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A small robot arm that draws with a pen on paper anything you draw on screen. Sketch, share and subscribe to wonderful drawings!
If you missed out on our Kickstarter you can now buy Line-us at out web shop
If you missed out on our Kickstarter you can now buy Line-us at out web shop
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    1. Line-us Creator on

      @David - Sorry to hear your machine hasn't arrived. It was shipped back in late January - I'll follow up with our shipper and DM you when I hear.

    2. Missing avatar

      DAVID on

      Can i get a tracking number for the delivery. I did not receive your product. Thanks a lot

    3. Line-us Creator on

      @Robin - Really sorry about that - they were shipped back in February, so am just following up with our shipper. I'll DM you when I hear from them.

    4. Robin Boh on

      Hi Creator, I have written to you but havent got a response yet. I am still waiting for my 2 machines. Can you help to check please? Thanks.

    5. i hate buying gas

      Thanks. I'll try that plugin.

    6. Line-us Creator on

      @Philip, @gas Inkscape is an option - we have a plugin that was developed by one of our users that's available at - Haven't written the instructions on how to install yet but there's help on the Inkscape site if you don't want to wait.

    7. Line-us Creator on

      @Tom We've looked at this and unfortunately one to the conclusion that it would be a lot of work and our time will be better spent on adding new features - in particular for sharing drawings. I totally understand it's a bit frustrating to have unused screen, but given the amount of work we can't justify it.

    8. i hate buying gas

      Inkscape maybe? But I find it clunky and havnet been able to export a gcode for my laser. There probably is another option and I'd be interested to know too.

    9. Philip Brechler on

      Does anyone has any experience converting SVG to GCode for Line-us? Any tools people could recommend?

    10. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      When the fill screen version coming to Galaxy s9

    11. Line-us Creator on

      @Emi Hi - we've just put a very simple Processing example on our Programming page - Or click on the Programming link on It's a fairly direct port of the Python example. Let us know how you get on!

    12. Missing avatar

      Emi on

      Hi - just wondering when the developer support will be released for Processing?

    13. Line-us Creator on

      @Alexander No problem - we’ll get Line-us on its way to you on Monday.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander Boon on

      Hi - I noticed I neglected to fill out the survey. I have found and finished entering the information requested and submitted today. Can you confirm you received the needed information to finalize and ship my order?


    15. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      Any news on the app update for galaxys and iphone

    16. Line-us Creator on

      @Beth Sorry to hear that - I'll drop you an email to let you know the plan.

    17. Beth Payne on

      Hi there, I see that the two machine pledges are having some difficulty getting delivered. Just wanted to add my voice to that to make sure I’m getting updates regarding those deliveries as well. Backer #661, Beth

    18. Line-us Creator on

      @Sander Thanks very much for the kind comments! Great to hear your Line-us arrived and you're having fun with it.

    19. Sander van der Velde on

      What a great support from Line-us!! This is one of the best campaigns I've backed. Really love the Line-us, playing with it for a couple of days now and have some great fun. I was really surprised about the size of small!

    20. Line-us Creator on

      @Lisa Hi Lisa, yes I have your email. As I mentioned to @Timothy the two machines pledges seem to be taking longer to get through, but I'll get back to you and everyone that has emailed from the US early next week.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lisa M

      I don’t have mine yet either (US, a two machine pledge). Emailed your help address and got no response.

    22. Line-us Creator on

      @Timothy Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The two machine rewards do seem to be taking some time to get to people, but are getting through slowly. It could be that they are getting more attention from the Customs people due to the higher value and larger packaging. I'll get back to you early next week though.

    23. Missing avatar

      Timothy Mastroberti on

      I have not received my product. I have emailed several times and have not received a response. Someone needs to check the emails. The is a waste of time.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kieren Cheung on

      also is there any way to import an illustrator file?

    25. Missing avatar

      Kieren Cheung on

      sorry I was just wondering how do I pinpoint exactly where the pen starts?

