your goals.

    20. Carlos Garcia on

      I'm not crazy about the art style (I'm one of those who think it's too generic-mobile), but the animation is SUPERB, and the fact you're addressing the female model's feedback so quickly fills me with hope for something unique.

      Art direction aside, my excitement for Unsung Story grows with each update. Keep up the good work!

    21. Missing avatar

      Greg Lahti on

      @Matthew Scott, just signed in to let you know that I appreciate the work, and the risk, your team has taken on to get this kickstarter completed. The new art is far better than no game at all. Play to your strengths, admit your weaknesses, and keep the passion up! If you can do that, you will deliver us a game I will be excited to play. What style and innovation you bring to the table is not a negative in my opinion, it is a strength. Please don't let the most vocal among us dampen your enthusiasm. There are a lot of us excited to read every update you put up!

    22. Missing avatar

      Kawarazu on

      As a lurker, I want to say that I enjoyed the old style, and I enjoy the new too. I can accept a game with a different look because it looks like the bones are the same, and y'all are trying. Which, is more than I can say of Playdek.

      So. I hope to see it coming, I get excited every month to see what new stuff comes out. :)

    23. Hun on

      I have never commented before in this project but I believe for this update I really need to. I have actually lost hope in this project long ago until you guys, Little Orbit picked up this big responsibility to continue developing this game. For that, I am very thankful. Apart from that, the transparency of the updates and the progress of the development has been great(IMHO)!
      As for the art style, it is a very subjective from one person to another. Some people might like certain style but some might not. So I hope you guys would not be dishearten by the comments. I personally find the art style to be alright.
      Anyway, keep up the great work and thank you very much for all the updates and transparency! I am rooting for you guys! :)

    24. Dunan on

      I've already posted that I don't like the character models but I commend the company on sharing their thoughts.

      Do not forget what the game was meant to be originally and what the characters we were meant to have in it. That hasn't changed and Yoshida's designs obviously can't be used ot copied but you need to keep it to the theme.

      People need to think about thta before yelling that it's all great and stuff.

      Also with those model styles, gauntlets always look really big and chunky because it's never executed properly with that style. Same goes for pauldrons as well.

      I am not from the US and would prefer designs like Agrias from FFT as well.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Michael Adijanto on

      I respect the direction your studio has taken for character design - but I think I agree with some previous comments that the "One Piece figure meets Grimdark Pauldrons" of the Sharpshooter female is a bit jarring. Character design will always be up to personal taste, but perhaps consider toning down the waist-hip ratio a little bit. The final 3D render for the Disciple looks sweet though.

      I was also pleasantly surprised at how the map rough concept turned out. It looks like Dorter Slum drawn in the style of Supergiant's Bastion. That's a good thing for me.

      Thank you for the regular communication and keep it up! I backed this project a long time ago enthusiastic for a game which might match FFT for its mature story and interesting mechanics. The art is important but secondary.

    26. Gabriel Ortiz Duran on

      This past update definitely got my hopes up a lot more. I think you guys are doing great and I think the style is much better than if you went for a faux-anime style like you were going for before. I'm officially excited again, and I'm confident you guys will work out the kinks with this style going forward. As a former indie game artist and art director, "I got a good feeling! This is the way!"

    27. Pierre Davin Roderique on

      I mean, as long as the art looks GOOD, it doesn't especially matter if it's not exactly the same as FFT. You're right about some of the attempts at replicating Yoshida's style looking like mediocre knock-offs, and I think doing your own thing with it is the right call. I'm not crazy about the new look, but I'm also not driving myself crazy over the new look; it's functional and it looks fine. What I really care about is the game itself. If it plays well and has a good story, the visual style is largely tertiary.

    28. Missing avatar

      Richard Dardano on

      Really looking forward to Little Orbit’s take on the game. And very appreciative for your over communication. It has turned a toxic project into one I am incredibly excited for.

      I do have one question though. While it may be too early to think about optimizing for different platforms, this has been on my mind recently. I just finished South Park on the Switch and am in the middle of Battle Chasers (also, on the Switch). One of the things I notice is that each game doesn’t feel like it was built to be played on a handheld devices (awkward button combinations on South Park and difficult to read text in Battle Chasers). I don’t know what the platform breakdown is across backers, but I hope you are able to ensure that the experience is strong across all platforms. I know you are a small team, but I would rather wait for an optimized Switch version than a rushed one that I end up putting down.

      Thanks again for all of the updates, they have really help move Unsung Story in a positive direction!

    29. evilTomato on

      Do not even flinch at the haters hitting you with negative remarks. Your vision is awe inspiring and you clearly are passionately invested in this project. That's all us backers are looking for. This game is yours. Not theirs. Just remember that and things will fall in place. Keep up with the great work, Little Orbit! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!! :D

    30. Jesús Cepeda Cid on

      What can i say? I love the new art. I loved Yoshida's one, but this new direction is a great change from a project i considered lost, I have faith in the new trajectory and i don't think that the art is inapropiate. Keep on it.

    31. Conor MacSubine on

      You guys are taking a lot of abuse for a project you clearly care about. Keep up the good work.

    32. Lienn on

      Commenting here since til last time i checked i still wasn't able to access backer forum somehow. I personally liked what i saw at art update. No real issue with cartoony style, girls (and dudes as well) proportions and i do think the points about Yoshida no longer being an option fair enough. So to me, so far so good. So keep the good work o/

    33. Doyle Clemence on

      I want to leave a comment to show my support and to thank you, like many others, for stepping up and taking control of this project. Your transparency is very refreshing and I appreciate that you at least listen to feedback. Please continue to do what you think is best for your team and the project. I'll certainly be happy to have a finished project made by an honest team. Thank you!

