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Automate growing food and share your real-world farming activity with your friends. Grow faster and better by sharing!
Automate growing food and share your real-world farming activity with your friends. Grow faster and better by sharing!
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    1. Creator Kevyn Watkins (deleted) on January 18, 2013

      Well I've done what I can so far,however I need further instructions to finish building it.

      Here is a link to a photo album of my growerbot so far, as I can't yet confirm if I've actually soldered everything in the right place or not, I've refrained from trimming legs yet so it looks a bit messy still.

    2. Creator Kevyn Watkins (deleted) on January 18, 2013

      Received here in Aus, look forward to assembling it shortly :-D

      I have a few custom modifications to make during build, 240V power to starters ;-)

    3. Creator Luke Iseman on January 6, 2013

      Initial 'getting started' guide just posted: . Please comment there with any questions; more detail + kit assembly guide soon!

    4. Creator Blaine Hilton on January 5, 2013

      Luke, received the box, but there were no instructions or anything. seems to not have anything either. Is there any documentation?

    5. Creator Doug Keenan on January 5, 2013

      Product received, thank you! Looking for source to figure out how to use it. Is growerbot sw on github?

    6. Creator Doug Keenan on October 3, 2012

      New estimate on delivery? Sep 2012 is obviously out!

    7. Creator Blaine Hilton on September 7, 2012

      Any more details about the platform? Some thing I'm looking for in my application (aquaponics) is the ability to measure the temperature of the water tank, to be able to switch high power loads (120VAC pumps / 24VDC sprinkler valve solenoids). So will there be extra I/O?

    8. Creator Luke Iseman on August 11, 2012

      Blaine: $95 level will include light moisture & temp sensors. I'll provide full instructions on upgrading to wifi as well!

    9. Creator Blaine Hilton on August 11, 2012

      Are there any details about the exact contents of the kit at the $95? Especially what sensor types are going to be included? For wifi, is there a suggested shield/solution?

    10. Creator nullchar on July 31, 2012

      Looking forward to the open source gardening controls! A great idea to put this all in a box.

    11. Creator Marc Roth on July 26, 2012

      You're one of the best contributors to the community at TechShop Luke. We're glad we can be a part of it and can't wait to see this Kickstarter fund.