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Hello Ruby is a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities.
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Almost there!

Posted by Linda Liukas (Creator)
Almost there!
Almost there!

Seventeenth update

Put your party hats on - this 16 month ride is almost at its’ finish. I’ve lined up everything with Feiwel & Friends for fall, I have some exact dates for you and it’s time for a summer update.

What you'll get and when:

  • Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding and workbook. The final page count is 112 pages and I'm super pleased with the end result. These start shipping a little before official publishing date October 6th. 
  • eBook in mobi, ePub and PDF. (And no one else is getting the PDF version!). This will be shipped to you in the beginning of September, a month before official publishing date.
  • As a thank you for the long wait, a very special Kickstarter only backer booklet with 24 pages of exclusive exercises, stickers and computing crafts. This will ship together with the book in early October and as a PDF.

Shipping information

US cover
US cover

I'll send a reminder two weeks before closing the address changes, but now is a good time to check that those addresses you submitted are still ok. You can do this by following instructions here.

If you've changed countries in the last year, please let me know and I'll make extra arrangements. The book deliveries will be done by an external company, but I’ll start sending the posters and other special pledge categories in August.

I couldn't be more proud of the product Hello Ruby turned into. Thanks for your patience - the book will be worth the wait, I promise!

What's next?

Hello Ruby also has confirmed publishers in Finland, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Australia and Netherlands and many new ones in the works. It's going to be an exciting fall with many new announcements coming up.

I also did a short piece for Telegraph and spoke about lessons learned from Hello Ruby at RedDotRubyConf.

My spring schedule included also working on the web community side of Hello Ruby, in preparation for the official launch in fall. As I’ve mentioned before, I see Hello Ruby as something way more than only a book - as a living, breathing community of kids sharing their creations and being gently guided to the world of technology. 

This has meant learning a lot about early childhood development (I’ve gotten to know Dewey, Vygotsky and Montessori well during the last months!) and lots of hands-on experimentation.

One exercise I’ve loved doing with kids is where I give them a sticker with an on/off button and ask them to imagine any object in the room being a computer. The technologies kids imagine and describe are pretty amazing and help them see the world in a different way.

Another set of exercises we’ve been working on is a party kit to organise coding birthdays. This will be released later in the fall, but I wanted to show you some behind the scenes pictures from prototyping day. (You can sneak a peak also of the rest of the team, through the first Hello Ruby Fellowship organised this spring)

The remote control exercise allowed kids to learn about the computing concepts of events (if I do this, then that happens) through wiggling, jumping and dancing. The kids also got to design their own buttons and learned how small and exact commands need to broken down into. One of the most heart warming stories I heard came from a little girl who coded her own button to make mom happy. After consideration, they came to the conclusion that it should be broken further down into smiling to mom, cleaning up, saying thank you.

The tattoos were a huge hit and everyone had fun. I look forward to seeing these parties in the wild come fall!

I've also slowly started work on the mobile app with prototyping some ideas on paper. I’ll share more once we’re ready for testing, but it’s been an interesting challenge for me to rethink what the experience of learning about the computational thinking concepts should look like on screen. So far my list of design requirements looks like this: 

  • Not only tapping, encourage exploration. 
  • Small, simple experiences that connect concepts to real life. 
  • Be multiplayer. 
  • Always keep a sprinkle of silliness.

Oh, and there’s also a logo for digital products:

I also have so many thoughts about the humbling and unique experience of taking a raw idea into a ready product through Kickstarter, but I think I’ll need to wait until you have the book in your hands. A huge thank you for all the support during the last 16 months!



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    1. Matthew Petersen on

      The survey asks for my email and my 2 letter country code. It didn't ask for my address. Am I missing something?

    2. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Hi Jorge, and others!

      You can edit the address you submitted from your backed projects page:

      From your Backed Projects page, click on the Hello Ruby project, and then "Survey" to see your survey response. If you need to edit it, click the edit link.


    3. Martin Cazey on

      Fabian, there is a bit of a difference between a hardware project and an educational book for children, "done right". I too have backed a few hardware projects in the meantime and had them come through. Engineering a design and engaging a manufacturer to build for you is just a series of prototypes and an end product. Linda started with an idea and then had to study educational methods (which can take years, so congrats on squeezing that down Linda!), illustration, and navigating the publishing world as well.

      Yes it has taken a while, and I backed this project when it was on the slightly advanced side for my two kids. Now it is smack in the right age group for them and I am really looking forward to working through this with them.

      To top it off we get some nice extra goodies for being patient!Yes it has taken a while, but all good things come to those who wait.

    4. Jorge Gustavo Caicedo on

      Hello Linda, Congratulation, I need to ask you if you already sent the books, I´m changing address in USA and I don´t want to miss my books.
      All the best and keep up the great job.

    5. Missing avatar

      jennever suryadihardja on

      wow, finally. I bet you're frustrated. Congratz.

    6. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Hi Fabian - I know, I share the frustration! At times, been feeling very desperate about how long this has all taken. Hello Ruby kind of snowballed way beyond the original KS project - that coupled with me being a first-time author/illustrator and working with a publishing house, lead to a change in plans.

      I'm so happy and proud to be sending the books to you all soon, and I hope you'll enjoy Ruby's adventures!

    7. Fabian Tollenaar on

      Happy to see it come finally, but the time it has taken is ridiculous imho. In the meantime I backed two hardware projects, they managed to do the hardware design, PCB testing & printing and the software development in much less time!

    8. Missing avatar

      Maurice Forde on

      Really Excited to see it, Well done on all the hard work.

    9. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Thanks Stefanie!! Did you get the address change done Lani & Patricia? Please note that if you've changed *countries*, send me a message, and I'll update my records.

      Thanks everyone for your comments! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Joseph McCormick on

      Thanks so much for all the work and attention to detail! I can't wait to share this with my son :)

    11. Stephanie Pereira

      You can also double-check and edit the address you submitted from your backed projects page:

      From your Backed Projects page, click on the Hello Ruby project, and then "Survey" to see your survey response. If you need to edit it, click the edit link.

    12. Lani Blazer on

      Also having trouble checking my address. Your link does not help. Please advise better way to check address.

    13. Patricia Bohnert on

      Having trouble checking the address I gave to you. We moved and I'd like to make sure you have our new address. Please help.

    14. Vicary Archangel on

      Congrats. 11 months of extended waiting, still worth it because it comes along with the success story of Linda.

    15. Jeff Heaton on

      Really good, and informative update! Looking forward to seeing the book.