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Eric returns home and combats a quarter-life crisis by cultivating a fascination with falling, failure and the miraculous.

In Search of the Miraculous will be a dreamy short film inspired by the enigmatic disappearance of Bas Jan Ader. The film will be created by the aspiring art collective Lion Attack on Bainbridge Island in the month of June. The collective is a group of courageous and talented non-professionals who are all eager to take some fantastic risks in honor of our late hero, Bas Jan Ader. So far, in between studies, we've built a 12 ft sailboat from scratch, secured isolated island locales, written 15 drafts of a screenplay and searched out great heights from which to fall. Now we are looking for your support!

Synopsis The film follows Eric, a haunted twenty-something who has recently failed out of an art school in Amsterdam. Returning to his childhood island home in the Pacific Northwest, he is nonplussed by the absence of his mother and presence of five house guests.  His sister orchestrates a series of small adventures for the guests while Eric grapples with a budding quarter-life crisis. In the age of the internet, where the world has been satellite mapped and pornographically exposed for the masses, Eric finds himself In Search of the Miraculous.

On location filming David and July the most recent Lion Attack movie. Photo by Fantavious Fritz.

Your involvement

Fundraising has been extraordinarily successful and In Search of the Miraculous is well on its way to having the resources required for a proper production.  In March the film was awarded a Carson Undergraduate Research Grant by Willamette University.  The grant covers roughly half of production costs, the other half will be raised by your generous support.

By donating money to the film you will be paying for 16mm film stock, development and telecine, as well as a variety of costumes/props necessary for the film's production.  In return you will recieve the awesome gifts listed to the right and that satisfying feeling of joy one can only get by supporting a low-budget independant film.  Also, our eternal thanks!

Photo by Fantavious Fritz.

Time frame

The film is scheduled to be shot throughout the month of June.  Post-production will follow immediately afterward and continue through the summer.  The final cut will be locked by November and DVDs will be made available shortly thereafter.  This means that gifts will arrive on your doorstep in the fall and for those of you who will receive a DVD, it will be mailed as soon as the film is complete.

Photo by Fantavious Fritz.


Kickstarter is a new fundraising platform that allows individuals with creative projects to connect with a community of donors and interested participants.  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, so you will be charged if and only if we reach our $3,000 goal.

Photo by Fantavious Fritz.

If you have questions about the film, fundraising or anything at all, you can write to:

On behalf of the whole cast and crew thank you so so much for your interest in the film, your support, large and small, moral and monetary, and for believing, like we do, in this project.

-Lion Attack


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