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A small robot arm that draws with a pen on paper anything you draw on screen. Sketch, share and subscribe to wonderful drawings!
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Sign up to our mailing list to find out when we will be making more Line-us machines.
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    1. Philip Brechler about 4 hours ago

      I agree. Still one of my go-to example for good communication on Kickstarter

    2. Missing avatar

      Chase Simmons about 14 hours ago

      I just wanted to comment that you're the first company that I've seen that has non-stop communicated with its backers and I appreciate it so much.

    3. Line-us Creator 4 days ago

      @Edmond We will ship all of the machines at the same time, and we're on track for before the end of the month.

    4. Edmond Seal
      4 days ago

      @creator Do you have any idea when they’ll ship to the US? Thanks for the info you give.

    5. Line-us Creator 5 days ago

      @Ian @Ian We're on track to ship before the end of the month as planned. The shipment is in customs at the moment and we're going they will be released soon.


    6. Ian Jubb 5 days ago

      How long is the customs wait?


    7. Sander van der Velde on January 14

      Yeah! Already at the UK!

    8. Line-us Creator on January 14

      @Wil - yes, really exciting that they are finally in the country. We're at the mercy of customs now, but will definitely update everyone when they arrive in Manchester!

    9. Missing avatar

      Will Stephenson on January 13

      Felixstowe! Sling us an update when you've got the pallets, won't you?

    10. Line-us Creator on January 9

      @NL Very exciting - nearly here!

    11. Missing avatar

      NL de Lange on January 9

      Where's Line-us?
      Half way past Portugal :-))))

      Keep up the little great things!!

    12. Line-us Creator on January 9

      @seliqui Sounds like a fun idea! We've though about similar kinds of things, but not that exactly. We're waiting to get some feedback once the machines are out before we make any decisions on software priorities but in the meantime Line-us does have APIs so if you have any dev skills it should be possible to put something like this together...

    13. seliqui on January 9

      the first :) Just like a cute alternative to a contact form. Clients could draw with their mouse on the website, hit "send "and my Line-Us at the office starts drawing it

    14. Line-us Creator on January 9

      @seliqui Are you thinking of something where someone goes to your website and does a drawing and it draws on your machine, or alternatively it does a drawing you've done on their machine?

    15. seliqui on January 8

      Any plans to provide a widget for a website-integration? I was thinking that it would be nice to add something like that to my contact-page :) Anyway - can't wait to play with my Line-Us!

    16. Leigh on January 5

      Okay that's great, and thank you for the quick reply.

    17. Line-us Creator on January 5

      @Leigh There's a lot more detail in our update page, but the machines will arrive in the UK at the end of the month, so you should expect it to reach you in early February.

    18. Leigh on January 5

      I have just filled out my details for this to be delivered. What is the estimated delivery date? It tells me it's October 2017.

    19. Line-us Creator on January 4

      @Tom Sorry, unfortunately just iPad for now but Durrell's been working hard on the Android version and is making good progress. We're planning to do some 'how-to' videos which will go through all of the important details, and we'll let you know when they are available.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on January 3

      Would love to be a tester, but I don't have an iPad, and in no artist.

      Would be hard but possibly a live stream of how it works and how to properly switch the moter. Sorry don't remember the official name for it.

      Any pics of the case ?

    21. Line-us Creator on November 27

      @Tom Our next update will focus on drawing and we'll show some images the app. I know you've been waiting a while to see it! What kind of phone are you going to be running on? Are you thinking of creating drawings on your phone, or using it to drawing existing drawings when you're out and about?

    22. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on November 27

      I want to see the app work on a cellphone. Really excited to see a video of it in action

    23. Line-us Creator on November 23

      Just posted the update this morning - Wednesday turned into Thursday, but hope you all enjoy it.

    24. Line-us Creator on November 20

      @Rudi @Robert Working on the update at the moment - will be publishing it tomorrow or Wednesday

    25. Robert Yurchison
      on November 19

      Any new updates?

    26. Missing avatar

      Rudi Niemeijer on November 19

      Yes, well, uhm. Any news?

