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Hello Ruby is a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities.
Hello Ruby is a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities.
9,258 backers pledged $380,747 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sarah Stowell on

      Have you shipped any books yet? Thank you! :)

    2. Lisa Kraynak on

      I contributed to the first campaign-- never have received the book.

    3. Jay Mac on

      April 2017 and STILL nothing.

    4. Johann Philipp Strathausen on

      My kids are just now old enough for the book - excited to try it :-) so for me it wasn't too late. Thanks, it looks gorgeous!

    5. Matthew Petersen on

      still no book for me in Australia. unfortunately both my kids are too old for it now. bitterly disappointed it didn't ship as advertised and even more disappointed I didn't get anything shipped over 2 years later.

      Please refund my money.

    6. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Apologies - the comments section here doesn't send me notifications. All 9000 books have shipped in September - if you're book is still missing please send me an e-mail through linda (a) or through the backer messaging system - this way I'll able to properly follow up with all the correct information.

    7. Joe Wilmoth on

      I never received the book.

    8. Karl Matthias on

      I never received mine... if it's done and shipped and lots of people have it all over the world, why don't your backers have it?

    9. Jesse Wakley on

      I also haven't received it. Not sure how to request it....

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrea Wilson Vazquez on

      Curious who I should contact if I haven't yet received my book? Thank you!

    11. Missing avatar

      Casey Fox on

      This project had SO much potential it's very sad to see where it's ended. i hope the creator learned some valuable lessons from this experience but from my own interactions, the posts and reading others posts I rather doubt it. Good luck to those seeking refunds and to others who haven't even received the book.

    12. Nikki on

      Good luck to those of you trying to get refunds, I hope you have xuccess. She makes you jump through hoops when you ask for a refund, and then wants you not to tell anyone about it. She also makes out like she is doing you a huge favour. The email I got was self-serving and laughable. I told her to keep her money and her book, I didn't like the person I was dealing with. It was certainly not the one portrayed in the Kickstarter video.

    13. Michael Lucey

      I'm not even going to ask a question only to state that I'm putting this down to another rip off!

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexa Smith on

      So just noticed it is selling for $14 on Amazon and I haven't even received my $40 hardcover book yet. This campaign had such possibilities but ended badly.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexa Smith on

      It's now March 2016 and I'm still waiting for the book. Did it ship?

    16. Jay Mac on

      So I guess this was a bust. February 2016 and still nothing.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nate Swanson on

      When do I receive my book?

    18. Missing avatar

      David S. Pumpkins

      Getting really tired of asking the same question and not getting a response: Linda, I have sent you multiple messages via Kickstarter. I backed at the $150 level. My book was NOT signed, and did not include the drawing. It has been months since I received it, and it has not come in a separate shipment. Please just refund me the difference between the book pledge I actually got ($40) and the pledge level I backed at ($150) for a total refund of $110 US. NOW!!!!! Thanks.

    19. Chad Burns on

      Considering how long it took to get the book and the fact that I paid $40 for an item with an msrp of $16.99, I am disappointed to say the absolute least.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sean Shapcott on

      So i never received my book and this is being sold on amazon? How does that work. Shouldn't kickstarter backers get the book first?

    21. Missing avatar

      John Horner on

      I just want to remind you that I asked a question on October 19th about the actual metaphors used in the book, and you said you'd reply soon, and it never happened.

      Surely other people are having this problem or asking this question too?

    22. Missing avatar

      Alexa Smith on

      Any news on the physical book?

    23. Mary Jane Condon Bohlen on

      It is now Dec. 13, and I have STILL NOT received my book!!!!!!! Would you PLEASE return my money----NOW!!! I am going to order from Amazon!!

    24. Missing avatar

      mw on

      Hi there. My daughter has her birthday in January. As I still havent had the books (yet) can you please confirm they are on their way to Dubai now.
      Regards Hoegsberg

    25. Missing avatar

      David S. Pumpkins

      Linda, I have sent you multiple messages via Kickstarter. I backed at the $150 level. My book was NOT signed, and did not include the drawing. It has been months since I received it, and it has not come in a separate shipment. Please just refund me the difference between the book pledge I actually got ($40) and the pledge level I backed at ($150) for a total refund of $110 US. Thanks.

    26. Missing avatar

      Liubov on

      Thank you, Linda. And everyone else who worked on this book. You made it really nice! And I really liked it. Illustrations are great, the story is fun as well as the workbook. Thanks again!

    27. shenando on


      I received the book now! Thank you!

    28. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Hi guys, please send me an inbox message if you havent yet received your books, posters etc!

      @Lorna, great links, thanks for sharing!

    29. Missing avatar

      Lorna Goulden on

      @ John Homer or anyone else interested in good options to introduce slightly older children (than Linda's target) to computers and coding. I went for hands on; introduced my children to Scratch programming with the Super Scratch Programming Adventure the software is free. My daughter, then 7, loved it.

      We then moved onto the Kano operating system for kids on the RaspberryPi, this was a more respectful and sucessful Kickstarter than this Hello Ruby disappointment, and still going strong so really worth looking into. You build your own computer, it comes with Scratch programme installed and also has a tutorial for programming in Minecraft which kids seem to love (boys and girls), and many other apps. You can either buy the complete kit from Kano or buy your own RaspberryPi 2 (about $35) and download the open source KanoOS free they have an active community KanoWorld and run regular coding challenges.

