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The documentary that began filming long before Linsanity became a pop culture reference. American's favorite unlikely sports hero.
The documentary that began filming long before Linsanity became a pop culture reference. American's favorite unlikely sports hero.
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    1. Caleb Chen on March 17, 2014

      Hi Linsanity Team,
      I filled out the survey a long time ago, but to this day I still didn't receive any DVDs, can you please contact me at:, thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      flash007007 on March 12, 2014

      Hi, I'm Monica. I was wondering when I should be expecting my Linsanity movie to come in? I've filled in the survey last week, please let me know when you send the DVD for me.Thank you.

    3. Russell Wong on March 10, 2014

      Hi, Still waiting for my replacement BluRay disk because of the PS3 issue. Let me know if you need anything from me. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      flash007007 on February 28, 2014

      Dear Linsanity team
      I'm Monica. I didn't received any of your survey email, either. So, I am not sure whether you have my address for shipping correctly. Please let me know how to fill out the survey, Thank you.
      Here is my e-mail

    5. Missing avatar

      Annie Tsang on February 18, 2014

      Thanks and looking forward to watch Linsanity on blu ray real soon.

    6. Missing avatar

      Annie Tsang on February 18, 2014

      Thanks and looking forward to watch Linsanity on blu ray real soon.

    7. Linsanity Creator on February 18, 2014

      Annie, we had two rounds of surveys: 1 for the button/poster/sticker reward and another round for the DVDs. You just filled out the survey today for the 2nd round of DVDs. I will be sending that out this week.

    8. Missing avatar

      Annie Tsang on February 18, 2014

      I still have not receive my blue ray dvd yet and I am sure I filled out the survey long time ago. I did redo the survey and input my info once again, hopefully I will be getting the dvd soon, please check on it if you can, thanks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Whitestone on January 28, 2014

      Hi Linsanity movie. Yes, both under my name "Whitestone"

    10. Linsanity Creator on January 25, 2014

      Whitestone, we'll look into it. Are they both under your name?

    11. Linsanity Creator on January 25, 2014

      Ya, yes we will be processing another round of DVD shipping this week. Thanks for remembering to check!

    12. ya yuan hsu on January 23, 2014

      Hi, I just filled my survey. Because some unknown reasons I never gotten your survey email (so I also changed my email address) until I signed in here and saw your message today. Really sorry about the delay. Don't know if I can still get my DVD?

    13. Missing avatar

      Whitestone on January 21, 2014

      Hi Linsanity Movie, I have filled in the survey this Sunday. I had pledged twice as one for myself and one for my friend who don't know how to access internet. Just want to make sure will you send two sets of the DVD to me? Do I need to send you more details for you to proceed. Please let me know. Thanks a lot for your kindly attention.

    14. Linsanity Creator on January 17, 2014

      Hi Camille, It should arrive by Monday. Send us a message if you havent received it by then. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Camille De Leon on January 16, 2014

      HELLO! I was wondering when I should be expecting my Linsanity movie to come in?


    16. Linsanity Creator on January 9, 2014

      Hi Camille, It shows that you just responded to the survey today. We will be able to ship out your DVD tomorrow. Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Camille De Leon on January 9, 2014


      I haven't received my DVD yet and I believe I responded to the survey? Can I get the survey again just incase to make sure? Thanks!


    18. sleeplessinva on December 31, 2013

      Received my BluRay in the mail yesterday.
      Just finished watching it.
      One word: AMAZING

    19. Linsanity Creator on December 27, 2013

      Hi Stephen,
      DVDs shipping to U.S. addresses were mailed out on Monday. With the holidays, it might take a couple extra days to arrive.

      Note to our international Kickstarter supporters: DVDs will be mailed out next week.

      Happy holidays!
      Linsanity Team

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Tang on December 26, 2013

      hi , i have not receive the blu ray dvd yet. any way i can find out a date ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kelly Wong on December 26, 2013

      Thank you, I just received the Blu-ray on Christmas Eve.

    22. Drx Nguyen on November 26, 2013

      Hello! When will the Bluray disk ship?

    23. Linsanity Creator on October 20, 2013

      Hi Edward, We did not receive a survey response with your shipping info, so we could not mail out your rewards. Please send a private message to us with your info and we can ship your rewards this week.

      Also, please check your email's Spam folder and/or Kickstarter settings to ensure you receive our email updates. We've sent 11 updates to date. We wouldn't want you to miss out on the latest Linsanity: The Movie news! Thanks for your support!

    24. Edward on October 18, 2013

      I also pledged $50 and have yet to hear or receive anything. It would be nice if there were email given updates so that we know what's going on.

    25. Missing avatar

      Felicity Harvey on October 8, 2013

      That is great about the DVDs but what about my poster button and sticker? I have not received those.

    26. Linsanity Creator on October 8, 2013

      Dear Linsanity Friends,

      We will be getting the DVDs from our distributor in December, and will be able to ship them out then! We will be sending another survey to collect everyone's most recent mailing addresses, prior to shipment.

