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A modern children's clock and sleep trainer designed especially for parents who miss sleeping in!
A modern children's clock and sleep trainer designed especially for parents who miss sleeping in!
A modern children's clock and sleep trainer designed especially for parents who miss sleeping in!
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    1. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Juan Perez: Wow! Thank you for your kind words! As a small business starting out, that really means a lot to us to hear. We are so thrilled that you and your family love MELLA too. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you need assistance going forward as we do stand strongly behind our satisfaction guarantee and limited warranty.

    2. Missing avatar

      Juan Perez

      I've backed 54 projects on Kickstarter so far and I have to say, mella has been the most satisfying project I've backed. No delays, great product and a happy little girl at home who loves this thing. Thank you for being a reliable company.

    3. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Greg: Thank YOU for supporting us!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Got it, my daughter loves it.

      Thanks for making an awesome product!

    5. Erik

      @creator: Thanks! Apparently I can’t follow directions a second time. They work great!

    6. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Tae Kim: I've sent you a message regarding your shipment!

      @Erik: I've sent you a message to troubleshoot this with you!

    7. Erik

      I received my purple Mella on Tue Feb 20th. I set the time and sleep/wake settings, but the face will not change to a "sleepy face" at night, and the yellow and green lights will not come on in the morning. I received a green Mella a few weeks ago and that one works perfectly. Is there something I am missing?

    8. Missing avatar

      Tae Kim

      I was wondering when the rest will ship?

    9. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Chugh on

      Ok built but terrible alarm choices sorry to say.

    10. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Ben Stanton: Thank you for your feedback! We'd love to make a battery only version in the future :)

    11. Ben Stanton on

      received 14Feb18 in Perth, Australia. power cable has USA fittings, but can input global equiv. voltage and frequency. Comes with separate USB cable that connects and powers light, so I can hook up an adaptor from mains to USB and then stick the cable in to power the light.

      Tested, works, thanks. Consider battery only version as well next time.

    12. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Kaylah Caguioa: So happy to hear that your son is putting MELLA to good use, and we can't wait for your daughter to receive her very own :)

      @Samantha Houts: Thanks for your feedback! This is definitely an option we are exploring for future iterations of MELLA!

    13. Samantha Houts on

      I kind of expected it to light up automatically at bedtime. Cord is a little short. But my daughter thinks it's adorable.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kaylah Caguioa on

      Hello! Got one of my Mellas this week and used the nap time feature... it was awesome! My son took his nap and he woke up and came down after his nap time. The second day not so much. He figured out snooze and went back to sleep 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ it will take some time to get him used to telling the colors of when it’s okay and not to but he loves it and so do we. My daughter cannot wait for her purple one 😍😍😍

    15. Bob DelSoldo on

      Thanks so much! Kelvin is pretty cool by the way!

    16. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Bob DelSoldo: I see that you're pledged for a purple MELLA. Purple MELLAs are being shipped in the coming week separately from all other items because they went into production later, being a stretch goal color. You will receive another tracking notification when the remainder of your rewards are being shipped out.

      @Lisa: Purple tier MELLAs are available the week of February 12th - you can follow along our Kickstarter updates for the latest shipping information!

    17. Missing avatar

      Lisa on

      Are February tier Purple MELLA's still on their way? I backed for February tier, and received KELVIN; I want to make sure that I'm not missing MELLA...

    18. Bob DelSoldo on

      Hello, I am hoping you can confirm that my Mella is on the way. We received our Kelvin but all the tracking and emails said our Mella was what was being shipped. I am not great at tech, and this was the first way I found to contact you.

    19. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Cozi: We're thrilled to hear that you love MELLA! :)

    20. Missing avatar


      Hi, got your product. It's wonderful.

    21. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Anastasia Skinner: You should have received a tracking notification update earlier today! All USA shipments for February tier (excluding purple) should arrive next week so you should have MELLA ready to go for next weekend ;)

    22. Anastasia Skinner

      Did the feb tier get shipped out yesterday? Just want to be on the look out (after being woken up early again lol)

    23. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Kris Clayton: I'm so glad to hear that MELLA arrived safely to you, albeit on a rough journey! We appreciate your feedback, and hopefully you can get use out of the alarms when your son gets older :)

    24. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Keven Lupien: I just checked your status - you are in the February tier! Your rewards will be picked up tomorrow :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Keven Lupien on

      How do we know what tier we are in?

    26. Kris Clayton on

      Hello! My Mella arrived here in New Zealand on the 26th of January and despite the box looking like it had been delivered by Ace Ventura (not sure if I'm blaming USPS or NZ Post), Mella was packaged safely inside :) Not using the alarms and the sound machine is a little loud but my 2 year old son knows exactly now that yellow = "stay in bed" and green = "get up" so we're winning !! :)

    27. Little Hippo Creator on

      @VJ K: I'm so glad to hear that you received MELLA + KELVIN! We'd love to hear your feedback. You can always email me at as well!

    28. Missing avatar

      VJ K

      got it....its all confusion created by post nl. looks amazing...will update details about how mella and kelvin are 😁....

      thankyou... need to pay 19 euros for taxes though..could have mentioned as gift 😊

    29. Little Hippo Creator on

      @VJ K: I've sent you a direct message to assist with your package!

