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Screen printed t-shirts and posters created from the text of classic books.
2,714 backers pledged $100,928 to help bring this project to life.

We did it! Thank you.

Posted by Danny Fein (Creator)

Wow. Less than one week in and we're already at 200% of our goal. All I can say is that I'm so thankful to all of you for your support, and for making this a reality. I can't wait to get the final designs to Sharprint and Screwball and watch them work their magic. And I'm so excited to start seeing these shirts and prints in the wild. Thank you.

To celebrate, I have a few exciting announcements.

1. A 6th T-shirt

Over 6,000 of you have cast your vote for which Litograph should be the next t-shirt and screen print. On Wednesday morning at 11am EST, I'll choose whichever design has the most votes and commit to printing it as our 5th t-shirt and screen print. At the end of the campaign, I'll choose the design with the most votes at that point and make it the 6th.

The current top 3 designs are:

Peter Pan (961 votes)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (935 votes)
Pride and Prejudice (704 votes)

If you haven't voted yet, you still have a few days. Click here to cast your vote, and good luck campaigning to your friends!

2. Litographs for Independent Authors

A number of independent authors have reached out to me this week about having their work turned into Litographs. One of the early highlights of this campaign has been working with them to find a way to make it happen.

If you're an author (or friend of an author), I'm happy to announce a new reward tier for a custom Litograph of your own work. You, me and a professional artist will work together to design your Litograph, and I'll mail you 5 flatbed printed posters of the finished product. I'm offering 5 early-bird packages at $150, to be shipped in January. If that tier sells out, there will be an unlimited number of $200 packages that will ship in February.

After the initial 5 posters, the design will be made available to you at wholesale prices so that you can connect directly with your readers.

This is an experiment, and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

3. More Screen Print Sets

The signed, limited-edition sets of all 5 screen prints sold out in just a few days. For those of you who missed out, I'm adding another tier at the same $200 level which also includes a first-edition set of 5 screen prints, but will not be the limited, signed editions.

Thanks again - let's see how big we can make this!

- Danny


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    1. Griffin Patterson on

      Reading over this again, I am seeing it be the vote for the 6th t-shirt, but the homepage said 5th. Did I miss something?

    2. Griffin Patterson on

      I am a little curious as to how you would orient many of the designs on the 6th shirt. I can see how Metamorphosis would look great on a tshirt, but a lot of the designs, while looking great on poster, don't mentally translate to a tshirt for me. I would kind of like to see a mock-up of the top five and a revote since even the highest voted design barely cuts 10% of public opinion.