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Hello Ruby is a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities.
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      Andrei Grigorev on

      What's with the strange interconnections between components? Why RAM is connected to CPU through ROM (or Hard drive?)? Why GPU connects to Hard drive?
      Why ROM is even mentioned? It is not used to wake up components when computer starts, UEFI/BIOS is (and whatever it was called on older macs), ROM just stores it. Do I misunderstand something?

    2. Missing avatar

      Casey Fox on

      Another backer who isn't bothered by the delay :) DD's on the young side too (2.5) but it's never too early to start! Love the playtesting! I'm making my daughter a felt quiet book for Christmas, I might try to incorporate a little laptop too, especially since my husband and I are tech people!

    3. Emad Al-Shihabi on

      This is Great Linda!
      My daughter is still too young ( 1.5 y.o ) but we'll spread the word around our community about this research, would love to see how kids view the computers world.

    4. David on

      This looks like a great idea. The child I purchased this for is a little young, though. In fact he was just born last week. So delays don't worry me, I have some time before we can get started.

    5. Ryan Read on

      Love this. Going to do a makey makey iPad project on this.

    6. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Angela, love this! Please do, your kid seems like she'd be the perfect tester :) I'd be curious to know what is it that she imagines doing on the computer? If "working", what kind of work?

    7. Angela Scaueru on

      I love this idea. I'll try to do it with the kids and we'll see what will come out of it :-)

      My oldest (6 years) made her own computer some time ago from some toys she found in the house. It was a purely a spontaneous act, we just discovered her like this at the kitchen table:…