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The Clip: your capable and dependable daily companion sporting a whole range of different functions.

Update:  Many thanks to all of our supporters for helping us successfully reach our funding target!  In addition, we have released the Clip Environmental Report, detailing the environmental impact of the Clip.  Check it out in the Updates tab above! – The Clip is your dependable and capable daily companion sporting a number of different uses. It was developed by LittleBonsai, a young start up with a bold mission to change the way the world thinks about everyday consumer products.

The Clip has something for everyone and makes an excellent gift. By pledging on Kickstarter you will not only receive one of the first Clips, you will also help to establish our young company.

What will you Clip?

Our goal for the Clip is simple: to craft a beautifully versatile product, whose functionality can only be limited by a user's imagination. The Clip can serve as a prominent bookmark, a simple money and credit card clip, a sturdy bottle opener, a handy belt clip, a reliable food pack sealer and an elegant headphone cable organizer—these are just some of our favorite uses.

Two Clips can also be combined to form a practical stand for smartphones, note cards, recipes, and other small documents. Clips are sold in pairs to enable you to take advantage of this versatility. We recommend keeping one close by—for example, on a keychain—and using the other to explore the Clip’s whole range of uses.

See the Clip in Action

The Perfect Holiday Gift

By gifting the Clip you are not only buying one of our first cool products, you are helping to establish a young and passionate company with a bold mission.  You will contribute directly to a change in the way we think about everyday consumer products.

If we reach our funding target on Kickstarter quickly enough (and have the added support of a healthy supply of cups of coffee), we will hopefully be able to send out our orders before the holiday season. Should this not be possible, we will send along an attractive email certificate that will guarantee a specific shipment date to the receiver of the gift.

Environmental Responsibility

From the start, the Clip was designed with consideration for its environmental impact. Eco-design strategies including design for durability, producing locally and designing for recyclability supported the entire product design cycle from initial conception to final detailed design decisions. The Clip Environmental Report is now available and includes more information about our efforts to reduce the product's life-cycle impact. Find out more about our approach to environmental responsibility here.


About LittleBonsai

LittleBonsai is a young product design studio with a bold mission, founded by recent college graduates Jake Felser and Ollie Haas. We are changing the way the world thinks about everyday consumer products by promoting craftsmanship and environmental responsibility in our designs.

The idea of LittleBonsai was born in May 2011 in a quaint café in the Boston area (we did not have a garage available to us at the time!). With college graduation around the corner, we were discussing our options and ideas for the future. We both felt passionately dissatisfied with the current state of consumer products in the market and decided there and then that there was an opportunity for us to work together to address our concerns.

As designers and engineers, we believe that it is high time to challenge the status quo and to show the world that products can be designed differently. We believe in crafting products that become lifelong companions—products with emotional value that can be easily repaired and refurbished. We believe that we have a responsibility to develop products in the most environmentally responsible way possible, by minimizing the environmental impact at each stage of the product's life cycle and communicating these impacts to you in a candid and transparent way.

What will the Kickstarter money be used for?

The money we raise on Kickstarter will be used to fund the first production round of the Clip. The Clips featured in our videos and images are prototypes, which have been refined over the past months. In order to prepare the Clip for high quality and consistent production we need to produce several tools and prepare our small production line, which has a significant upfront cost.


  • We are using the funds raised on Kickstarter to build the tools and machinery that are required for producing the Clip. We aim to raise funds before the holiday season. Should we meet our expectations, we will be able to start producing the Clip in time for delivery before the holiday season. If we do not manage to reach the deadline, we can guarantee that will send out email certificates to all our Kickstarter supporters with an estimated shipping date for their order.

    In either case, we will keep you updated on the status of Clip production by email.

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  • Absolutely! Please note, however, that our free shipping policy covers only addresses in the United States. For international orders, please select a pledging level on Kickstarter that includes international shipping costs.

    Overseas customers should also be aware that orders shipped to international destinations may be subject to inspection by customs authorities.

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  • If our Kickstarter campaign is successful and we reach our funding target by December 14, we will send out an online form to all pre-order customers. The form will include all relevant information for completing your order.

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  • Definitely! Should we not achieve our production target before the holiday season, we will send out email certificates to all our pre-order customers with an estimated shipping date.

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