      For my son who raced through the Kano (a bit too old now at 10) we then found Youth Digital Java programming in Minecraft... it is a bit pricey (we found it with a big special offer discount). The quality is great, amusing and engaging presenter (video's) and very contemporary for children more familiar with the YouTube trend. My son is now eagerly wanting to get through the first course Mod Design 1, as they have introduced a new one Server Design

      Another success story - the robots Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop (also coming from a succesful Kickstarter from engaged parents). Very solid, surprisingly super well made products with a series of equally well made (free) Apps running on iPad with varying degrees of coding difficulty. They also seem to be busy updating products and apps and building a community.

      I hope this helps, while more hands-on than books and probably closer to 7-14 age range... for the children that grew up waiting for Linda, ready to get going with coding rather than reading about the concept.

    30. Arthur Zapparoli on

      Still haven't received the book :(

    31. Missing avatar

      David S. Pumpkins

      I am still waiting for my sketch. It was not in the book itself, supposedly for logistical reasons to expedite delivery. It hasn't. I would like a refund for the difference between just the book, which I got, and the sketched edition, which I didn't.

    32. shenando on

      Hi, I haven't seen to have received the book.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ilja Jetsu on

      Estimated delivery: Aug 2014
      Survey sent: 3/5/2014 > Your response ..

      And I still have not received the Book...
      Maybe it's because I'm from Finland? :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Irene on

      I'm sorry, but I'm terribly disappointed. The illustrations are gorgeous! But the story and the games are just plain uninteresting and confusing. I got the book for my granddaughter (finally) and won't be giving it to her because I can't muster up the enthusiasm to share it with her. I really can't imagine why this book cost so much and took so long to create. I'm afraid the reviews on Amazon bear this out. Better luck with your next project, Linda.

    35. Enrique Vázquez de Luis on

      Hi. Congrats for the book, it's beautiful. One question. I have recieved my two books but only one activity book :S It is correct? Thanks!

    36. Erik Karlsson on

      Just as a question, living in Finland. I have not received the book yet. Have I missed it or are they still some shipments coming.

    37. erik van nieuwburg on

      Congrats on releasing the book! As a Dutch person and my 5 year old also understanding mainly Dutch, I'm wondering if you decided to offer translations or not. I see you mentioned this earlier, here, in the comment section, but never followed up on it. Could you enlighten us about that?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jennifer F on

      Still waiting for the book or refund.

    39. mike veon on

      Never mind I got a second package today. It looks like it was held up in customs. Thanks!

    40. mike veon on

      Hello, I sent you a private message but haven't heard back. I realize you're busy.

      Both of my books were damaged but I don't care, I've giving them to children. I backed at the 2 book $70 level.

      I only received one of the kickstarter backer kit that comes with the build your own computer, stickers etc.

      Can you please ship me another of these. No need to replace the damaged books.

    41. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Yes, I love Robot Turtles too! :) E.g. here are a few other fun online resources and books that deal with the topic:

      John: Thanks, great question, I'll get back to you in a bit!

    42. Missing avatar

      John Horner on

      I may be very stupid, but I'm not sure I really *get* the metaphor or "roman à clef" material in the narrative portion of the book. Robots are Android, Penguins are Linux, Snow Leopard is OS X (very outdated nowadays) Django is ... the Django framework? Foxes are ... web browsers? Javascript? Windows?

      But, is there any broader meaning to be derived from that correspondence between the characters and operating systems, etc? Do we learn anything about the Django framework, even metaphorically?

      For instance, we're told that the Linux penguins need to be addressed a certain way and like short commands ... so that metaphorically means that Linux users will tend to use the command line and the systems might not be so user-friendly.

      So what does the stuff about the Foxes being illogical and trying to do much multi-tasking and getting the carrot-planting wrong?

    43. Missing avatar

      John Horner on

      Thanks David. Looks interesting.

    44. David Glass

      @John Horner: while not a book, I found the game Robot Turtles to be excellent, and a fun way to get small ones thinking critically to solve a problem. It should be available at most of the normal retail options (Target, Amazon, etc).

    45. Missing avatar

      John Horner on

      Message for David S (or any other parent) if you know of other programming books suitable for children, can you mention their names here?

      I'm a bit frustrated by the long wait and my child is now a little too old for this book, whatever its merits or failings. What else is out there?

    46. Linda Liukas Creator on

      Oh no, I’m so so sorry to hear about your disappointment with the poster. I’ll share a dropbox link in the last comments on the Backer Update in case you wish to have it as a soft copy!

      Could you guys message me with your questions on refund? I’m so sorry that the shipping has taken a bit longer than anticipated in some cases, but I’m confident you should all get your books soon! If the books were damaged, got hold up, there was an issue with the address or any other problems, send me a message and I’ll ship you replacements. Remember to also ping me if your posters haven’t arrived!

      Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts, photos and reactions you’ve been sharing with me - it feel simply INCREDIBLE to see people actually using the book and receiving feedback on it. I’m one lucky girl :)

    47. Missing avatar

      David S on

      Linda, I'm still waiting for my refund. Can you please update me when you will be processing refunds?

    48. Missing avatar

      Jennifer F on

      I feel that charging $20 for a folded poster and the fact many of us are still waiting to get a copy while we watch this book drop in price exemplifies the generally poor treatment and disrespect this creater has for her backers.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jennifer F on

      I am still without this book or a refund and my address is correct in your records. At this point I would like a refund.

    50. Mark M on

      Amazon has started trying to sell me the book and it keeps popping up in my suggested items. For $14.07. (Free shipping with prime).

      And I still don't have my copy(s) of the book.

      I guess I don't understand Kickstarter. I thought the concept was that you were supposed to get something like early access or a special discount, to help get a project off the ground. It feels super wrong that the general public can get the book quicker and much cheaper than a backer.

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