Scanbox - Turn your iPhone into a portable scanner

by Phil Bosua

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      Peter Verrillo on

      Guys, any update on shipment? It's been a month and no tracking number from Luke.

      Thank you,

    2. Faryl Zaklin on

      Can't wait for mine to arrive! Should I be concerned that I haven't received shipping details?

    3. Huld Märtha Hølvold on

      Got my Scanbox today. Initial impressions (admittedly before trying it out, as I don't have a 9V battery just lying around).

      - Why 9V batteries?!
      - The package was pretty bent, compromising the integrity of the cardboard.
      - The magnets are not strong enough for all points of contact. The top front flaps won't stick together.
      - I was surprised by the single strip of LEDs. I had assumed it would be two, for even light. It seems strange that the single strip is stuck to the front, too, since that's the side that will get the most light anyway.
      - I might have to find some form of non-slip material to stick to the top, as the others mentioned.

      I'm not very impressed at the moment, but will give you an update as I have a chance to give it a proper go.

    4. Huld Märtha Hølvold on

      Okay, after trying it out, here are my updates:

      - Still, why 9V?!
      - the Scanbox looks and feels flimsy when it's set up. There's very definite give when I put my iPhone 4 on top of it, and the bottom of the box bulges. There's also the issue of the bend in the cardboard that is permanently part of my unit thanks to damage in transit. These should be sent in flat cardboard packages, not floppy bubble wrap envelopes. Just a note for the future.
      - I get the idea of the LED strip now, as it shines onto the back and reflects onto the document a fairly even light. I darkened my room completely and did a "scan" with just the LED strip, and the result is pretty good.
      - I don't really think that the selling price fits the end product. When I backed the project, I assumed that the construction would be more rigid. I would rather have paid more and got a lightweight plastic construction.
      - I don't see the phone moving around much on top of it, so scratch the non-stick comment from earlier. You don't need more than a very light touch on the screen to snap a photo, so can't see that moving it.

      Conclusion: This could be a really good product, but some strange choices in construction, shipment and pricing keep it from being something I would fully recommend to friends, even though I will be getting some use out of it and it is a lot better than nothing.

    5. Kenneth Killeen on

      Folks, an update would be appreciated for those of us who have not received any email re shipping, no tracking numbers and no scanbox. Thanks.

    6. Sha Ali on

      I was one of the first few backers, and I still do not have my tracking number or the package.

      This is very bad.

    7. Denis Loubet on

      No tracking number or package as of 26-11-12.

      I'm not biting my nails, but I hate waiting for closure! ;-)

    8. Jo A. on

      Same here. I haven't received any news/tracking number/package.

    9. Grace Marshall on

      I haven't received mine either. No tracking or product. Please let us know some sort of status. I've been counting on it for my business.

    10. Shane Williams on

      Mine has not arrived either.

    11. Jeff Andrews on

      Just wanted to say thanks. Scanbox safely arrived in Belgium in perfect shape. I really appreciate the communications and updates and wish you much success in the future.

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      Billy Moore on

      Tracking number arrived as of 26-11-2012 so there is hope.
      (How is the weather in CenTex Denis?)

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      Robert Holden on

      Don't have mine either as of 11/29/2012. Would hoped to have received before now.

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      Mohammed shams on

      Mine has not arrived either. Please let us know some sort of status.

    15. Peter Reilly on

      Mine's arrived and so far it's been great!!! I hope only improvements are ahead ;-) Cause this is an idea that will definitely get better. I do genealogy and already know several people who would love one!

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      Heather Lobitz on

      Like some of the other commentors, I have not received my scanbox. The tracking website says "unsuccessful delivery" on November 10th but I have no idea what that means or how to go about getting my scanbox. It would be great to get an update that addresses some of the backers' common and valid concerns.

    17. Missing avatar

      Billy Moore on

      Sacnbox arrived today (1 Dec). The was best for tracking. The instructions at helped me get it up in a couple of minutes.
      Thank you.

    18. Micah

      Still no Scanbox

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      Gary Vial on

      Paid for my ScanBox on 06Jul12. Have received generic updates, but nothing specific about when mine is shipping. Why not ? 5 months is a pretty long wait ..

