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Liquoriste is a new approach to cocktails that combines organic spirits with infused agave nectars for healthy, hand-crafted drinks.

Liquoriste is a new approach to cocktails that combines organic spirits with infused agave nectars for healthy, hand-crafted drinks. Read More
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About this project

Hey Kickstarter. Thanks for visiting our project, with your help, we'd like to spread the word about organic spirits and healthy cocktails.

We share a love for all things natural and handcrafted.  We are also committed to living sustainably without compromising quality.

One afternoon, we got to talking about good, healthy food, gardening and great cocktails.  We became inspired to join our passions for homegrown herbs and botanicals with fine tasting booze.

We delved into the world of old-time bars, classic drink recipes and the finest liquor that small-batch distilleries around the country could offer.  Our research led to taste-testing, which led more research and taste-testing.  We could tell that something very special was emerging.

Our vision of a new cocktail is carefully crafted to be delicious as well as healthy.  With a base of raw agave, our mixers are a natural alternative to sugary syrups.  The addition of fresh herbs, spices and botanicals cultivate our flavors in a pure and healthy way.  In the end, our drinks are designed to minimize hangovers.  We hope to reinvent not only the drink, but the entire drinking experience.

By contributing to our Kickstarter Campaign, you get delicious, hand-crafted infused agave mixers.  These are the culmination of our work and exploration, and they put you one step away from beautifully complex cocktails.  Each agave is infused with fragrant herbs and fresh flowers that we either grew ourselves or carefully selected from specialty growers.  We added plant essences for stunning and layered flavor combinations custom made to pair with your favorite liquor and create delicious, healthy drinks.


Single Agave: You know what you like, why stray?

Triple Agave Set: Variety is the spice of life.

Five Agave Set + Sea Salt: Let's get this party started!


Bourbon: This agave is flavored with Tahitian vanilla, lemon and orange peel.  Add an egg white, single-barrel bourbon and lemon juice for an amazing Whiskey Sour.

Gin: A celery, fennel, cinnamon and caraway infusion compliments a good, botanical gin.  Add cucumber slices and fresh fennel for a refreshing and beautiful drink we call the Loveage.

Tequila: Start with an aged, organic tequila.  Add our agave infused with lime, sage and lavender, squeeze in some fresh lime and you’ll fall in love with the Margarita all over again.

Rum: Our rum mixer is flavored by allspice, ceylon cloves and ginger.  Add ginger beer, lime juice and an earthy rum for our version of the Dark & Stormy.

Vodka: Agave infused with rose, blood orange, geranium and cardamom is the foundation of a Rose Cordial.  Simply add your choice of vodka, some fresh orange juice and enjoy.

We're so excited to share our agaves with you.

Thanks again!

Kate & Cherie


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    Organic Booze Guide:
    Liquoriste gives you the essential guide to sourcing, bootlegging and getting that one of a kind liquor to pair with our agaves.

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    Choose any one of our agave mixers to accompany your organic booze guide. Choose from our whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila or rum mixers. Any one will be the perfect partner for your favorite liquor.

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    Choose three agave infusions plus our Organic Booze Guide. This is great if you already have a cocktail hour in mind, or can't choose just one.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Hey fellow booze hound! The ultimate package: Our Organic Booze Guide, all five agave infusions with accompanying turbinado and sea salt garnishes. You're primed and ready for many home happy hours.

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