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by Lisa Seacat DeLuca

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I wanted to play with the NFC capabilities for mobile applications and was trying to use my fun coding hobby to solve a problem that would actually be useful for me.  As a mom of two sets of twins, I feel like I'm doing laundry 24/7.  It doesn't help when I forget to put my clothes from my washer to the dryer, resulting in me having to rerun the washer, wasting water and valuable time.  So the NFC tags were the perfect solution.  I've always got my phone on me so I put the NFC tags on both the washer and the dryer to remind myself when my clothes were done.  

It was a simple solution that made the world of a difference in our busy lives.  So, as usual, I decided to share my ideas with others... hence this Kickstarter!  I wanted to make them super affordable, so, for only $5 you can get both the washer and dryer tags.  

Thank you for backing my project! go do some laundry. ;) 

Thank you Mashable for allowing me to share the NFC video for this Kickstarter.  And thank you for sharing my story, "Inside the Mind of IBM's Most Prolific Female Inventor".


Pretty simple! For $5 you get a washer and dryer NFC tag that you can put on your machines.  When tapped by your NFC-enabled smart phone, your personalized machine cycle timer begins, sending you a push notification when your laundry is complete.  Enable the Amazon Alexa skill for LaundryNFC tags to ask Alexa about the status of your laundry.

 The Anti-metal NFC tags, when tapped, will launch the LaundryNFC compatible mobile application available for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, iOS has not yet opened their NFC apis to developers so if you have an iOS device you will not be able to read the tags.  However, the app can still be used by tapping (with your finger) on the icons for the washer and dryer and as soon as Apple opens up their apis the tags will work. 

Enable the Laundry NFC skill to ask Amazon Alexa questions about your laundry.  Try the following utterances:

  • Is my washer running?
  • What time will my dryer be done?
  • Change my dryer cycle time to be 45 minutes.
  • Start my washer
  • Fold my laundry
  • Who developed the laundryNFC skill? 

Companion Mobile App

Download the free LaundryNFC mobile apps for Android and iOS in the respective app stores.




When your laundry is done, you will receive a push notification as a reminder along with an in-app notification. 

 Set the cycle time based on your machine settings.


  • Mashable - for the Kickstarter video segment showing how the NFC tags work!  Checkout the full video above.
  • Don Coleman - Don is the creator of the Cordova plugin for NFC and the person who is responsible for inspiring me to start playing with hardware.  Thank you Don for sharing your love of technology!
  • badge graphics thanks to FreePik

Risks and challenges

none. I already have a lot of the tags printed and ready for distribution. The Alexa skill has been approved and both apps are on the android and ios app stores. Feel free to download and try them out now. Thanks for backing!!

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    Amazon Alexa compatible Laundry NFC tags for your washer and dryer.

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    • Alexa cloud sync
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