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Update #10

For Sale, Fulfillment Completed!


Hi All,

Thanks to your support, growerbot is now available for sale!

Everyone should have received their Growerbots quite awhile ago. If you haven't or are having any trouble, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Also, I need help! If you'd like to get involved with creating upgrades to growerbot and building a community around smarter gardening, please let me know. I'd also love to hear any feedback you have on growerbot's features, design, price, or pretty much anything else.

Thanks again,

Update #9



I am proud to say that the vast majority of growerbot rewards have shipped!

The final few will be in the mail over the next several days, and I'll post detailed assembly / setup instructions in the next week.

Please let me know if you have not received your reward by 1/5 (domestic) or 1/11 (international).

Thanks again for your support. I'm excited for all of us to garden together!

Update #8

Cases Cut, SMT Completed


Lots of progress in the last several weeks:   

Cases Cut: the laser cutting has been completed for cases on all Kickstarter orders. I still have to glue them together, but this is pretty quick (~5 minutes per growerbot)

SMT Completed: I've mounted the surface mount components for all PCBs. 

See herfor a video of the final cases being cut, including a quick shot of the PCBs.

Lots of progress on the software side, too: I've got solid streaming over wifi of soil moisture, humidity, temperature, and light levels every minute via Electric Imp to cosm. I'll publish to a github repository after a bit more progress.

The most important lesson I've learned from growerbot's kickstarter thus far is that things take *way* longer than you'd think when you up the quantity. From sourcing parts to soldering PCBs, doing 100 is not just 100 times as time-consuming: it's a large quantity of parts to even physically move around, let alone get carefully mounted at <mm precision.

Thanks again for your continued patience. Expect your backer survey within the next 2 weeks and all growerbots delivered well before the end of the year.


Update #7

PCBs Arrived, Seeds Ordered


A lot has happened since my last update on Kickstarter (more frequent posts on ). Most importantly, I've gotten in all key electronics components and my full, 100-unit production run of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Check out the picture below.

These are based on the design I ordered, tested, and improved upon from the test run; fingers crossed, I'll have them populated, tested, and ready to place in their enclosures by mid next week. From there, we've got some software improvements and not much else left to do before you get your growerbots! 

And, expect some fancy seeds: I just ordered an assortment of heirlooms (meaning seeds produce veggies with reusable seed) from D. Landreth, "purveyors of find seeds since 1784."

Thanks again for your support and patience; get ready to grow(erbot) soon!

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Update #6

Progress, Delays, & What I'm Doing About It


First, the good news: I sent the circuit board designs to a board-maker, and I should have them back by early next week. If everything goes well with testing, I'll lock the hardware down and get production completed.

But I'm behind schedule: estimated delivery was September, and we're now past that. As a thank-you for your patience, I'm going to include a different type of organic seed with your order for every week it's late. 

Thanks for your patience,

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    Growerbot basic, sans connectivity: everything you need to build your own social gardening assistant, including basic moisture / light / temp sensors, a lasercut enclosure, display, and arduino-compatible microcontroller. Does not include wifi connectivity; you can add this yourself or manually upload your growth data. Note: this is an intermediate electronics project. Soldering and arduino programming experience recommended.

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    growerbot pro: the ultimate in gardening quantification and automation. lab-grade ph, conductivity, temperature, and light sensors coupled with an innovative nutrient / ph regulator dispenser and pump. includes 8 independently-controlled outlets!

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