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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.

Changes to Rewards and Add-ons

Posted by Little Orbit (Creator)

Dear backers,

September was a big month for pre-production as we started locking in decisions and implementing our roadmap. During that process we went back to double check our plans against all of the items that Playdek promised. We have currently received Backerkit surveys for more than 85% of backers, of which Coffee Fund and No Reward backers are a significant portion of the non-responding backers. The results of those surveys helped shape our decisions.

It's not all bad news. Keep reading to the bottom :)


The majority of changes are based around two issues that we found:

1) Few backers selected the item, which make it financially wasteful to produce

The biggest example of the first case is the Game Package sold as a $5 add-on. This package promises 3 exclusive stages only for the backers that ordered it, and only 329 backers purchased it. That means we would be producing 3 extra stages of the game for a small group of players, and we can never release those stages anywhere else. That's not a commitment we can make. For now, we are going to cancel this item. However we are evaluating the possibility of offering a new add-on closer to launch that will give backers a discount on purchasing some form of DLC that isn't exclusive.

Similarly only 52 backers selected the Kindle version of the main game and 61 backers selected the Kindle version of the Card Game. Windows Tablet had equally low orders. It's possible that back in 2014, both of these platforms were more viable, but today we need to focus on systems that the majority of backers chose.

The late addition 2nd T-Shirt is another example. Only 5 backers selected this add-on, so it makes no sense to go through the work and effort of making it. NOTE: This is a different shirt from the "developer" T-Shirt that was promised as part of the main campaign. We will be producing the "developer" T-Shirt.

2) Shipping was never calculated properly, so the add-on or reward was under priced

As an example of this second case, we did some research and the least expensive international shipping is $24 through USPS for padded flat rate envelopes.

Many larger reward tiers will require larger boxes to deliver everything. Yet international shipping was only priced at $15. While we do want to deliver as many rewards as possible, we can't afford to lose money on international shipping.

Lastly, the physical copies of each game were thrown in with little to no thought about shipping or extra costs. Only 6 backers chose the Physical version of Linux and 6 backers chose the Physical version of OSX.

Don't panic. While we are changing or canceling some rewards, we are also going to give some limited refunds to make up for it.

Please don't flood us with requests for full refunds. We have a complete list of everyone and what they ordered. If you purchased any of the rewards we are changing or canceling, we will be contacting you and working through either a replacement of equal value or giving the money back.

The following add-ons and rewards are being canceled:

  • $25 PayPal Pledges for T-Shirt (3 backers selected)
  • $40 PayPal Pledges for T-Shirt (1 backers selected)
  • Add-on for 2nd T-Shirt (1 backers selected)
  • Kindle version of Main Game (52 backers selected)
  • Kindle version of Card Game (61 backers selected)
  • Windows Tablet version of Main Game (113 backers selected)
  • Physical OSX (6 backers selected)
  • Physical Linux (6 backers selected)
  • Physical Windows (482 backers selected)
  • Exclusive Game Package with 3 extra stages

The following add-ons and rewards are being changed:

  • $15 International Shipping is being raised to $24
  • Addon for Additional copy will not included physical versions


That's right! I am very excited to announce we are adding Microsoft XBoxOne, Sony Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions of Unsung Story. 

For me, I remember playing Final Fantasy Tactics from the couch on my PS1, and that format was quintessential to my experience enjoying that game. Hopefully this balances some of the cancellations and changes we are making. 

As backers, you will be able to replace your previous platform selections with these console versions at no extra cost. Backers are still limited to the number of copies they purchased through Kickstarter. So if you backed at the Early Bird tier, then you have 1 copy coming as a reward. You will be able to change your selection in Backerkit for that single copy to select any platform except the ones we have removed.

We cannot at this time give any details on whether there will be cross play between any of the platforms.


As the follow-up to these changes, we will now be making these changes on Backerkit and wiping all of the previous surveys. Then we will be sending out new survey links to collect your new selections. We have a full list of backers affected by these changes. So once you have had a chance to make changes and select any extra shipping, if you were on our list, then we will work out refunds.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Sincerely, Matthew Scott

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    1. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Stephanie - the game is being designed with mobile in mind. We know that many people played FFT when it was ported to PSP.

    2. Stephanie Diane Palmatier on

      Any idea how viable the gamplay will be on a 5'' phone screen? I'd originally planned on playing this on tablet, but that has since died.

    3. Little Orbit Creator on

      @All - for those asking, the Switch version is more expensive because Nintendo charges us extra for each code we request.

    4. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Joe - All keys will be delivered via Steam.

