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Hello Ruby is a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities.
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Happy Holidays (and a gift)!

Posted by Linda Liukas (Creator)

Thirteenth update

Wishing you a warm, kind & peaceful holiday time.

Looking back, this has been one amazing, intense whirlwind of a year. I've learned about the publishing industry, about printing, about book design, about building a brand and most of all about myself. This is a very short update, since I have a lot of news and confirmed things lined up for January. 2015 will bring one much awaited book. I promise you, I'm waiting as eagerly as you are. Scroll down for a small holiday present and an update on the web side of things.



P.S I started to write about the whole process of the last 9 months - I didn't forget about it! But it works much better for the January update. In short: done with book materials, worrying about different options of shipping & delivery and the different upsides/downsides they have. 

Play dress up with Ruby & Tux!

Send a little holiday spirit to someone special with this Ruby paper doll. It comes in two sizes, and works best when printed on sturdy paper and gifted with some blu-tack and a pair of scissors. 

In addition to good old dress up you can practice many computational thinking concepts with the paper dolls. Try these out with your kid:

  • Can you point out the green and red clothes? What about clothes that are green, but don't have dots? Which clothes are not yellow? (Booleans) 
  • Choose the proper clothes: If it's raining, Ruby wears ______, else she wears ________. If Ruby goes to the beach, she packs with her _____, else she will do _____ and wear _____ (Conditions)

Ruby & play

One of the things I've known early on is that this book needs to have a web component to it (it's about computers after all!). I wanted to build a site where kids and adults could expand their experience with Ruby. Through testing the exercises for the book I realised it all comes down to play: creating experiences that go deeper than just learning logic. I'd see kids sit for an hour, building their computer or discussing the ways something is or is not a computer. So I wanted to put all the instructions neatly in one place, and was born.

Currently you can find a few different play activities on the site. Ever wanted to make a universal remote control (and learn about events while at it)? Or talk about what computers really are? Or spot the right friend of Ruby's? You can also share your own play ideas or pictures of the things you made. This is still very experimental and I look forward to working more on this once the book is out. 

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    1. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Shaun, thanks for spotting, now fixed!

      Lorna, thanks! :)

      Happy 2015 everyone!

    2. Shaun Guth

      Hey Linda, the website is really cute :) There is a small typo in the "Meet Ruby and Her Friens" image about halfway down.

    3. Linda Liukas Creator on

      John, Emad and Mark, thank you guys and happy holidays!

    4. Emad Al-Shihabi on

      I'm beyond excited to read it to my daughter soon although she is almost 2 y.o, Ruby character and the sketches are creative enough to entertaining all ages :)

      Thank you Linda and happy holidays!