    34. Derek Chiasson on

      I would've preferred Yoshida's designs (though not because I dislike this art style; I just really like Yoshida's work), but you've been really up front about why that can't happen. That's not your fault. I think the new style is fine and I'm still excited to play the game.

      The one thing you guys can do to completely turn me off, though, is caving in and censoring your own art style to appease people whining about sexualized designs. If all the men in your concept images had perfectly realistic proportions and the women had exaggerated proportions, that would be one thing. But the art has equally exaggerated proportions for male and female characters, and yet all the complaints single out the female proportions exclusively.

      Don't make your art team that's worked so hard on this compromise their integrity and change their own style to avoid offending a handful of people. It's not going to hurt your sales or your reputation if you stick with the style you've created.

    35. Shiru XIII on

      All of yours efforts are truly appreciated and the artstyle is fine as it is :). Keep up thermique good work !

    36. Eli Butcher on

      I love the new style, but I agree with some of the over sexualized nature of the female armor. It's not a complaint, but I think it would be wise to steer away from that.

    37. Vladimir Chigrin on

      I think the art looks great! The only thing I don’t like is human female legs... Yes, legs, not that “sexuality” bullshit :) I think they are bent a little too far backwards- they look like goat legs from the other race. But it is an art and not an actual in-game model, so I won’t complain a lot :)) Keep up the good work guys, now I think that we will actually get a good game from you :)

    38. Thiago Lima on

      I haven't posted yet and I think it's necessary to show some support. The art is amazing. Is it different? Yes, so what? It looks great nonetheless.
      Keep uo the good work.

    39. Christopher 'Tiffani' Hilton on

      It looks like you folks are making a game that you will be really proud of when all is said and done. Keep up the good work.

    40. JK Clark on

      A few things:
      -Thank you for being so hospitable. We are a prickly bunch. You deserve all the kudos for your transparency and consistency. A lot of devs would have taken their ball and gone home in the face of all this.

      -Someone asked is the discomfort with sexuality and acceptance of violence an American thing. Yes. Yes it is.

      -The character models are going to have to be fairly simple and almost goofily unique just to stand out on the battlefield. We may have to accept that, just on a "strategy video game on multiple platforms" level.

      -Nobody wants to compare this style to Wildstar!? C'mon guys. Nobody else played that? Hello? What about Joe Madureira? Battle Chasers? No? Hmph.

    41. Isaac Eng on

      I think your motion animation team is great.

    42. Missing avatar

      hailferdinand on

      First, I want to say your work giving this game a second chance has been fantastic and I'm so excited for the finished product (no matter how long it takes).

      I'm glad to see you mention waistlines and busts on female characters in this post. That made me groan when I saw the last art update (but I'm a fan of the style overall). One of the many things that made Final Fantasy Tactics unique was that female characters weren't sexualized - they were just badass warriors caught in the same war as everyone else. That approach makes the game feel like it's truly for everyone. I know your deadlines are tight, but even covering up the cleavage in the female character models would go a long way (and no one wants to leave the skin over their heart exposed during a battle). As an example, the human sharpshooter model 7 looks so cool and very battle ready.

      Again, thanks for all the amazing work!

    43. Pierre Nilsson on

      I originally backed this starter due to Yoshidas involvement and, while it's sad that things didn't work out with the original artist, your commitment to the project are applaudable.

    44. Missing avatar

      guiltaur on

      Well, my first post, until now I felt that even complaining was pointless, but there is a point where too much is, well... too much. So we have yet another remote corner of the net the USA felt comfortable too contage with their little culture spat. A game that started as a Final Fantasy Tactics spiritual sequel! Now, a lot of people will sneer at the suggestion, but I am 100% serious, why don't you send a nice email to Mr. Matsuno with the artwork and ask him if he founds it sexually offensive? Better yet, ask him if his script was submitted to and approved by some gender studies internet authority? Then come back with the reply.

    45. Tim Richard on

      You guys are bound to see a bit of excessive negativity here and there but hopefully you don't let that get to you. You're doing it right. Most people are pulling for you.

    46. Timothy Hames on

      Thank you for being so great in telling us what is going on :-)

    47. Brooke Phillips on

      Your passion for this project is so evident in how well thought-out every monthly update is, how willing you are to listen to criticism (an amount of which is a bit more vitriolic than you deserve, thanks to Playdek), and how you write responses to backer concerns just a day after your regular updates.

      I guess it's just important to me that I say stay true to your team, and your own vision. I trust your passion. And while I appreciate (seriously—thank you so much!) the desire to try and incorporate as much backer feedback as possible, at the end of the day, you're in the industry, and you know a lot more about these things than most of us. You know what your team can accomplish and deliver, and you know what you want this game to be.

      Something other than the PR nightmare made you want to take on Unsung Story. Please let that carry you through.

    48. Matthew on

      Personally, I like the art, I like the story that I've heard so far, and I like how you've kept us up to date and responded to backers really well :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      After reading this update and going back and reading comments on the other update about oversexualization etc of the character models, I was expecting to see models ala Dragons Crown with oversized breasts etc(which are ridiculous). After viewing the female models I was quite confused. Is this an American thing like how violence and exploding heads are perfectly ok, but see one nipple and boom, r rated and not allowed to be watched on tv after a certain time etc. The model didnt seem that out of the ordinary. Is it the skin showing the top of the breasts? I know many female friends that wear tops like that often. Not unusual. The male models are showing more skin and muscles than the females. Any complaints about that? Anyway, not sure what the fuss is all about.

      As to the progress overall, just want to say love the work so far and thanks for the work Little Orbit has been doing. Cant wait for the final product :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Lhoyer on

      Internet can be a box of vitriol at times. So as one of the usually silent guy, I wanted to say while this was not the art style I was expecting, I think it looks great and I'll be waiting for the game.