    5. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Dude Wellen - Yes. You can also make a selection now, and then change it later. We will not be locking surveys for a while. You will have lots of time to change your mind.

    6. Little Orbit Creator on

      @All - please email with questions about your survey. It is difficult to look up your information based on comments in this thread.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      @Larkin just fill in "N/A" or something

    8. Missing avatar

      Glaystal on

      @Little Orbit Don't understand. I pledge 80$ for the game and now my pledge must be level up to 110 $ plus 24$ for shopping... Si I need to pay 54$ for the game... Why my pledge can Just stay a the same price ? It is possible to ask for refund now ?

    9. Larkin on

      The survey is asking "What is your name on the Playdek Forums?" but I do not plan to get an account there . How do I continue the survey ?

    10. Dude Wellen on

      I appreciate that you are taking over this project, and being very upfront on changes.
      I just received by backerkit update link. But as the game design is up in the air, I'm not sure if I want to put another $7 in for a Switch version. Can we delay deciding what platform until the game is in a demoable state?

    11. Joe Clifton on

      As far as the BackerKit surveys go, I noticed that the release versions are listed as Windows, Linux, OSX, etc. - Is the digital version still going to be in the form of a Steam key, or are you guys going DRM-free?

    12. Missing avatar

      LastGunman on

      I'm really glad you pulled this wagon out of the mud, Little Orbit. And I'm looking forward tot he PS4 version.

    13. Griffinman01 on

      @Little Orbit
      Never mind, it cleared my address from the original survey and defaulted to an international one. Once I re-entered my info, it went back down to $0.

      I'd still like to get the $10 back if I can. Also, what's with the $5 stage add-on? Is that a placeholder for the cancelled one or what?

    14. Griffinman01 on

      @Little Orbit
      Not sure if you guys messed something up on the survey, but it's charging me $24 to ship a $10 cd when I live in the US. If that's really what it costs, then I don't want the stupid thing. I already voiced my opinion on being locked into it when it'll likely no longer be produced by Sakimoto (I was already in the mood to get my $10 back) but if it costs more than twice that amount to get it shipped to me, I'd rather have the $10.

    15. Adam Cooperman

      It's really disheartening to see all kinds of add-ons and confirmations of extra paid dlc at this point. I'm not going to request a refund because even if you disappear like the last company I'm just considering my pledge a wash at this point. But there is no way in hell I am giving you *more* money. You must be joking.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew Martin on

      "As backers, you will be able to replace your previous platform selections with these console versions at no extra cost!"

      Except for the Switch version, which is 7 dollars more (or 2 dollars more for an extra copy, oddly).

    17. Missing avatar

      chris leko on

      "As backers, you will be able to replace your previous platform selections with these console versions at no extra cost."

      The switch version is the one I would like, but it's 7 dollars more (which is weird because the additional switch copy is only 2 more than the additional version on other platforms).

      I very much want the switch version but (no offense please) do not want to put 7 more bucks into a project that is so unsure. I appreciate all the work you guys are doing and I know switch cartridges tend to be about 10 bucks more to make than discs, so I understand the cost. Could I opt for only a digital download of the switch version and eschew the extra 7 bucks? I really don't want it for any other console now that I have my switch. I think it's a perfect type of game for that (will slot in nicely next to Rabbids and Disgaea for a srpg) console.

    18. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      I am one of the suckers who originally pledged for the $5 bonus quests. It makes sense to cancel that since so few people pledged for it.

      Just got a backerkit survey today which I filled out; am not interested in any of the existing add-ons so I still have a $5 credit. I'll gladly take a $5 refund. It is definitely much better to focus on the main game. I hope a decent game can eventually be produced.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew Holbrook on

      I appreciate the blunt and transparent honesty Little Orbit. As much as I despise DLC in this day and age, I'll trust you'll do right by us backers.

      Perhaps Consider adding a DLC Pass as an add-on later, so we don't feel like were re-buying the game constantly.

      I honestly wouldn't mind if all these small kickstarter add ons such as the exclusive stage, tabard, weapons, etc got eventually rolled into that.

    20. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Matthew - We are giving this some thought. Cutting the extra stages was more of an attempt to help slim down the game to make it easier to deliver.

      However we are investing heavily into Unsung Story, and we will be releasing new storylines as DLC post launch... likely for $9.99. It's just too early for us to make commitments like that. At some point we may consider offering a $5 Add-on to get the future DLC at a discount for whatever platform you choose.

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt Parker on

      I'm an $80 backer.... Do what you have to do guys. I'm more hopeful with you at the helm than the previous travesty. Honestly a good game is far more important than all the frills and extras at this point.