    26. Line-us Creator on

      @Tom At the moment we're working on publishing and Scratch will be next. We haven't planned yet beyond that yet as we want to take some time to see how people are using the app before making any decisions.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      Can you reinvite me to please only have the selfie and doodles

    28. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      Any update when the app will fit galaxy s8 and iPhone X

    29. Missing avatar

      Virginia on

      Thank you very much.

    30. Line-us Creator on

      @Virginia That's great - good to hear you're enjoying Line-us. We've re-invited you so you should see the envelope again.

    31. Missing avatar

      Virginia on

      Hi, I just woke up my Line-us. Everything is soo nice. Well done!
      I have one little question.
      I saw the books « doodles » and « selfies », I accepted « share » and then rejected « share » thinking it’ll just close them but they disappeared… Is there a way to access them again? Sorry I have been a bit awkward with this. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    32. JohnBehemoth on

      Hi - just hooked it up to my Pixel 2. It works well! I wanted to send you some feedback but your email rejects my mail just like @KS's. Do you have a better email for us to use?

    33. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel

      By the way check project 5 on this a CD drive plotter if you cant afford Line-us ;-)

    34. Missing avatar

      KS on

      Hi, I haven't received mine yet, USA backer 449. I've tried mailing you but your mail server rejects my message saying I'm a spammer. :(

    35. Line-us Creator on

      @Tom Good to hear!

    36. Line-us Creator on

      @John Thanks - really appreciate the feedback and good to hear you're enjoying Line-us

    37. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      Thanks Gernot,. I have the selfie one and one other but forgot the name. I'm enjoying looking at others drawings

    38. John Neiner on

      Just a quick word to say THANK YOU! This is such a fun tool. Truly enjoying seeing a personality emerge as Line-us draws each picture. Great job on this project!

    39. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel

      @Tom Karbowski just shared mine with you if thats what you are asking for?

    40. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      No one able to share books with me?

    41. Line-us Creator on

      @Jim Your Line-us is on its way to you - it was shipped in the second batch so should be with you soon.

    42. Line-us Creator on

      @Irfan Your Line-us is on its way to you. Unfortunately we don't have tracking for your shipment but fingers crossed it will be with you very soon.

    43. Line-us Creator on

      @Irfan Your Line-us is on its way to you. Unfortunately we don't have tracking for your shipment but hopefully it will get to you soon.

    44. Line-us Creator on

      @Jeff - Great to hear that you've got your Line-us. Pens are very much a personal choice, I like the Pigma pens, but gel rollerballs are nice (the Muji ones work well). Some people are using much thicker pens though, even Sharpies. My favourite at the moment is a Rotring Isograph, but you have to put up with ink and cleaning.

      A stylus is definitely worth looking at. Even the very cheap ones with the big fat ends are a step up from a finger. The Adonit ones seem to work well on some phones but on others there is a big offset between the tip and where it draws. I've just ordered a Wacom one to see how that is.

    45. Jim Ridgwell on

      Will I received a tracking number when Line-us ships?

    46. Missing avatar

      Irfan on

      I did not receive mine yet . I did not get any info on shipment tracking .creators kindly let me know shipping details .

    47. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      Someone share some of the public books with me,

      User name Tkarbo

    48. Missing avatar

      Jeff Sharp on

      I received mine in Maryland yesterday and have been successful with Line-us though I have to say I don’t think the App is very intuitive. I still need to play around with it as I don’t think I have discovered all of its features. I’ve already had to calibrate, but that was easy and the drawings now turn out much better. I’ve been using a Micron pen but feel there are better alternatives. What does Line-us recommend? Do you also have a drawing stylus to recommend because I don’t like finger drawing on my phone.

    49. Line-us Creator on

      @Tom - it's fine to gently fold the arm away by hand once you've turned the power off.

    50. Line-us Creator on

      @Emile - Sorry Line-us is tanking a while to get to you. It might be worth checking with your local post office to see if they have it (in some cases that try to deliver but don't leave a card). We have had a few that have been a little slow, if you don't locate perhaps we could leave it a couple more days and if it still doesn't arrive drop us an email at

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