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LED headband with intelligent audio response, epic battery life, and durable construction. Built for festivals. Optimized for raging.

LED headband with intelligent audio response, epic battery life, and durable construction. Built for festivals. Optimized for raging. Read More
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The Halo 

The Halo is the first high-quality wearable technology engineered for the electronic dance music community.

  • Beautiful LED Display -- Light up the night with 32 RGB LEDs. 
  • Intelligent Beat Recognition -- Unparalleled audio response discerns different frequencies and the beat structure of the music around you. 
  • Epic Battery Life -- Rock out for 15+ hours on a single charge, and power back up via USB. 
  • Festival-Proof -- Rage on, trusting your Halo will make it through festival after festival. 
  • Infinite Patterns -- Cycle through entrancing patterns with the click of a button and download new sets to keep things fresh. 
  • Open Source -- Develop for the Halo and help unleash the incredible potential of the first high-tech wearables for raves.

Beautiful LED Display

Lights and music. Like peanut butter and jelly, only cooler. The Halo’s bright, multi-color 32-LED display dances to the music around you, setting you apart in any crowd. We were so focused on packing as many LEDs onto your Halo as possible that we actually had to design our own flexible circuit boards. Not only that, but we peppered other components in between the LEDs to make the best use of the space, all so you can look as amazing as the stage does.

Intelligent Beat Recognition

Music is complex, and as humans, we can appreciate the different sounds and frequencies that make it up. We made sure the Halo could do all this and more. This means vocals, snares, hi-hats, and huge drops all trigger different LED responses. Intelligent beat detection algorithms hear a song like you would hear it. Sensitivity adjusts to your environment, so whether you’re at a concert or in your living room, your Halo will respond perfectly. This unparalleled audio engineering will show your music in a whole new light.

Epic Battery Life

You’ve got the energy to go all night. Why shouldn’t your Halo do the same? It’s lightweight lithium ion batteries last for 15+ hours on a single charge. An efficient power management system keeps the Halo cool on your head. The Halo recharges via USB in just a few hours, so plug in during your pre-game and it’ll be ready to go when you are.


Music festivals get crazy. We built the Halo to always make it out alive. Its flexible yet rugged construction is optimized for raging, meaning it can withstand thrashing, jumping, head whipping, or whatever else the kids are doing these days. The Halo’s lightweight, contoured design fits comfortably on your head. And water-resistant construction means a little rain or champagne shower won’t ruin your night.

 Infinite Patterns

There’s an endless variety of music out there. We wanted the Halo to house an endless set of patterns to complement this diversity. Cycle through dozens of gorgeous pre-loaded patterns on the Halo with the click of a button. Easily download new patterns when you need them by connecting to your computer. We’ll be continuously curating new patterns built by developers, keeping you on the cutting edge of wearable rave technology.

Open Source

Back when we started learning electronics, we stumbled upon Arduino - a powerful, easy-to-learn microprocessor platform. We thought it fitting to build the Halo upon this foundation, and open up our code to the same community that helped us learn all we know. Now, far from our humble beginnings, we’ve created a simple yet robust code architecture that allows for beginner and advanced developers alike to begin coding for the Halo. We’ll set our code free upon funding, allowing you to create and share beautiful patterns with Halo owners all over the world.

Why We’re Here

Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to raise the capital we need to produce Halos by connecting directly to you, our customers. By pledging, you ensure we can ship out Halos as soon as they come off the production line.

To make the Halo affordable, we need to manufacture in high volumes. Large ($20k+) up-front machinery and tooling costs for injection molding, PCB fabrication, and assembly prohibit us from pumping out reasonably priced Halos in small batches. We’re aiming to produce at least 1000 in our first run, and we’re confident there’s that many of you interested in what we’re doing.


Post-Kickstarter Halo development consists of three simultaneous tracks: manufacturing, hardware development, and software development. Through two years of prototyping, we’ve gained an intimate knowledge of processes and timelines associated with circuit board fabrication. After working and speaking with various molding experts, we’re also confident in our timelines for this aspect of production. We’ll be working exclusively with contractors and manufacturers in the USA to ensure quality craftsmanship.

