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The Memory of Eldurîm is an action-oriented, open world RPG. Battle, collect loot, and explore the vast original fantasy world.

Reasons to Believe

CryTek has never given a license for their engine to anyone except the big dogs—until now. Learn why The Memory of Eldurim will be the first exception—the only indie game ever to receive a CryTek license.

The Memory of Eldurim Pre-Alpha Demo 


We are also on Steam Greenlight!  

The Vision and the Need 

Today’s market is dominated by companies who use video games to get more money, rather than money to make greater games. We are not businessmen. We are creators. And we have already begun to make a game that is not about money, but rather about changing you and your buddies’ comments from “Yeah, that’s a cool game. I wish they’d do ‘x’ though.” To “That’s just what I always wished someone would do,” or even, “That was MY IDEA—I talked to them on the forums and they put it into the game!” This game is about a good old fashioned time, and so while it has the fundamentals (which you can skip to here if you want), it also has these features which we have to admit—if we say so ourselves—are pretty awesome: 

  •  A community of creators - our memory of how brilliant ideas among friends can be - we'll listen and implement, even adjust the order of implementation, per the desires of the community. 
  • Frequent and free updates - Be a part of the development process as the game grows. Don't wait for DLCs. You buy the game once and you get all updates for free forever. 
  • The memory of where we come from - We are gamers like you, which means that the indie spirit is blended with our license for CryTek. 
  • The Midas Touch - Which comes from the indie spirit - the difference, for instance, between a combat system that is "enough for an RPG" and a combat system that reflects our hunger for more epic, intelligent, and dynamic duels. 

Points of Particular Excellence

While often gamers are asked to tolerate boring fighting, “because RPG’s are more about the world,” or to brush over a cliché storyline, “because it’s just an action game,” we saw no reason why one game couldn’t have both a dynamic storyline AND combat system. Why choose either/or when you can go with both? 

1. Fast-Paced and Strategic Combat - Fight your enemies with your skill and your brain - this combat is not passive and it rewards your strategy. Your Approach Matters - Enemies, weapon types, armors, and spells all have strengths and weaknesses. You will be rewarded for your knowledge of your enemies and punished for your ignorance. 

  • Evolving Magic System - Hone your magical abilities and unlock new powers through a unique blood shard system. Combine magic and weapons for even more ways to take down your enemies. 
  • Dynamic Fighting - We believe combat should be more than simply gaining a powerful move and then spamming it. We believe it should involve using the move in the right circumstances. Thus fighting becomes dynamic: running and bashing may knock over light foes, but when you come upon hulking creatures in the forest, you better have another move up your sleeve, because you ain't gonna knock them suckers over. Likewise, certain armor will be more or less effective against certain weapon and magic types. Thus you get to SEE why your impale move isn't effective against certain foes—because they’ll dodge you. You don’t have to accept simply that there’s a formula beneath the action that makes sense—you get to see it make sense. 

2. A story that will linger with you

Everyone in this world has lost something, and they don’t even know they have, until the last of the free kingdoms is falling, and its lord, Tidan Taldaryn, has a dream. In this demo, play as Ryn Taldaryn, who has learned that the world hangs upon his ability to find the tree within his father’s dream. Ryn knows that death is the road to the tree—to finding what none know they've lost—but he is determined to walk it.

Fundamental Features 

  • Open World - Explore an expansive and ever-growing world. From peaceful green forests to barren desert wastelands, we want you to experience it all. 
  • Made with the CRYENGINE - The CRYENGINE is on the cutting edge of graphics and functionality which maximize your game play experience.
  • Non-Discrete Levels - Choose who you will be by the things you do, not by choosing a class. Every action in or out of combat has an effect on you in the very moment you take it. 
  • All Paths of Progression are Viable - No one play style will clearly be more powerful than the rest. All methods and play styles will be separate but equal. 
  • Your Approach Matters - Enemies, weapon types, armors, and spells all have strengths and weaknesses. You will be rewarded for your knowledge of your enemies and punished for your ignorance. 
  • Frequent and Free Updates - Be a part of the development process as the game grows. Don't wait for DLCs. You buy the game once and you get all updates for free forever. 
  • Unique and Dynamic Fantasy World - Face threats you have never before seen as you enter a brand new world. Watch as towns grow and groups come to accept you or revile you.
  • Co-Op - Join with friends to conquer your enemies through your LAN. 
  • Crafting - Gather resources and create powerful weapons and armor. 
  • Replayability - Randomized loot and a massive world full of things to do will keep you wanting to play again and again.

