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By Liminal Games
$26,548 pledged of $150,000 goal

Massive Update to the Pre-Alpha


Hey cool guys and gals. Last night we pushed out a large update to the game. If you have already fired up the game and played then you have already seen the changes we have made. If you haven't played the game recently then go ahead and start it up, you won't be disappointed.

Environmentally Friendly

You may feel like you are in a whole new world when you start the game, and this is pretty much true. While the spirit of the original world remains, that's about it. Everything else dealing with island aesthetics have gone through a massive overhaul. Don't be shy, go explore it, and get excited because we are going to be working hard on filling it with friendly NPCs, quests, loot, and more.


We have reworked (not for the last time) the way armor and spells work. Armor is more important now, and spells increase in damage the more you use them (this was always the plan but now it actually works!).

The Future

What is next you ask? We are going to start back into a more rapid update cycle. We want to be pushing out more frequent updates to the game that make the world more fun and give the player more things to do other than explore. We are going to be working hard so keep checking back with us often and make sure to spread the word to any of your friends who might be interested in our game.

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    1. August Klevberg on

      This is massive indeed! I'm speechless guys, you rock! :D

    2. Liminal Games Creator on

      @Peter Ohaver
      Yeah it uses P2P to distribute the game currently. We can set up an http download for you to download the game, but you wont have the updating capability, and it will be slow.

    3. Peter Ohaver on

      My updater crashes all the time and only downloads at ~10kB/s. Is there a known reason for that? I started the download six days ago and am now only 10% done. Does it download over a torrent or something similar? My school ISP throttles torrents.