    22. erutan on

      Those all seem like reasonable decisions - best of luck taking this on!

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Holbrook on

      So this means Playdek finally gave you the information for backers who backed afterwards with paypal? It seems you cancelled one of the extra features I backed through that route (extra stages).

      The mention of DLC is worrying, I would hate to see this turn into one of those games you need to buy 5x over to access all the content. Anyways, if you are going this route, why go to the trouble of scrapping bonus stages. I honestly don't mind if their no longer exclusive, seems like it would be an easier route than trying to refund a ton of people a $5 addon.

      Unless you plan to charge even more for DLC content as the "discount" might hint.....

    24. Forar on

      Thank you for this update. It remains incredible that you have taken this project up, and I appreciate the realistic assessment of what can feasibly be done. While it might be easy for me to say as someone who isn't impacted by the removal of these rewards, I hope most of us can see that someone showing passion to finish what was started (even if it involves mostly starting from scratch) while being realistic about the demands of business and production, well that's vastly superior to getting nothing at all, that I think most of us were resigned to.

      They say talk is cheap, but this strikes me as intelligent and a conscientious effort to be transparent with us about the realities of the situation.

      I've been involved in a few failed or floundering projects, and honestly addressing us as adults goes a long way, in my experience. Updates aren't just for good news, and I'll take a frank discussion about things over eternally lying and misdirecting the community, as some campaigns have taken to doing.

    25. Missing avatar

      KnightCamper on

      First I'd like to say thank you to Little Orbit for jumping and taking care of this hard task.
      It's a crazy thing to expect it on switch now ! For sure i will change my pledge for windows platform for the switch version even with extra cost.
      It's normal that you don't want backers to commit any new money right now but please consider a physical copy for the switch.
      We would be very happy to have such game in our collection, even if we need to reflect in pledge manager cost for both physical copy and shipping.

    26. TouchGameplay

      A tiny step into the right direction. Little Orbit does not seem to be the same scum that Playdek is.

      My hopes that this project might reach it goals at some point are slowly increasing.

    27. Yoeri Goldewijk #TeamPrissy \[J]/

      Made the change from Windows to PS4. I forgot why I got two backerkits of Unsung Story, btw, one is rather empty due to the "pledge level" no longer existing on that one. Also it has some money on it I apparently can no longer use or something. Don't really see why I got the second one at all. Anyone knows? Or should I ask Little Orbit to look into that? I don't want to bother them unnecessarily.

    28. Xifanie on

      I'm only seeing sensible solutions here. Just fulfilling the backers at all it going to cost you a LOT of money, on top of having no initial fundings for the project...
      If we take Playdek, they would've spent
      $660,000 (kickstarter) - $200,000 for the backers physical stuff = $460,000 left for development.
      You start with:
      $0 - $60,000 = -$60,000 left for development.
      So roughly half a million difference in money for the development of what people want the most.
      We can't complain, we're only thankful. Playdek had one member of their team communicate with us, and it looked like they removed that position very quickly, as she was replying semi-regularly on their forums at first, then it just stopped entirely.
      I understand the feeling of nostalgia of using a console, but I think the experience is very easily reproduced on PC. I find playing with my touchpad through synergy very painful, so I usually just play games with my dualshock 4. The problem normally with Sony and Nintendo, is that they really really like exclusivity, because they know that the PC market will kill their sales if the PC port is made available as the same time as their PS4/Switch ports. I think the port of the game on PC being by far and away the most requested speaks for itself.

    29. Missing avatar

      Steven Mewett on

      While it sucks that some backers will have items taken off their pledges... Tightening the scope of the project is absolutely the right thing to do. Things like different styles of t-shirts get stupidly expensive for low count runs (If manufacturers will do them at all). Also the time cost required to get the game code to run on a platform that will only be a small fraction of your player base also seems to be a waste of resources at this point in time.

      I would be a little let down by the increase in shipping costs... But as an Australian, the new rate for international backers is still quite reasonable.

      All in all, thanks for being upfront with the backers in regards to the changing of the scope and best of luck with the game.

    30. Missing avatar

      Doug Petrole on

      First and foremost, thank you for communicating with us again at the time you agreed to. For the information starved, setting that consistency will go a long way.

      I have no problem with a tighter scope, especially if you are focusing on single player experiences similar to that of FFT. Keep at it!

    31. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      A day later I come back and read the reply. So it's purely-digital now?

      Again, somewhat disappointing - I much prefer to get games on physical media when I can - but it's not an unreasonable (or unexpected) call under the circumstances. I'm mostly glad to know that Unsung Story stands a good chance of actually being completed and released, after the fumbling Playdek did.

