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Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality wants to travel on a veggie-fuel bus to educate communities about sexuality, independent media and free speech!

Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality wants to travel on a veggie-fuel bus to educate communities about sexuality, independent media and free speech! Read More
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Andrea Brown

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About this project

Lips promotes peace, equality and expression.

The organization Lips will travel by bus to cities and towns to speak to the importance of independent media, get publications started, and open chapters of Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality. We will host sex-ed classes for students and youth community members from our bus/art studio/classroom. The project will have it's headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, but travel around the state and nation. Our primary goal is to improve the access to comprehensive sex education, as well as start discussions about the importance independent media .

The veggie bus is an important part of this project, because it will 1) draw attention to our cause, 2) be a recognizable symbol associated with Lips and 3) house and transport the Lips staff and materials in an environmentally sustainable way.

Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality is an independent magazine, or zine, started by students at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, and most recently, in the city of Richmond, VA. Since it's glorious inception, Lips has opened people's eyes to the ways in which mass media objectifies women and is more interested in their wallets than their hearts. Lips allows women to speak with pride about their sexuality. Its a space where women from diverse backgrounds express what THEY want and what THEY feel, as well as a space where men, women and transgender people of all sexualities can listen and learn.

We asked women from every walk of life to submit her views on sexuality. We received letters, diary entries, poetry, newspaper and magazine clippings, fairy tales, doodles and elaborate works of art. We combined these submissions into a 30 page zine, and published over 2,000 copies for a campus of over 5,000 students. The magazine helped all readers, not just women, explore the topic of sexuality in a more complicated way than they were used to. Lips is educational, but also a fun and sexy zine meant to be enjoyed! There is a high demand for Lips, and each semester we raise money to publish more copies. Lips is now in its fifth year of publication!


Now, Lips is taking to the highway to open chapters at other colleges, and to assist individuals and communities with diverse interests have their voices heard. The intention of this bus is to teach young adults how to critique mass media, and to create expressive independent forms of media in order to communicate messages/images/ideas often left out of the media.

Additionally, we hope to educate a lot of people about sex, sexuality and women's health along the way. Americans need to know more about safe sex practices, contraception methods, abortion, domestic violence, and health care access. As Lips is more than just a magazine, we will meet this need by being a mobile sex-education center. While we will focus mainly on female sexuality, because this is the central theme of our publication, we believe that educating men about sex and sexuality is equally important.

Lips is dedicated to promoting free expression so that a more diverse group of Americans, not just professional and student writers, but also individuals with important ideas and experiences can finally be heard, loud and clear. By the end of our project, there will be more people with a better understanding of sex, as well as more independent publications in the United States, meaning there will be more voices participating in discussions that drive our democracy.

We are ready to take on this project. But we need your help!!!!

- Bus Repairs ($3,500): We have been looking at school buses, because this goes best with our educational mission of the tour. The most viable option is a free bus in southern Virginia which needs engine repairs, new tires and new brakes, the estimated cost of repairs is $3,500.

- Conversion to Veggie Fuel ($2,000): An expensive, but important step in the process, the average price for a conversion kit and installation is $2,000.

- Living Expenses: The Lips staff will work hard to cover this fee ourselves, all we need from you is our bus!

I am a graduate of William and Mary and an employee of The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood. I founded and edited Lips for four years, and now my friend Katie Dalby edits the magazine. We started a community Lips chapter in Richmond, Virginia. I taught a workshop at The Richmond ZineFest about the experience starting a sexy, fun and educational zine and the challenges that come along with launching progressive zines in conservative communities. There, spoke with interested persons about establishing Lips in the Richmond community.

As an experienced sexual health activist and an expert on women's magazines, I am prepared to teach workshops and lead a successful project. We will also have our staff participate in sex-ed training classes and have the support of licensed sexual therapists and OBGYNs in Richmond. The Lips staff, about 10 men and women, will accompany me on the tours, usually in groups of 2-4, and help me teach workshops and run the operations of the Lips Tour.

Richmond, Virginia, and the United States as a whole needs more independent publications that get the word out about important topics, like safe-sex! Encouraging independent media, sex-positivity and sustainable living is sure to make the world a better place. All we need is a bus and some support from you, the Kickstarter community!



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