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An art book collection of images and stories from the yearlong photography project about women and what inspires them.
An art book collection of images and stories from the yearlong photography project about women and what inspires them.
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She Inspires 365 on TV and in print!

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Hi there!

Just a quick update to let you know I'll be appearing on AM Northwest (Portland's local morning talk show) tomorrow, Friday, June 12th around 9:40 AM to talk about the book.  For those of you not in Portland I'll hopefully be able to share a clip of the segment after it airs. I'm not sure if the whole show streams on the website or if it's just selected clips -- you can check that out here:

I'll also be doing an interview with Metro Parent, our local family magazine, which will appear in their upcoming issue.  

My goal for the summer is to try and get She Inspires 365 out to a wider audience so this is a good start!

Thanks again so much for all your support and encouragement -- this has been, and continues to be, a wonderful journey!


Portland Book Release Party - April 18th!

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Please join me on April 18th at Cultured Caveman in Kenton from 3:00 - 5:00 PM to celebrate the arrival of OUR book -- this book could not have been created without all of your support! Enjoy light refreshments, raise a glass to the success of our combined efforts, pick up your book, bring your friends, check out 50 prints from the project displayed at the restaurant and more.

If you supported the Kickstarter at the $50 and higher level then this is great opportunity to pick up your book. When you do you will also get a free raffle ticket -- Lisa Schroeder, chef and owner of Mother's Bistro and Bar downtown, generously donated a gift certificate for dinner for two (she is one of the inspiring women in from the project!). If you bring your friend and they buy a book they will also get a free raffle ticket and a chance to win a dinner out.

I decided to host the party before Mother's Day because I think the book will make a wonderful gift for the inspiring women and moms in our lives.  I'm excited to say my mom will be there from New Jersey and my sister from Los Angeles :).

Here's the link to the Facebook Event Page -- please RSVP there if you can:

If you'd like to share the book with your friends and family you can send them to the website where they can buy copies of the book:

Thank you so much for all your support and I hope to see you soon!

Love, Andrea


Saturday April 18, 2015

3:00 - 5:00 PM

Cultured Caveman in Kenton (8233 N Denver Ave.)

Light refreshments and champagne will be served.  Coffee, wine, and cider available for purchase.

The book is here!


Hello faithful Kickstarter supporter!

We finally did it!  The advance copy of the book is in my hands and it's beautiful!  I can't wait to share it with you.  1000 copies are on their way to my home now, scheduled to arrive on April 10th.  

On April 18th I'm going to host a book release party at the Cultured Caveman in Kenton -- if you are in Portland and can attend you can pick up your copy of the book then and there.  If not then I'll ship it to you by the end of the month.  I'll send out a request for addresses shortly. 

I'd also like to host a casual event in Washington, D.C. in July -- I'm currently searching for a good venue.  If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate your thoughts.  

Thank you thank you thank you for hanging in there with me through all the delays -- I hope you feel like the book was worth the wait.  Can't wait to hear what you think.

Lots of love and appreciation,


She Inspires 365
She Inspires 365

Happy New Printer!


Hi there!

Just a quick update and a big thanks to my designer, Rita Sabler.  She connected me with a new printer who is going to do a wonderful job on our book and have it delivered before Mother's Day 2015 -- nearly 3 years after we raised the money and held the show at p:ear gallery.  I can't believe it's been 3 years.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding as I have maneuvered the world of self publishing.  There's a long story about my first printer -- I won't bore you with it now, but I was forced to cancel our contract.  The new printer is very professional and efficient and so much better at communicating about the process.  This is it -- it's really happening this time.  

More updates soon about the exact release date and events on the west and east coast.

Much love,


She Inspires 365 Update


I know all of you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of She Inspires 365, and that not having the book yet is frustrating – regardless of the reasons. I am so sorry it has taken this long for your generous contributions to come to fruition. I’ve hesitated to contact all of you because I wanted to have something more concrete to say other than: "we’re still in production".

On the bright side, we are still in production! The book is completed, and the printing is in progress. Unfortunately, the original printer I was working with did not work out (long story that I won't bore you with) so I've had to re-research and select a new printer.  I was so hoping to have the book in my hands and off to you by the holidays, but it’s apparent that is probably not going to happen. 

Please bear with me, and know that your support is greatly appreciated and still a huge part of making this project a reality. I will continue to keep you updated as this adventure unfolds.

Thank you!