    30. Missing avatar

      VJ K

      Hi Team,
      My tracking number says it has been delivered yesterday. I was home yesterday and nothing has been received or delivered. can you help me in this regard. The site is not so helpful.. BTW... i am from Netherlands.

    31. Anastasia Skinner

      Thank you so much for being so responsive and clarifying you are all awesome! Can't wait to get them!!

    32. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Anastasia Skinner: Thanks for backing us! I just checked on your status and you did everything correctly. You pledged us at the February level and so, we are preparing your shipment now! It's planned to be shipped out this week so you will get tracking notifications soon. It will take 2-3 business days from when we ship out. Please note that any purple MELLAs are not ready yet until mid-February so that will be shipped out separately in a few weeks. I hope that helps!

    33. Anastasia Skinner

      I don't know if I did something wrong but haven't gotten any emails but am pretty sure I filled out the survey is there anyway to make sure I did it right and let me know if they are on there way? It's been raining a lot here so if I know a package is coming I will be on the lookout :)

    34. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Diana Vazquez: I am so sorry to hear about that! I've sent you a private message so we can troubleshoot and resolve this together. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    35. Missing avatar

      Diana Vazquez

      I have a problem with mella. There is no sound or light

    36. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Jessica Aubuchon: We're so glad that your daughters love MELLA! At this time, there's no way to set the nap timer without the alarm going off. However, your workaround is a great one and one that we will add to our tips and tricks for anyone who wants a "silent" countdown :)

    37. Jessica Aubuchon on

      Maybe I am the only one who thought this, but I assumed the nap timer would count down to a green light instead of an alarm just like the morning timer. That was kind of a bummer for me. I’ve gotten around it by turning the night light on and telling my little one she can get up and play when the light turns out if she’s still awake. I certainly don’t want to wake my kiddo if she’s still asleep!
      Other than that we’ve really liked it. Good sound and light options and the functionality is great. Very easy to use!
      My girls both really like it’s cute little face.

    38. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Tiffany Cooke: I'm so glad your kids love MELLA! The alarm thing definitely isn't normal though and I'd like to troubleshoot it with you a bit - I've sent you a private message! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    39. Tiffany Cooke on

      Got ours yesterday and my kids love it! My 3 year old calls it "my friend, Mella."I love it too. It *has* done this odd thing where the alarm goes off just after 8:15pm, last night and tonight, even though the alarm is set for 6:45am (which went off just fine this morning). I'm not sure why it's doing that. Any ideas to try and fix it would be great. I still love it, regardless 😊.

    40. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Amanda Ramos: We're so thrilled to hear that MELLA is a hit with your loved ones :)

      @Matt McLean: I'm sorry to hear that the sleep sound machine is louder than you'd like. Have you ensured you've turned the volume all the way down to the lowest level? If so, we would suggest either: 1) putting MELLA on a table or nightstand further away from your children and/or 2) taping or covering up the back of the speaker area with something that can further dampen the sound. Something like a cloth or foam material will work - I know that's not ideal, but we truly appreciate your feedback as it will help us to continuously iterate, test and improve MELLA going forward!

    41. Matt McLean on

      Hi guys!

      Got my Mella yesterday and the boys love it. The only problem we have is the sound is a bit too loud for us. I wish there was a way to turn it down further, because the lowest volume is still a bit loud for us. Any tricks you know of to help with that?

      Thanks again!


    42. Missing avatar

      Amanda Ramos on

      Got ours yesterday! Love them so much! So cute and it actually works unlike our previous sleep training alarm

    43. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Melissa S.: We are so excited to hear that!!

      All domestic backers should be getting their MELLAs today or tomorrow, if they haven't already. All international backers will get their shipments starting next week!

      If you need assistance or have any questions, please email me at :)

    44. Melissa S.

      @Creator Just letting you know that I got my Mella today! Nice little KickStarter Green. Can't wait to give it a try out tonight! Eastern, Va, USA for those that are interested ^_^

    45. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Anastasia Skinner: Great question! They will be shipped separately to you so that you're not being held up by the purple MELLA and being penalized for pledging for multiple colors :)

    46. Anastasia Skinner

      I just read your update. We bought one of every color so green,blue,pink and a purple. Will the other 3 be stalled for waiting for the purple or will they be shipped separately?

    47. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Zachary Nelson: Yay! We are preparing all shipments now and will start shipping out next Monday as quickly as we can. If you are in the US, it will take 2-3 business days to arrive to you from when your shipment is picked up by USPS. If you are international, it will take 10-14 business days. We can't wait to get MELLA into your hands!

    48. Zachary Nelson on

      Yay! Just got my shipment notification! But it says 1/22/18 as the ship date. Does that mean it will be delivered that day or when it ships out?

    49. Little Hippo Creator on

      @Barbara Oswald: MELLA is in our warehouse in LA and is being prepared for shipment! We hope to have all January tier shipments out by the end of this week! Stay tuned for an update :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Barbara Oswald on

      How soon until the first January shipments ?

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