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The Liquid Wallet's video poster

The key is in the wallet. No, literally. Read more

Melbourne, AU Design
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This project was successfully funded on March 25, 2014.

The key is in the wallet. No, literally.

Melbourne, AU Design
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Pockets No Longer In Disarray: Say Hello To The Liquid Wallet

The Liquid Wallet is the first of its kind to seamlessly integrate your essential keys into a minimalist wallet.

Think of it like this: The keys and the wallet have, for so many decades, existed as essential components to our day, but still remained inexplicably distant from one another. It's the true tragedy of our modern day; star crossed lovers with uncrossing paths – were they destined to be relegated to separate pockets for eternity? Would the wallet rest easily on your bedside table night after night while the keys slipped silently and helplessly under a couch cushion, destined to send you into a mid-morning panic as you tried to get out the door the next day? A tragedy indeed, we thought.

So we turned it into a fairy tale instead.

Minimalist wallets are in, but in shedding extra thickness and bulk you usually have to make sacrifices in functionality. Not with the Liquid Wallet. In fact, you get more functionality in a wallet than ever before.

We wanted the Liquid Wallet to be user friendly and customizable, so in addition to a durable elastic strap for holding cards and cash, it has four easily removed and replaced adjustable screws that let you attach your keys and fine-tune how tightly they're held, and by extension how much force it takes to swing them out. When not in use, up to two primary keys nest seamlessly at the top of the wallet (additional tools such as a bottle opener are currently being designed for future use to replace keys if you choose to). As a bonus, the hard anodized aluminum Liquid Wallet’s casing shields your cards and personal information from RFID scanning devices, to help protect against increasingly prevalent identity and credit card fraud.

Machine-cut from highly durable hard anodized aluminum, the Liquid Wallet is built to last a lifetime – a completely scratch resistant surface allows for a clean, just-like-new look even after hundreds of hours of abuse in our testing.

's video poster

(The scratch resistance is intended for protection against everyday wear and tear scratches. Even though it is very durable and scratch resistant, we wouldn't recommend intentionally abusing and trying to scratch the Liquid Wallet!)

Every aspect of the wallet has been designed with intention and passion, and now we're ready for your help to get things off the ground!

To start off with, the Liquid Wallet will be available in two colors:

Liquid Black: For a sleek, professional, and classic feel.

Our Signature Liquid Black
Our Signature Liquid Black

Military Green: For a different feel with a pop of color.

Military Green (almost like an olive color)
Military Green (almost like an olive color)
Add an EXTRA $7 to your pledge for the Liquid Bottle Opener
Add an EXTRA $7 to your pledge for the Liquid Bottle Opener

Liquid Bottle Opener
For those of you that may just want to carry one key with your Liquid Wallet and have a bottle opener handy at all times. The bottle opener can be switched out at anytime in case you change your mind and wanted to add in a 2nd key. Add an extra $7 to your pledge to receive a bottle opener along with your wallet.

Key Holder Attachment

The ideal with the Liquid Wallet is to keep things low profile and uncomplicated, but some days you might need to bring a few extras along with you – and we've got you covered. The Liquid Wallet comes with a Keyring Attachment, which is attached to the Liquid Wallet to store additional keys, USB drives, or anything else you desire to attach to your Liquid Wallet. For those that don't want to use the keyring attachment, it can easily be flipped so the keyring attachment hides inside the wallet.

Attach a keyring to store your additional keys, USBs, or anything else you like.
Attach a keyring to store your additional keys, USBs, or anything else you like.
  • Premium Quality Ribbed Non-Roll Elastic: For sturdy, durable, long life usage
  • Stainless Steel Spacer: To keep the height even
  • 4 Custom Made Brass Screws: Adjust how tight or loose you want your keys to be
  • Nylon Washers: Ensures smooth swivelling of your keys
  • Liquid Logo
  • Hard Anodised Aluminum: Making the wallet strong, durable, and scratch resistant


Length: 94mm
Width: 59.5mm
Height: 14mm
Weight: 92grams (without keys)
Material: Aluminum grade 6061 + Hard Anodized Coating

The Liquid Wallet after being machine cut has been bead blasted for a smooth surface and then hard anodized to make it more strong and scratch resistant.