Video Demonstrations

If you cannot download the demo but you can watch a video check out this short gameplay video:

We have several other videos on our Youtube channel discussing all of the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Factions
  • Basic Combat
  • Advanced Combat
  • Merchants, crafting, and development.

This playable demonstration shows a small portion of the things we hope to accomplish as the game progresses. We know that the animations aren't the greatest and it might be a bit rough around the edges in some spots, but we think it shows a general idea of what we are trying to do. Our finished game will be much more detailed with additional features, but that’s where we need your help!

The purpose of this pre-alpha build is to showcase what we have been able to accomplish with an extremely low budget and only a few developers. Our goal for the final game is to provide you with something that we make together. As of right now, this is only available for Windows PC. (For more information on platforms, see the frequently asked questions section below).

What exactly do we mean when we say a living world? It means that this game keeps on growing. It means that we, as the developers, are committed to updating it often. Why is this so important? It's important because it turns the game into something more than the average game. Most games are produced with a limited goal. Usually games get released, make sales, and then they have outlived their usefulness to the developers so they stop developing and move on to a new project. If you're lucky you may get a few DLCs and a bug patch or two. Instead, imagine a game that is always growing. You pay for the game once but the game keeps giving back. The world keeps expanding, the art and physics keep improving, the features keep flooding in. Suddenly the game is so much more.

If you have ever played a game and thought "This game is so cool, It would be even cooler if only it had <feature X> or if <limitation Y> weren't there." then this game is for you. We have a long list of features that we are going to implement but we want 3 things from the community. First, we will have a list of features that we have decided need to be in the game. You will tell us which of these features you think needs to be implemented first. Second, we will allow the community to tell us which bugs or limitations in the game are the most annoying and we will make those bugs or refining/reworking aspects of the game our priority. Finally, we want the community to suggest and vote on features they would like to see in the game that we as developers had not thought of. You will be able to do this through the development forums dedicated to community interaction.

We aren't going to limit ourselves by saying we are only going to update once a month, nor do we want to unrealistically say we will have an update once a day. We will, however, say that these updates are a priority to us and it is something we want to provide as often as is possible and appropriate. Some may take longer and some may come out very quickly. We plan being very open with our community so you will always have a clue as to what is going on with our game.

Check out some excellent original music by composer Chris Kukla below:

A Bit More About Magic

 The magic is based on rare and powerful "blood shards" that are gathered through questing and occasionally through random drops from enemies. Without a blood shard the player will still be able to exert a force, but once a shard is placed in the wrist, the force becomes charged with whatever essence is in the shard.

 For example, if you have a fireblood shard then the force you exert is charged with the blood of fire. Once the blood of the user has mixed with the blood of fire enough, the shard is no longer needed.

 People who use fireblood shards a lot are called firebloods. Those who have familiarized themselves with stormblood shards enough become stormbloods and so on.

How it Started

We are a group of friends who have been avid video gamers since before we met. We have grown to become underwhelmed by the current gaming options, which do not focus enough on great game play, stimulating storylines, and replayability. Upon noticing a trend for some massive game companies to move away from these values, we have made it our mission to do our part in creating a game that brings the essence of a true game back to life. We believe we have begun to achieve this goal in our game, The Memory of Eldurîm.

We are now a small indie game company of three programmers, a writer, and an accountant. We recently had an environment artist join the team, and we will be updating the demo using his environment in the near future. We have worked very hard to get our game this far, and it has been no small feat. In fact, we hold the honor of being the first indie game company to be licensed by CryTek to use their powerful engine through their free tools. This shows that we have the dedication and determination to making this game work.

Bryan Excell - President, Programming, Environment Art, Story Development.

