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    1. Missing avatar

      Mr John L Dowling on

      Why is the shipping cost so ridiculously high for people outside the US. It is US $35 to Australia or AUD 47. So what's the point of a US$25 discount? Does not anyone ever consider exchange rates for loyal customer beyond the US. I use a US based forwarding service that can do a much better job than your pricing. Perhaps visit!!

    2. Missing avatar


      Hi Team,
      I am enjoying my lithium card pro. Just curious could you lunch a campaign with 5000mah lithium card pro and USB c port.


    3. Korab Lluka on

      Hello, I still haven't received my package yet. Can you help?

    4. Kunal Gujarathi on

      Hello Linearflux team.

      The shipping cost to my country is actually 2x the pledge.

      Is there are way you could reduce it?

    5. F.V.I.


      Guys, just wrote u an email regarding an issue with your Linearflux product.

      Sent from (u'll find it on your orders@Linear....etc or the KS private message) - it has pictures attached.


      Sorry to bother again, but as u can see the pictures attached, my Linearflux is not working properly. I sent u guys a month ago some tests I made and I had no reply till 2 weeks later.

      As u can see from total dead iPhone to full charge it took 3 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES. Theres a hand watch beside the phone for the test. Also, I use ONLY APPLE MFI Certified Cables!

    6. Mark Pelkey

      Wanted to drop in and say how great these have been.

      Only issue i have is with family members trying to steal them

    7. Ed Dixon on

      How do I get a shipping update

    8. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @mixalis how may we help you? You seem to have already received your paypal refund July 13. Paypal transaction number 0WV1156503510872C to PayPal address

      @sokompheak we are sending you the reset procedure via email

    9. Mixalis Kalligiannis on

      No response yet. I want my money back

    10. sokompheak

      Hello Creator, I have replied your email a weeks ago. but I have not got your replying to me!!! please reply me anyway...

    11. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @kenny nothing is wrong with your charger, the amount of charge your iPhone takes in depends on a number of critierion within the charging circuit of your iPhone. For example, if the unit is at full brightness and is being used, wifi and bluetooth on, video is streaming etc all have a factor of how much power the iPhone will allow the HUB to provide.

      @sokompheak please reach out to us at

    12. Missing avatar

      Kenny Indradi

      Hi there, I am using iPhone 6s Plus. I have done several testing using a USB voltage and ampere meters. I found that the 2nd port can give a max 1.7A to the iphone and the 1st port constantly give 1A. Is there something wrong with my charger? Also my LithiumCard Pro get very hot easily.

    13. sokompheak

      Hello, last week i left my iphone 6 and Sony M4 charged with HYPERACHARGE whole night. Then in the morning I check both devices, it's not been charged their battery! now it is stop working!!!

    14. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @Jorge please contact us at usually rewards are not sent out because we did not receive a reply to the product survey or there is additional shipping charges that are still open

    15. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @FVI it's great attempt to test units out for yourself but we have seen the testing you sent us and it's a bit flawed. We can't really verify your testing gear or experience but you also need an ammeter to accurately test your setup.

      You initially started the phone with X% battery capacity left and began charging with a chargetech. You then switch to using the HUB when the phone is at Y% battery capacity full. This is the point where your testing is heavily flawed! To keep consistency between tests, you will need to start the tests when the phone battery capacity is at X% on both charging instances.

      You may be wondering why? Well it's because phones have a built-in charging VI curve. As the phone reaches full capacity their input charging current is dramatically reduced. This is the reason you saw a different charging % when you switched from the chargetech to the HUB. If you perform the tests indentically you will see the HUB is much faster and more powerful than the competition. Chargetech is listed at 2.4A max for both ports combined. The HUB is rated at 3.5A combined!

      Also, per your last question, HYPERPORT 1 is maximized for Android devices and HYPERPORT 2 is tailored for iOS devices. This is also mentioned in the packaging. Happy HyperCharging!

      Hope that helps!
      LinearFlux Team

    16. F.V.I.


    17. F.V.I.

      @CREATOR...... I've donde 2 tests along with the Hypercharge Hub and my Charge Tech Wall.....I have 4 screen shots showing the details between both running a 25 min Test and comparing the increment of battery % ...... quite disappointed. Charge Tech has a pretty good advantage leaving behind the Hypercharge Hub..... I've sent u an email to orders@.... i think my hypercharge hub might have something damaged or something. I'm now in Colombia, South's going to be quite tough to pay a shipping depending on your solution. By the way, why does the Hypercharge Hub don't say iOS and Android beside de USB connectors as shown in your official images? They say...Hyperport 1 and 2.....

    18. Ed Dixon on

      Nvm my fault. Just seen the pay pal link �

    19. Ed Dixon on

      Can you just send me at least one and return the extra money since I wanted the two pack

    20. Ed Dixon on

      Please send me the link for the difference so I can get this item shipped out to me

    21. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @Barr thanks for the positive comments! :)

    22. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @Mixalis thanks for the headsup. We are looking into it now.

    23. Mixalis Kalligiannis on

      Hi I have not received the item. I sent you 2 mails with no response.

    24. Barr Abarquez on

      I been using mine since feb and im loving it. It way better than any charger. Thanks @creator. I just wished i bough more than one.

    25. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @bobby le thanks for the great feedback! We are glad you are enjoying your LinearFlux products!

    26. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @sokompheak that's normal because the HyperCharging circuitry providing safe and fast power to your devices. Like a Ferrari engine, the byproduct of it's fast charging is some heat.