What Kind Of Keys Can I Use?

Most standard keys will fit the Liquid Wallet.

Underneath the top plate is a "stopper" in the middle which prevents keys from moving to the other side and clashing
Underneath the top plate is a "stopper" in the middle which prevents keys from moving to the other side and clashing

Who We Are & Why We're Here

Liquid first formed as five young, ambitious minds in Melbourne, Australia in 2013, determined to break the mold and carve our own path with never before seen products. We are, above all, a small business of innovative thinkers and products creators with a vision. We want to invent products that refuse to sacrifice form and style for function. We want to create products that we would use, and that bring something new to their respective users. The Liquid Wallet is our first foray into the marketplace, and we're ready to make our mark.

In July 2013, our team partook in a hackathon workshop and were given 30 hours to come up with something worth, well, coming up with. What started during those 30 hours as an ugly, rubberband-assisted hunk of plastic, would soon emerge from its cocoon as something more: The Liquid Wallet.

Team Members and Contributors to the Liquid Wallet:

Quinn Nguyen - Industrial Designer
Franz De Los Reyes - Graphics Designer
Marlon Lorenz - Front End Developer & Multimedia
Peter Mai - Business Strategist
Dinh Ngo (Preco Engineering) - Engineer & Local Manufacturer
Justin & Ann Cudaihl - Sales & Marketing
James Patrick Quizon & Brandon Landis - Content
Johnny Sacco & Jecerey Carl Miranda - Video & Editing
Nivesh Saharan - Programmer
Ash Verma - Front End Developer

What Will The Funds Be Used For?

The funds we raise will be spread out and used for the following things:

  • Aluminum grade 6061 material for the wallet
  • Machining of the Liquid Wallet
  • Sand blasting to give it a smooth touch
  • Hard anodizing for the scratch resistance and durability
  • Nylon washers
  • Stainless steel keyring attachment manufacturing
  • Premium quality ribbed non-roll elastic and sewing
  • Custom made brass screws
  • Packaging & design

Every piece and component of the Liquid Wallet has been custom designed and crafted with intention and purpose through months of rigorous testing and refining. Some components, such as the screws we couldn't find one to perfectly meet the needs, so we created our own!

While the idea was there in the early versions, we still had a ways to go!
While the idea was there in the early versions, we still had a ways to go!

What we bring to you now is the full evolution and fruits of our last 6+ months of all-nighters, collaborations, prototyping, and product testing. We've gotten input from people around the globe, taken feedback to heart that sent us back to the drawing board, and onward to better and better ideas until we arrived where we are now.

Despite the twists and turns and ups and downs, we've poured every ounce of ourselves into getting this just perfect. We’ve partnered up with a local manufacturer who has since become a good friend of ours.

With your help we will be able to give the Liquid Wallet life, begin our first major production run, and deliver it to you! The Liquid Wallet will be 100% manufactured in Australia.

Every little bit of support counts so please help us spread the word.

We're ready. The Liquid Wallet is ready.

Are you ready?

Risks and challenges

Over the last 7 months we've been working closely with our local manufacturer to build several prototypes and have rigorously tested the wallet and keys through as many situations as we can think of.

We've also completed a small production run in order to plan and prepare for every possible delay and problem that may occur throughout the manufacturing process. However with any project, unanticipated obstacles may arise and we will be transparent and open about any hurdles that come up and constantly keep our backers updated.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • In short - No. We designed the Liquid Wallet while keeping in mind that we wanted to make a minimalist wallet for the essential items only (essential keys, essential cards, essential cash, etc).
    The majority of people only require 1 - 2 keys to get through their everyday life so we designed the wallet to meet this need. Additional keys can always be attached to the keyring attachment.

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  • At the end of the campaign we'll be sending out a survey to get your shipping details, contact information and your color of choice.

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    Add $7 onto your current pledge - BOTTLE OPENER: Get one bottle opener add on which can be used to replace ONE key (can be switched out to use a key whenever you want). For those that only want to carry ONE key with the Liquid Wallet or have a bottle opener to always carry around

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    $49 – MILITARY GREEN: Get your Liquid Wallet way before the general public (RRP $69). Receive ONE Military Green wallet: Free shipping for Australian backers

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