Brian Cozzens - Programming, Technical Art, Core Functionality

McCabe Nickerson - Programming, Scripting, AI

Sean O'Connor - Environment Art, Portfolio:

Bentley Snow - Story Development, World Creation

Jeffery Excell - Finances

Now days games are getting expensive, new ones often cost upwards of $60 US and even more in other areas of the world. We do not want that to be the case with our game. We feel that we have a good product and that people are willing to pay a fair price. We really want you to be a part of our Alpha testing phase because one of the core principles of our game is community interaction and constant development. We do, however, understand that you may simply not be able to join us in the alpha, this is why we have provided some more affordable options for those who still want to play but are unable hop into the alpha right away.

That being said we are going to make it possible for anyone to upgrade their access tier at any time. If all you can do is grab a copy of the game you will be able to upgrade it to beta access for only $5 US at any time before release, and if you have beta but want to upgrade to alpha you can do so any time before the beta has begun for only $5 US. We think this is a fair way to get you into the game and we promise that our Kickstarters will be getting a great deal that will not be available to those who buy the game after our crowd funding has ended.

We also want you to know that we are going to use the money we raise to directly develop the game. We have set our goal as low as possible in order to ensure that we can produce the product we are advertising. Some might ask why we want so much and others might ask how we are asking for so little.

The truth is that this game will take about one full year to develop, think of all the cost incurred in a single year of developing a video game. There are art assets, rent, game distribution costs, legal fees, equipment, software, licensing fees, and other costs associated with running a company, this is not even mentioning the minimum amount to have a small team of full time employees working on the game. Please be aware that we have set this price as low as we feel is reasonable in order to ensure that the game can be a success. If we meet our minimum requirements we have planned several stretch goals that will both ease our tight financial burdens but also make the game even better.

Whatever happens we are grateful that you have come to our page to check us out and consider pledging. You are what makes this a possibility and we are humbled with having a shot at living our dream and making this game a possibility. Thank you so very much. Your support means more to us than we are able to express.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Despite this being our first independent video game, we have been able to accomplish amazing things with our razor-thin budget, as evidenced by our gameplay prototype. We are confident that with your help, The Memory of Eldurîm will provide many hours of gameplay, and will be a visually stunning and engrossing experience.

Another challenge is money management. We have an accountant working with Liminal Games who can help manage and appropriate funds, as well as counsel us on legal issues and ensure the money we get from crowd funding will not be misused. Making sure our commitment to our backers is fulfilled on time is our primary concern.

Alpha and Beta users will have access to the private developer forums and will be a very important part of not only developmental testing and feedback, but they will also be crucial in helping shape the content, feel, and direction of the game.

Now it’s up to you to bring this game to life! Join us in our journey into The Memory of Eldurim by contributing to our fund today


  • Absolutely! By backing alpha you'll be guaranteed to have every single update that ever comes out for The Memory of Eldurîm starting immediately, continuing during pre-release development, and after the game is released. Beta backers will be begin having access to every aspect of our game once the beta phase has begun, and then continue on with updates from there even after the game is released.

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  • Because we are using the CryEngine, this will rely heavily on CryTek. It currently is not possible. We would love to have the game available on Mac/Linux in the future.

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    Archean's Armorer ============================== Help us design a mighty and truly unique weapon for the world to see and quest for. You tell us what type of weapon it will be and help determine its appearance and attributes within the game.

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    A Shard of Truth ============================== Help us design a rune that will appear all over the game effectively immortalizing yourself within the Memory of Eldurîm. You will work with our artists to make sure it is exactly as you wish it to be.

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    The Hand of Creation ============================== Help us design an NPC. He or she can look like you or not - he or she can be a treacherous villain or a virtuous saint. Work with writers and artists to add a part of yourself to the world.

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    Compatriot of The Void ============================== Help us create a faction. You can help decide the motives and the associated quest lines that go along with an entire group of people or creatures that the player will be able to ally him or herself with.

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    Eternity's Author ============================== You can work with our writers, our artists, and our development team to help create the idea for a town or city. Help name it and pick the architecture. Perhaps you have lore and associated quests or conflicts within your town. The possibilities are endless. Your word is the power of creation.

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    Eldurîm's Inscription ============================== You will receive an extremely rare and very limited (5) boxed copy of The Memory of Eldurîm. Each box will contain it's own unique art and will be signed by the development team.

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    The Sacrifice of Eldurîm ============================== You will be the singular recipient of a physical blood shard. We will create a custom blood shard of your choice (No actual blood will be used in the process). Be the envy of everyone whoever plays The Memory of Eldurîm

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