      Thank you so much for all your love and support! In the meantime, please continue to support the film by watching it at a theater near you:

      -Linsanity Team

    27. Jason on October 8, 2013

      I pledged $65 and received the pin and poster but no blu ray. When can i expect to receive this? It's been such a long wait and I've been looking forward to seeing this!

    28. Missing avatar

      Albert Lu (deleted) on October 7, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    29. sleeplessinva on October 6, 2013

      It may take a few days for someone to get back to you but I just want to let everyone know that someone did get back to me and told me what the situation was and how to rectify it. Just be patient and someone will answer back.

      Now I am just waiting for the goodies to ship, hehehe! Hope the can arrive soon!!! :-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Felicity Harvey on October 4, 2013

      PS I pledged at the $50 level and have received nothing to date.

    31. Missing avatar

      Felicity Harvey on October 4, 2013

      I have not received anything to date , please respond.

    32. Linsanity Creator on October 2, 2013

      Hi Benjamin, As stated, "every reward receiving backer" gets a special edition Thank You button. Kickstarter backers who pledged $15 or more received Linsanity rewards, and therefore, also received the Thank You button. Sorry if this was confusing! Thank you for your interest and support in Linsanity: the Movie!

    33. Benjamin Chen on September 30, 2013

      " Help us get to 2000 backers and every reward receiving backer gets a special edition THANK YOU button w/ Jeremy's signature printed. Tell your friends! Even as little as $1 per backer can help us get there. " so even $1 backers get the button right since it said every reward? or am i wrong ?

    34. sleeplessinva on September 30, 2013

      I haven't gotten anything and I haven't heard anything from the founders of the project.... :/

    35. Missing avatar

      Donny Lolong on September 29, 2013

      That's strange. I received the poster and the sticker but I never got the button. I pledged the $65 amount as well.

    36. sleeplessinva on September 26, 2013

      I had funded the project at the $65 level but I haven't gotten anything yet. Is there something I missed?

    37. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lin on September 22, 2013

      Hey guys, heads up. Might want to delay the Amazon streaming until after the East and West coast theater shows. Various blogs are showing groups of people who would have gone to theaters, are instead watching off Amazon at much lower spends. I know the idea was probably for those not on coasts, but this is going to impact your theater turnouts....

    38. Linsanity Creator on September 10, 2013

      Hi Benjamin, Thanks for your message. Linsanity rewards were given to our Kickstarter backers who pledged anywhere between $15 - $10,000.

      Linsanity Team

    39. Benjamin Chen on September 8, 2013

      i funded this projecti really wanted the linsanity button. but i never got it. any reason why ?

    40. Linsanity Creator on September 7, 2013

      Hi Eric,

      Sorry to hear that your poster arrived damaged! We took great care in selecting high-quality poster tubes to ship our rewards. Please send us a private message with your shipping address, so we can rectify the situation.

      Thanks for your support! We hope you can attend one of the Linsanity screenings on Oct 4th!

      Linsanity Team

    41. Eric Ma on August 26, 2013

      I'm glad the kickstarter campaign was able to help you guys towards getting picked up for a theatrical release. Unfortunately that means our DVD release is pushed back even later. On top of that it appears that I never received the buttons or sticker that I guess were supposed to come with the poster I did get in the mail. I wasn't going to complain about the poster being torn and creased inside the mailer but that combined with the realization that I'm still missing rewards after all this time makes it annoying.

      I'm surprised you guys haven't done anything for your backers who still haven't seen the movie.

    42. Winnie Alex Liu on August 14, 2013

      Dear Team,

      I received my rewards today! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for following up. You guys are awesome!

      Best of luck! #blockbuster


    43. Mmay Lin on July 11, 2013

      I filled out the survey, but haven't recieved the kickstarter package so far. Could you please check my delivery record?
      Thank you!

    44. Linsanity Creator on July 11, 2013

      Hi Winnie,

      Sorry to hear that you've been waiting for so long!

      We never received a Linsanity Rewards survey response from you, so we do not know your mailing address. If you can send us a private message with your mailing address, we will be able to ship your rewards right away!

      Thanks for your support,
      Linsanity Team

    45. Winnie Alex Liu on July 11, 2013

      This is ridiculous. I give up. So disappointing. Hopefully I'll have better luck when the DVDs are sent out.

    46. Linsanity Creator on June 28, 2013

      Hi Beth and Mabel:
      We never received a survey response from you, so we didn't have an address to ship your rewards to. Please send us a private message with your shipping address and we'll ship them right away!

      -Linsanity Team

    47. Mabel Lee on June 27, 2013

      Hi team, I'm in Taiwan, I haven't received anything yet but someone is aiso in TW has received, could you check your delivery information and kindly reply when I will receive, thanks a lot.

    48. Beth Lui on June 20, 2013

      OOH ....Happy to see that ......soon we will see the " Linsanity the movie" in New York !
      I can't wait to see it !
      Can you please check my info..... why I still didn't receive anything yet !
      Thank you so much ~ ~

    49. Ian Su on June 16, 2013

      .. I received my poster, pins, and sticker.. arrived June 10th.. Vancouver BC

    50. Peggie (Yu-Pei) Cheng on June 13, 2013

      I have done the survey, but got nothing till now.
      Could you please check my delivery record?
      Thank you!

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