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Hello Ruby is a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities.
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How do computers talk to each other? Hello Ruby 3 is out now

Posted by Linda Liukas (Creator)

Dear backers, 

My third book, Hello Ruby: Expedition to Internet is now out in English. Ruby has grown into a series of three books with new characters and new adventures. In this update I wanted to share footnotes and resources that inspired me while writing the book and a warm thank you for all of you for helping me on this Great Expedition of becoming a real children's book author. 

In the third Ruby book we learn about the Internet. Ruby, Julia and Django think snow is the best thing about winter. You can make anything out of snow - even a Snow Internet!

The kids decide to build a Snow Internet, but run into many questions. Is the Internet a cloud or a bunch of cables? How does the information travel online? And why do you need people on the Internet?

Linked List

As an author, I always enjoy reading the tidbits, footnotes and references of the process of making a book. So here is a list of things that sparked my interest and curiosity while writing Hello Ruby: Expedition to the Internet. In no particular order. 

Try it out!

Fix underwater Internet cables, go on a Wi-Fi hunt, send secret messages, design a web-page, detect fake news and prevent a DDoS attack. Like in the other Ruby books part of the fun is crafting, imagining and discussing. Try out a free selection of the exercises here.

Final thoughts

This generation of kids grew up with computers and the Internet as part of their everyday life. Kids can chat online or play games over the Internet with friends on the other side of the world. Childhood increasingly happens online.

The Internet is invisible yet it is almost everywhere. For many people it is difficult to define what the Internet actually is. The book explains what the Internet is from three different perspectives: what is the infrastructure of the Internet, how protocols of the Internet work and what services the Internet provides to people.

Ultimately the Internet is about communication: from machine to machine, from human to machine, and from human to human.



P.S I'm sending roughly once a year updates on new books on this list. If you'd like to know more about what's happening in Ruby's world, you can subscribe to the mailing list here. 


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    1. Brad Dancer

      great, don't really care about what you have to offer, sorry.

    2. Missing avatar

      ELCHA on

      Congratulations on your new book!! Can't wait to read it. While made for kids - I expect I'll learn quite a bit myself!