    32. Jack Frazee on

      These seem like good decisions. Very excited about the PS4 version.

    33. Missing avatar

      John on

      Thank you for being open about what seem to be some very obviously necessary sacrifices in order to take on the project in good faith. Frankly, I'm kind of boggling at the fact that I backed this now - the promise of a Kindle port should have set off major red flags by itself...

    34. Joe Clifton on

      It kind of boggles the mind on why they'd spend time and dev capital on things like physical Linux disks and t-shirts. But hey, thanks for rectifying all of that!

    35. Andrew on

      I am quite pleased with level of communication you have shown so far. And pleased that you are showing actual interest in creating the promised product.

      Since it wasn't mentioned among the axed, I'm assuming the character class add-on is still planned. If it's not, I understand. I'd much rather have the game than insist on getting extra character classes.

      I regret my previous skepticism, but will remain cautiously optimistic. Also, sign me up for the Switch version.

    36. Elisus on

      Nice to see that a lot of thought is being put into how to make the best use of funds.

    37. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      Sound decisions. Better late than never and sinking the ship.

    38. Missing avatar

      John Stevenson on

      I agree with the earlier comment about the card game. I don't see it making any sense to develop a card game in addition to a video game, and would have no issue if it was just cancelled

    39. Kyle Schleich

      This email is exactly why I can never understand why video game kickstarters always try to add on physical things.....its such a waste of time, effort and money. Time and time again I see a kickstarter struggle to get the physical things shipped for a DIGITAL game. I think you should cancel anything else that is not the digital game and get laser focused in bringing this together.

      Keep it up, I like how things are being shaken up anew.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kyle Clark on

      Your decisions are reasonable and show that you are approaching this project sensibly, which provides hope. Thank you Little Orbit.

    41. Kyle James-Hussey on

      I never got a E-mail for the first survey, hopefully I get this one, as I backed 165$

    42. Tyler Bowman on

      In spite of these changes and cancellations, which to me make sense, I'm still excited! The thought of getting a chance to play it on my Switch makes me so happy. I truly hope you guys can do it, and really appreciate the lines of communication you are developing.

    43. Missing avatar

      Level 99 on

      It is understandable why the computer distributions would be less reasonable to make a phsyical package for. However, for backers of higher tiers which included other physical rewards, are we just going to get those extra rewards by themselves and then digital codes?

    44. Missing avatar

      Robert Livings on

      I noticed in the list of things you are cancelling is the windows physical copy as well even though you mentioned only shipping amounts was an issue? I'd be more than happy to pay the extra for the shipping.

      Unfortunately (and very sadly), if I can't have the physical copy, I'd rather have a full refund since I'm a bit of a collector of sorts.

    45. Stephen P. Suelzle on

      Thanks for the update and clear information. I really feel that you are doing your best to make this a viable project for all of us.

    46. YSoSidious on

      If it will help get this game finished and released I wouldn't care if you monetize it all and there is nothing Kickstarter exclusive, especially with regards to the dlc. I can't imagine (or recall) why 4 characters are (a) $15 and (b) Kickstarter exclusive. Seeing as how you got nothing from the campaign, it seems ridiculous to spend money to develop anything for this campaign at a loss.

      What's the fate of the card game again? If you want to cancel it and put those resources into some sort of dlc for Unsung Story then I don't blame you. I'm not sure how others would feel, but it seems best to minimize this campaign as much as possible to the core Unsung Story game and any post-release dlc/expansions for it. Obviously I'm not trying to speak for everyone, but I just want this campaign over with, and the sooner the better, since Playdek robbed us, I hate the constant reminder. No offense.

    47. Stefano Anselmi on

      I was among the 329 and I would be ok if the 3 extra stages were later sold as a not-exclusive DLC.
      I picked the add-on just because I wanted the complete experience.

    48. Little Orbit Creator on

      @drakanwolf - Good catch! That was a mistake. For the copies included in any tier purchased, backers can switch to any platform (except Switch) for free. As stated before, Nintendo charges us for codes. However for the Add-on additional copy, we are charging an extra $5 for the console versions because they will launch at a higher price.

    49. Cory E. on

      I wish you guys did the campaign in the beginning instead of the others. Communication goes a long way. I had lost all hope in this campaign and only read the updates for laughs (even though I put in a good chunk of money), but now after seeing your updates, I have a tiny slimmer of hope. If the game comes out well in the end, that would be a great comeback story.

    50. D on

      Thank you for taking the time to relay all this information to us backers. The fact that you explain your decisions in a very communicative style is very reassuring and comes across as humble. Keep up the good work!