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Hello Ruby is a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities.
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Shipping update!

Posted by Linda Liukas (Creator)

 I’m super happy as I have finally all the book details for you!

Here is the good news: I finally know when I can ship the book to all of you. The book will be ready and fresh out from printer in October 2015. It’s later than the original schedule, which I’m very sorry about—but it will be worth the wait!

What you can look forward to is a book that is now double in size. That’s 100% more material than I initially planned! I can’t wait to share it with you all. That said, I’m just as anxious as you are to see the final product. I never dreamed how in depth the publishing cycle is—from the creative end of writing and drawing to editorial revisions and finally to printing and shipping. A lot goes into a book.

A really good publishing house called Macmillan will handle the printing and delivery of the book and they are determined to print the highest quality book in the fastest time possible. They've also helped me with the editing and art work. Macmillan is one of the greatest publishers out there and I couldn’t be happier to have them help me with Ruby and getting the book to you. At the end of the day, you’ll get a much better book because of their help. 

It’s been a long process working out the details of the publishing agreement.. It was very stressful not to know the schedule, the printing details, but especially not being able to tell you exactly when you will get the book. Finally, just this Wednesday we were able to confirm that Macmillan will be publishing the book and that we now have a set date for the release. I wanted you to be the first to know.

When the book is ready to ship in September, I'll send a reminder to everyone in case someone has moved and changed addresses.

The good news: 

  •  We have finally a shipping date!!!! 
  • The book is twice as long as originally intended. It’s going to be more like a chapter book with 64 pages and 10 chapters. There's more exercises (40 pages to be exact).   
  • And most importantly, you've helped me set up a foundation for future work with Ruby. Along with making sure all the logistics will work out as planned, I will continue working on new things around Ruby. And you all will be first to know. Already you can go to and make a computer, play with a paper doll and think what computers are.

I wouldn't be a book writer and an illustrator without the help of all of you. You changed my life and I'm forever thankful. Now that the book is almost 100% written and the illustrations are ready, it’s all about logistics and the printers doing their thing to get the book to you as fast as possible.



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    1. Victoria Hadley on

      Hello Linda,
      just a note to say how much I have enjoyed your updates - what an experience (for me) watching this project develop! So much planning and obvious hard work - I've loved every minute of the process you have shared (this alone worth my backing) and am in awe of your skills! Getting very excited as the publishing date gets closer, and I adore the illustrations. Can't wait to be reading with my grandchildren and promoting to my Australian friends. Congratulations!

    2. Waldo Cervantes on

      Thanks for the update!

      Best wishes!

    3. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Hi Memo,

      I'll be sending the ebooks by in fall 2015, most likely by October.

      Thanks for being a backer!!


    4. Memo GH on

      Hello Linda, I never receive the ebook in my email, did I miss something?
      I helped with 10 dlls :D

    5. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Christian, for now, you'll get your books in English :)

    6. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Hey guys, thanks so much for the nice words!

      I will send all the books, including the ebooks, to backers at the same time. The way Macmillan sees it, is that they want to do one global launch and sending the e-books out in advance would mess it up. I pushed as hard as I could for earlier delivery (and still will continue to do so, but I'd rather not disappoint people again). I’m hoping I can send those out earlier to all of you.

    7. David on

      Congrats! Getting a deal with someone like Macmillan is a BIG DEAL!

      Folks, remember that Kickstarter is not a store where you get things to order. It is a place to foster innovation, and get rewarded for that once it is successful. For those of you who think what she did is easy should try it yourselves, before judging.

      This is good news! Congrats again, Linda!

    8. Cleo Qc on

      I'm hoping those of us who took the electronics version will not have to wait that long? Kids grow during this time..

    9. John Dalton on

      Congrats on reaching this milestone! I guess this has been a much longer road than you expected, but then the scope is now much bigger than you could ever have hoped.

      I really enjoyed your talk about RubyConf Australia this morning. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I think it's worth the wait for something that is taking a much more holistic approach to computing education. After all, as you said today regarding programming education: "We don't need more grammar classes - we need poetry classes".

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan Eccher on

      I'm glad you are so positive. I planned to give grandkids the books from my $70 contribution last Christmas. Now it is out another year. I'd like my money back, please. You are clearly unable to deliver, so return my investment.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dan Eccher on

      I'm glad you are so positive. I planned to give grandkids the books from my $70 contribution last Christmas. Now it is out another year. I'd like my money back, please. You are clearly unable to deliver, so return my investment.

    12. Christian Stadach on

      Congratulations on the print and delivery deal and date.
      tuleeko monikielinen versio (saksa tai suomi)?

    13. Johann Philipp Strathausen on

      I don't mind if it takes longer. Great news!

    14. Jezrel Jane on

      Glad to hear this! Super excited since last year! Haha! ^_^

    15. Vicary Archangel on

      Good to hear that, finally!

    16. Missing avatar

      Carla Kennedy on

      You'll have the book in hand before you know it! This timing is perfect anyway - a great start to holiday gift gathering 2015 :o). Is it too late to bump up to a pledge that actually gets me a book, rather than just an e-book?

    17. Missing avatar

      Leon Du on

      How about the digital version? Same date or earlier?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeanne Ayers on

      Thanks for the update! The wait will be worth it!!!

    19. Derek Heiser on

      Great update! So excited and happy to wait a bit longer as my daughter is just learning to read now. A bit of delay means she has more time to prep.

      I'm sure it's been a challenging journey but a rewarding one as well. Cheers!

    20. Kym McInerney on

      Great news Linda! And great talk this morning at #RubyConf_AU :)

    21. Christopher Jr Riley on

      Well, better late than never. I'm happy that you have everything sorted out regardless. Now we wait...