Upon funding, we’ll consult with electrical engineering experts to see if there are any ways we can improve our circuitry. In particular, we’ll focus on making beat detection more accurate by further mitigating circuit noise. We’ll perform functional testing to ensure these tweaks are helpful. When we’re happy with the circuitry, we’ll manufacture a small-scale batch of 50 Halos and run rigorous quality assurance.

Concurrently, we’ll work closely with industrial designers to slim down the design and increase durability. We’ll shed every ounce we can while retaining structural integrity in our quest for the perfect product. We also plan to eliminate the elastic strap, giving the Halo an even sleeker form factor than it already has.

On top of all that, we’ll be finalizing our desktop app that you’ll use to download new patterns to your Halo. And, of course, we’ll be continuously designing gorgeous audio-responsive patterns with the input of developers everywhere.

We’ll then fire up the furnaces and produce a large batch of Halos for our dedicated Kickstarter backers. We’ll make sure your Halo is perfect, load up the finest set of patterns we’ve got, and ship it to you in beautiful, frustration-free packaging!

You can expect to receive your much-awaited Halo in October of this year, and party with it for years to come.

The Story

Our story begins much like the greatest start-up tales - two friends meet in college and strike upon the right idea at the right time.

In our junior year at Northeastern University, we traveled down to Miami for Ultra Music Festival 2011. This was right as EDM began taking America by storm, and we were excited to see what this scene was all about.

After three days of debauchery, we emerged inspired. Never before had we been somewhere where lights played such an integral role in the musical experience. The stage lighting was perfectly synced to the beats coming from the speakers, while all around us light gloves, glow sticks, and EL-wire twirled and danced along. On the plane ride back, we wondered if, with our collective degrees in physics, computer, and electrical engineering, we could try our hand embedding LEDs into clothing. It seemed a travesty that the available light-up wearables were so junky compared to the high production value of the stage. As a result, we knew anything we made had to knock it out of the park.

Over the next few months, we spent hundreds of hours building a 500-LED full-body lightsuit that was responsive to different frequencies in the music around the wearer. When we took it down to Miami for Ultra 2012, we could hardly walk around the festival without people stopping us, asking where they could buy one.

We returned back to school wondering why no one had thought to build high quality rave gear for this burgeoning scene. And so we decided to do it ourselves. A lightsuit didn’t seem optimal, simply because it was so big (and we torched through our bank accounts to build it).

A truly high quality product needed to meet a slew of design requirements: it had to be beautiful, audio-responsive, long-lasting, rechargeable, lightweight, comfortable, rugged, moisture-resistant, simple to use, and ready for software updates. It needed to bring the incredible energy from the stage into the crowd, and it needed to blow away anything that had been built before it.

So we set out to build an LED headband that would revolutionize rave gear.

We’re now at the culmination of 2 years of hard work, and are happy to bring you the Halo. Kickstarter is giving us the chance to confirm what we already know - that the electronic dance music community is ready for high-quality wearable technology - and to bring this community together to make the Halo a reality.

Thanks for checking out our project. We’re excited to see the Halo lighting up the night at music festivals everywhere.

- Ryan and Danny

Credit where credit is due







Danny Mendez

Risks and challenges

We've been through multiple rounds of prototypes building the Halo. This has given us an intimate knowledge of the steps and timelines involved in PCB fabrication and assembly, as well as an introduction to injection molding processes.

The most looming unknown in this project is the process of plastic molding. This is an expensive commitment, and we will work hard to ensure the manufacturers we're working with can handle our timelines and understand our needs. In re-thinking the outer casing of our design, we may introduce new design variables into our equation, which would require diligent oversight to ensure we would still be able to deliver a quality product in a timely manner.

Another aspect of this project that may pose a challenge is completing the desktop app that interfaces neatly with the Halo. While we have experience working with the languages involved and currently have a rough version of a desktop app, introducing networking, uploading, and downloading capabilities is a challenge that we feel ready to take on.

Other than that, stress, existential crises, global warming, and cats playing with wires during prototyping may pose challenges to Halo delivery, but we're confident we'll be able to mitigate the effects of these external pressures to see our project through. Of course, we'll be in constant contact with our backers throughout Halo production to keep everyone up to date about Halo production.

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