Hello Ruby

by Linda Liukas

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    1. Hanna Mäenpää on

      I'm tired of the updates. Please just deliver the book.

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      Lydia M. Naylor on

      It looks great! I'm looking forward to sharing it with our daughter. Keep up the great work.

    3. Justin Wheeler on

      Thanks for the detailed update. I think you answered a lot of lingering questions. Looking forward to giving this to my son!

    4. Gustaf Lindqvist on

      Starting with writing WOW! Wonderful to have a little sneak peek at the book! Keep up the good work! :)

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      Casey Fox on

      We had many questions from the previous update that did not get answered...
      1. What % of the writing is complete?
      2. What % of the illustrations are complete?
      3. When will the digital version be available?
      4. When is it being sent to a printer?
      5. When will hardcovers be shipped?
      6. Have you signed a book contract? Have an editor?
      7. How quickly will the books ship once you receive them? Or will you ship that out to someone else?
      8. As noted in the original campaign, will the e-book be available in PDF format?

      Since you don't know the final book size obviously it's not 100% complete (although you list the chapters, so you're what, 80% there?). I agree it looks good, but we're still missing a lot of details about the process that many of us are obviously eager to hear.

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      DLM on

      Thank you, Casey, I concur.

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      Maurice Forde on

      Keep up the good work Linda.

    8. Bradley Bristow-Stagg on

      So excited for this book and going through it with my munchkin.

    9. Nathalie on

      Hello and thank's for the updates. I agree with Casey and Hannah. This project for an ebook (so no printing delay to expect) is starting to be kind of long to wait for : 10 month since it was successfully funded.
      What % of the writing is complete ? Will it be ready for Christmas ?

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      Aubrey Nuel on

      When is the book expected to be completed?

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      Judy Young on

      I love your updates Linda, it's great to get little peeks into Ruby's world.

    12. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Hi all, thanks for your messages and word of encouragement! In the middle of the long, cold Scandinavian winter, we take energy from wherever we may find it and this Kickstarter community continues to be my inspiration motivating me to work harder, so thank you!

      Let me respond to some of the questions in below :)

      Casey, I hesitate to think in numbers, as Hello Ruby for me is foremost a creative process, but to answer your question

      text 100%
      illustrations 90%
      Workbook 80%

      I’ve set myself on a tight deadline, and hope to be able to share concrete timelines soon!

      I have a book publisher as well as a lovely editor (yey! more of that soon!) and am in discussion over how to proceed with the KS backer deliveries, hopefully being able to send them as soon as possible. Also, yes the book will be in PDF as per original statement, I’m also still in talks over this.