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A book of 100 unique DnD 5e monsters with stats, lore, treasure, and 300 adventure hooks.
A book of 100 unique DnD 5e monsters with stats, lore, treasure, and 300 adventure hooks.
A book of 100 unique DnD 5e monsters with stats, lore, treasure, and 300 adventure hooks.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph Mabasa 2 days ago

      Is there anyway to get a printer friendly copy with pictures? the printer friendly version looks a little awkward where its obvious a picture should be there.

    2. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator 6 days ago

      @guilestheme: only certain monsters have harvest mechanics. Ie the ones with something to harvest. There are several. Im not sure about "loot tables", don't recall that mentioned, but all monsters that would carry treasure have it listed in the treasure section.

    3. guilestheme 6 days ago

      Am I just not seeing a harvest mechanics section? Is that going to be in a later update? Also are the "loot tables" just the brief treasure sections on the monsters?

    4. Missing avatar

      Geraldo Macedo 6 days ago

      I'm not sure the correct files have been published.

      I just downloaded the files and though the monsters are interesting, I got to say that there are a lot of rehash of existing monsters (zombies, skeletons, drow, orc?) and some with simple classes added.

      Furthermore, the following is missing:
      - Tactics information is missing on most of the monsters.
      - Images are not provided for about 50% of the monsters
      - The fluff and crunch text of several of the monsters are not at the same level as the example "Deep Crab", missing most of the components information and tactics as I mentioned above.
      - No token PDF was offered for the monsters.

      All in all, I have mixed feelings about this KS - even though it delivered, I feel that the deliverables really did not match what was first offered.


    5. Missing avatar

      Russell 'Redjack' Petree
      on November 11

      Sa-weet. Downloads in progress.

    6. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on November 6

      @Russell Agreed! As soon as Kickstarter releases funds those will be sent out. They usually release within two weeks, which would be by this Friday.

    7. Missing avatar

      Russell 'Redjack' Petree
      on November 6

      Happy to see layout work underway & excited for the book to be completed. So, just thinking... the other PDF rewards for Dragon level would sure go a long ways towards tiding us over while we wait. :-)

    8. Michael Johnson Collaborator on October 28

      @Michael - that'll be pretty easy for us to bump you forward (I'll copy you into the the 2nd wave excel file when we send it to the printer)

    9. Michael Brown on October 28

      I accidentally clicked third wave even though there were second wave slots left. Can I still get second wave?

    10. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 27

      @Richard, that is what Fantasy Grounds told us that we must do.

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Smith on October 27

      So you're saying that when the Fantasy Grounds version becomes available, we will have to purchase it separately and at full price?

    12. Missing avatar

      Rick Mobley on October 27

      Thanks for the feedback. Still deciding on how much to pledge. Currently I run most of my games via FG as all of my friends have moved across the country. Either way I will purchase the FG version when it becomes available.

    13. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 26

      @Rick - We've had people working on the content since we announced it, and were kind of blind-sided as well. We apologize. The content will be made available as soon as possible, just not as part of this Kickstarter. We understand your frustration, and understand if you wish to cancel.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rick Mobley on October 26

      Please disregard my previous post. Had I read the updates I would have seen your explanation. Still not happy with the change but at least you explained why it was made.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Mobley on October 26

      I pledged early this morning specifically because your page said fantasy ground version was unlocked as a stretch goal. Now I look and it has been removed/changes. Guess I'll re-pledge when it is back as a stretch goal. It doesn't seem very honest to remove stretch goals with less than two days left in a kickstarter

    16. Xaelvaen on October 25

      Sounds like some good products to come - can't wait!

    17. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 25

      @Eric our next project will be a slight departure from what we've been doing, but it should prove extremely useful to dms and gms of all genres. That project will drop in early 2018.

      As far as Limitless Campaigns, we've talked about something like this in a few different forms but we haven't started them yet. We do have two small campaign settings started that we ll likely release in 2018. These setting can be inserted into an existing world without disrupting your game world.

    18. Eric Mills on October 25

      What's your next project? How about Limitless Campaigns, where you detail several different kinds of campaign themes and structures (including hooks, NPC's, environments, etc.) that DM's could use to insert adventures and develop their campaigns from railroaded storylines to West Marches style sandbox worlds?

    19. Xaelvaen on October 19

      Exactly why I jumped on board - I would backed for the adventure hooks along with the monsters, the rest is just icing. Well-conceived idea!

    20. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 19

      Thank you! We're very happy with how the book is shaping up. The lore, treasure, tactics, harvest mechanics and Further adventure hooks really set this book apart from others of its kind.

    21. Xaelvaen on October 19

      Just found out about this from EN World - in for the full catalogue, can't wait to see this product!

    22. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 11

      3.) Not all creatures require an illustration. Much like the 5th edition MM, there are several monsters that aren't illustrated. You don't need a picture of a guard for example, or a giant XYZ. We made sure to commission art for the "hard to envision" or truly weird creatures.