    27. Line-us Creator on November 6

      @Rudi We are too - we'll be posting an update with some photos in the next few days

    28. Line-us Creator on November 6

      @Pasquale A few people have been in touch regarding delivery addresses. The way it works with Kickstarter is that we'll be sending out a 'survey' asking for the delivery addresses - we haven't done that yet but will be soon. At that point you can confirm the correct address so no need to worry for now.

    29. Line-us Creator on November 6

      @Tom Once we have some of the production machines we'll post something.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rudi Niemeijer on November 5

      I’m looking forward to the photo’s of the production and what tables full of line-us parts look like. Any early snapshots available yet? ;-)

    31. Missing avatar

      Pasquale Totaro on October 31

      Hello, is it possible to change the delivery address?

    32. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on October 31

      Any videos of the product working yet, more updated than the original videos

    33. Line-us Creator on October 14

      @Tom Hi Tom. There's a lot more detail in the last update, but we've had to push back shipping to early/mid December - unfortuantely we've had a moulding issue and needed to do another PCB revision which has delayed production.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on October 12

      Are we on track for delivery this month, still want to see this app

    35. Line-us Creator on October 4

      @Bill - That's fantastic - thanks very much Bill. I'll drop you an email with some pictures today.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bill on October 3

      Rob and Durrell, I may be able to provide some insight on the plastic cracking you're seeing on the plastic arms, I've worked on hundreds of plastic parts. Glad to share my thoughts.

    37. Line-us Creator on September 7

      @Tom We're just working through the details now to pin down a manufacturing date - there are some component delivery dates we're waiting on but as soon as we know the dates we'll post an update.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on September 5

      Are we on track for normal delivery?

    39. Line-us Creator on September 5

      @NL Good to hear you're enjoying the updates. The next update will be part 2 of our Shenzhen visit - hopefully out today or tomorrow. The app will be a bit later - the reason is that we'll want to show some screenshots and the graphics will be the last thing we do on the app. Hopefully we'll have lots to keep you interested in the meantime though.

    40. Missing avatar

      NL de Lange on September 4

      Hi Line-us,

      just a question on (hopefully) the next update topic: does it cover the app?
      Taking into account that your previous updates were excellent, Im really looking forward to see more on this :-))

    41. i hate buying gas
      on August 24

      Thanks. I'm sure you knew I meant the servo motor covers. Although, printing a servo motor could be fun.

    42. Line-us Creator on August 22

      @gas Hi - I'll drop you a DM

    43. i hate buying gas
      on August 22

      Any news on when we might be able to get the 3d files for the servo motors?

    44. Line-us Creator on August 19

      @Jim - Really sorry not to have posted the update earlier in the week. It's on my to-do list for today though. We're heading back to Shenzhen for pre-production this evening so might be a short one, but I'll get something out. There's loads of interesting stuff to talk about so will probably do a series of shorter but more frequent updates to keep you all up to date.

    45. Jim D on August 19

      Can we get an update on the visit to Shenhuzen?

    46. Line-us Creator on August 7

      @Philip Thanks! Really kind of you to give us such lovely feedback. I'm planning to get the next update out early next week - will be all about our visit to Shenzhen so lots to tell.

    47. Philip Brechler on August 7


      I just wanted to say that for me you are the go to example for backer communications and updates. You don't treat your updates as another marketing channel but keep us in the loop. You are very responding to comments and you were great when I had a specific questions. So thanks for that!


    48. i hate buying gas
      on July 9, 2017

      According to jerry seinfeld something similar happens when you are in the pool.....

    49. John Besnard on July 8, 2017

      The early test plastic shrinks?

    50. Line-us Creator on June 18, 2017

      @Tom Hi Tom. We're doing a lot of work on the software at the moment, and making good progress. The look and feel of the app will be one of the last things we do though as it will be driven by the functionality of the app. Right now we're just using the visuals that you've seen in the campaign so nothing new to see unfortunately! At the moment we're working on sharing - we really hope that people will share their sketches so we're trying to make it flexible without being complicated.

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