    27. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @Rahul great news! We have your order ready to depart tomorrow. It was delayed because of an address issue. We will send you a tracking number via email.

      @Taylor Murray great news! We have your order ready to depart tomorrow. It was delayed because the survey was received later. We will send you a tracking number via email.

      @Luis Castaneda your order was sent in February with a tracking number.

      @Ed Dixon you replied June on a February email. You pledged for 1 unit but asking for 2 units. We will need to pay for the additional unit.

      @Michael Chen @Rahul great news! We have your order ready to depart tomorrow. It was delayed because of an address issue. We will send you a tracking number via emai.

      @Taylor Murray great news! We have your order ready to depart tomorrow. It was delayed because the survey was received later. We will send you a tracking number via emai.

      @Luis Castaneda your order was sent in February with a tracking number.

      @Ed Dixon you replied June on a February email. You pledged for 1 unit but asking for 2 units. We will need to pay for the additional unit.

      @Michael Chen great news! We have your order ready to depart tomorrow. It was delayed because the survey was received later. We will send you a tracking number via email.

    28. Rahul Aggarwal

      Hi, after 5 emails with no response and a few months product, no response and you have my money. No better scam huh?

    29. Missing avatar

      Bobby Le

      Great stuff, I paired this bad boy up with an XL Lite Wire cable and I haven't looked bad. The lithium card works great as well, extremely versatile. Thanks once again!!

    30. Taylor Murray on

      Still haven't received mine yet :(

    31. Luis Castaneda on

      I forgot I paid for this project! Lmao I hope Production is going well!! Hopefully we can have it sooner than August!

    32. sokompheak

      hello, i really happy with this charger... charging so fast... but when i charge both device in the same time the hypercharge is hotter and hotter. it had happened three time.

    33. Ed Dixon on

      Still having issues with my order

    34. Michael Chen on


      I have filled survey with updated details on 10th of April. Still haven't heard anything regarding the shipping. Please confirm shipping date? Thank you.

    35. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @mitesh your order will be shipping via FedEx this week to the UK. You will receive an email confirmation containing your tracking number.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mitesh on

      I've still not heard anything about my order. Can I have an update please?

    37. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @emmanuel please reach out to us at to diagnose your issue

    38. Emanuel James Lopez on

      Mine arrived a long time ago and I have been using until last week it stopped completely working. It does not charge in either outlet and I have tried different cables thinking it was the cable and it seems that's not the problem. What do I do?

    39. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @Moi Your order has been on hold as we did not receive a response from you regarding the additional delivery phone number. The email was sent to you in January. Alternatively, you can send your phone number to us at

    40. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @JEL thanks for the compliments! Funny you mention upgrade plans on our roadmap. We will definitely keep you on our beta testing list for testing future LinearFlux products. Which is happening very soon! We'll keep in touch!

      @kenneth lin yours will be shipped this week. Thanks for providing your info.

      Thanks Adam!

      Adam Weintraub says:
      I've now had and used both your Hypercharge and LithiumCard products. And, I LOVE them. The LithiumCard, is especially handy and well thought-out. Great product!

    41. Kenneth Lin on

      I still havent receive mine! Would you please tell me whats going on??

    42. JEL

      Hi I just want to say thanks to Linearflux for their great service! My new Lithiumcard Pro is really useful - do you have any plans to upgrade the capacity for more of a charge for the iPhone 6s+? Also with regards to my Hub, it's still working great and it charges my Apple products a lot faster than the standard charger. I think a lot of people might be complaining because they have non-Apple products that already have speed charging built-in to their chargers... I can only speak for myself as an Apple user: the Hub really does charge my iPhone and iPad faster, and same goes for the Lithiumcard Pro. Thanks Linearflux!!!

    43. LinearFlux USA Inc 3-time creator on

      @Darren thanks for the continued support and are happy that you are satisfied with the HUB.

      @JEL thanks for your patience and support!

      @contributors who have not received their pledge. There's less than 2% of you who have not:

      a) replied to the survey sent after the campaign
      b) you have not sufficiently paid for shipping. Some go as far as listing a USA address then changing it to an international address to skip having to pay for international shipping.

      If you are a contributor and still have not received your reward, we will be reviewing your messages all this week to clear the issues with your particular order.

      @Joshua we sent you a return label in March but you seemed to have not received it. We resent it to you again.

    44. Darren How on

      I would like to order a couple more Hypercharge hubs. I just love this product so much, I'd like to have a few more around the house and for travel. Please get back to me on how to order a few more.

    45. JEL

      I finally got word that Linearflux has sent me a replacement for my Lithiumcard Pro. Thanks so much for your help! For those of you who are having trouble contacting Linearflux, I suggest you use the email on their website:

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ritchie on

      Still received nothing, can you just refund my pledge as this is ridiculous!

    47. Missing avatar

      Moi on

      Hi, I have yet to receive my pledge and I've sent a message to you guys on the 4th of April and I've yet to receive a response. I would greatly appreciate an open dialogue.

    48. Missing avatar

      Igor on

      It's totally disrespectful that the product didn't arrived and I didn't get any answer. It's a shame because I trusted on you and pay for it!! I think the best way to get an answer is go after my legal rights!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Joshua Hill Lemon on

      Hello? Anybody? Does anybody actually work at LinearFlux or is it standard practice to screw over the people that help you launch your products? I was perfectly understanding when I received a broken hub. Stuff happens, no big deal. But when you fail to do the easy and right thing after you say your going to do it, pathetic. Maybe you should start a Kickstarter for a customer service department.

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