      Thank you for your interest in the project.

    23. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 11

      There are many reasons... but essentially, time and money.

      1.) The cost of commissioning 100+ pieces of professional art. A cost that must be taken on prior to the Kickstarter to ensure timely delivery. We are a small company and we've only been on the scene for 18 months. The day will come when we have a robust enough art budget to complete a project of that scope, but that day isn't today. We're an indie press.

      2.) The time involved. We wanted a consistent art style, and for us that meant using one artist. That artist has other customers and projects. Additionally we want to keep our release schedules.

    24. Chris Dowdell on October 11

      @Limitless Adventures

      On october 3rd, Skander Ballard asked whether or not all the monsters would have art. You responded "there will likely be 40+[illustrations] in the final product before the book must be sent to the printer."
      I'd be much happier, if all the creatures were illustrated. Reading a stat block just isn't as much fun as seeing a beast right before my eyes. Could you please explain why all 100 monsters will not be illustrated. Thank you.

    25. Missing avatar

      Doug Rector on October 9

      Yeah - $75 bucks for the whole digital inventory is too good to pass up, even tho I have some of it already. I am in!

    26. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 8

      @Raymond - yes, I think it's up to 60 products. You can see them all at

    27. Raymond Fowkes Jr.
      on October 8

      @creator In for $1, but intrigued by the 85$ Dragon level . Do you really get a PDF of every product on the limitless-Adventures website (all the $2.99 PDFs,etc.) at this pledge level? If so ... take my money! As I’ll be updating my pledge.

    28. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 8

      "and deliverabilities" => "of deliverables"

    29. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 8

      @Ross Richards - We're not doing additional books in this run like we did last time, as it greatly increases the complexity and deliverabilities. We have however, been working with Ka-Blam for a print-on-demand feature (which was put on hold for this kickstarter). We'll make that a priority once we're through the funding phase.

    30. Ross Richards on October 8

      Is it possible to also get a hard-copy of the Limitless Encounters?

    31. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 7

      @Odin, probably not this time around - are you thinking like a "coffee table book"? We've been discussing some stretch goals possibly involving the art, but nothing quite like that. Feel free to email us at to share your thoughts.

    32. Odin Alexander Phong on October 7

      Howdy folks! Just got on board and I'm excited! Any chance of an art only book, as in just the illustrations, no text?

    33. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 5

      @Bishop - Not likely. We don't have anything in the works with either of those products.

    34. Missing avatar

      on October 5

      Could there please be the possibility of working together with Lone Wolf Development to include Hero Lab & Realm Works versions of this product?

    35. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 4

      @Ian Thank you for your support! We only have the two back catalog offers. You will note though that we did not raise the price of the digital hoard on this Kickstarter, even though it contains 3 books and more options from last time. Even without the two previous books, the Digital Hoard is a $179 value.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ian Barnes
      on October 4

      As I have backed both your previous kickstarters, is there a way to get the back catalog not including the other 2 books?

    37. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 3

      There are currently 36 unique illustrations. There will likely be 40+ in the final product before the book must be sent to the printer. The images are black ink on parchment. Feel free to visit our website to get an idea of our art style.

    38. Skander Ballard on October 3

      Do all the monsters have art?/ How many much is black and white (still great looking )

    39. Missing avatar

      Katie Jackson on October 3

      I am completely blown away how much funding you guys are getting. Just amazing. This book is going to be amazing.

    40. Coen Zuidervaart on October 2

      Let's see where this journey ends! I'm a sucker for physical books, and don't have any of your other materials, so this is a prime opportunity to get on board with you people!

    41. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 2

      @Katie Thank you!
      @Nate We couldn't do it without our community. Thanks for sticking with us!

    42. Missing avatar

      Nate Margeson on October 2

      congratulations. Your repeated hard work seems to be paying off each time you guys do a campaign. Thank you for doing such quality work. Willingly to support you guys any time.

    43. Missing avatar

      Katie Jackson on October 2

      Way to go Limitless Adventures!! Congrats, dudes!! :)

    44. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 2

      @Miguel - Seems very doable, and likely

    45. Miguel
      on October 2

      I like the soft sound of a token stretch goal...

    46. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 2

      @Richard Hodge - Stretch goals, you say... hmm.

    47. Richard Hodge
      on October 2

      Any way we can get jpgs of the monsters either already as tokens or smaller images that we can turn into tokens? Possibly as a stretch goal. Just thinking about how to use the book best on Fantasy Grounds and other VTTs.

    48. Limitless Adventures 3-time creator on October 2

      @Katie - It is exciting. We've worked really hard on this book and we're so glad to see other people excited as well.

      @Craig - Thank you so much for your support. We think it's our best book, you'll enjoy it.

    49. Craig Swain
      on October 2

      Love your stuff, excited for this one.

    50. Missing avatar

      Katie Jackson on October 2

      65% on the first day. That my friend is awesomesauce. :)

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