    20. Josh Pelz on

      Like many others I have not received what I paid for... Are you still shipping?? Why no updates??

    21. Seth Lovell on

      I got my Scanbox a few days ago and it was bent to absolute hell. So bad that many times it doesnt stand right.. how should I proceed?

    22. Elliott B. Edwards on

      For others that may have hit the same thing: I dug in my email and found that my "tracking code" email was spam filtered (probably because one of the tracking sites is a .cn TLD)

      I tried to use my tracking code on one of the listed sites, and got page errors (once i navigated the pretty awful CAPTCHA code). The second fared better, and i got a tracking status in English of:

      Nov 10, 2012 1:16:00 PM Status:Unsuccessful Delivery, Location:UNITED STATES

      Others have alluded to a similar status, but it seems very unlikely that this was ever at my doorstep. (My wife is home most days, and no notice was left).

      I have contacted the listed email from the tracking number asking my order status, why the delivery was "unsuccesful", and how to fix it.

      TL:DR check your spam filter, but knowing is only half the battle. :|

    23. Mag Teo

      Hi, I ordered 10 Scanboxes intending to retail them but the condition the scanboxes received (bent or torn) made it almost impossible for me to sell - let alone give it away. I am disappointed to say the least. If you use paper packaging, at least put them in boxes when shipping & not just slot them in envelopes when shipping cos envelopes BEND!

    24. Mag Teo

      BTW the so-called "Premium Retail Packaging" promised is definitely non existent!

    25. Elliott B. Edwards on

      My email to the shipping staff at was promptly responded to. Since I am in the states, the site could understand my tracking code, and I was finally able to see where that package got to . It had been sitting at my local post office since mid November, and they hadn't yet "tried again".

      It arrived in seemingly good shape, but will have to snag a 9 volt battery to try the LED.

      Good luck to those that are still in limbo.

    26. Werner Aguilar on

      Never received the Scanbox Plus that I ordered. I paid $25.00 on July 7, 2012.

      My name and address:

      Werner Aguilar
      6644 GA Highway 85
      Waverly Hall, GA 31831

      (706) 566-1601 (Cell)

      Transaction Details

      To: David Evans
      From: Werner John Aguilar
      Amount: -$25.00
      Date Completed: Jul 7, 2012 - 5:24 PM PDT
      Fees: $0.00 (What's this?)
      Payment Method: Credit Card
      Account: Visa *******0953
      Account Holder's Name: Werner J Aguilar
      For: Goods/Services - Scanbox Turn your iPhone into a portable scanner by Phil Bosua
      Type: Payment
      Status: Success
      Reference ID: FpsTransaction::Funding3863837

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      Stan Abe

      Still waiting to hear about my Scanbox Plus. I hope that it ships soon.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alan Thompson on

      Still haven't received. What's the deal?

    29. Missing avatar

      Mathew A on

      Still haven't received my item, its been well over 6 weeks!!!! Can you post an update as to whats going on?

    30. Missing avatar

      Sharon Regan-Williams on

      It is December 8, and the last update was at the end of October. I do not have a Scanbox yet. How can I get my money back?

    31. Missing avatar

      Lester on

      It is Dec 13, and I still not recieve my Scanbox in Singapore yet. Any update please?

    32. Darryl McGill on

      Its 12.17 and I still don't have my unit . We put our money up so you could chase a dream. Well now its time to put up or just tell all the Kickstarters that you just didn't make it and you wont try any more projects.

    33. Marcel Berman

      Today, December the 20th, I still did'nt receive anything in Belgium ... I hope that i'll receive it before the end of the world ... or later but I am not too sure that I'll still be able to use it ! :-) More seriously is that normal ? I am patient ... But now it I think that it is time to be delivered !
      Marcel Berman

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      DEREK WOODS on

      still have not received scan box. you have not updated the kickstarter community since the end of October. this seems very unreasonable given the amount of capital you have raised.

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      William Cunningham on

      I still haven't received my scanbox. Still interested in seeing and using this product.

      William Cunningham

    36. Hiroki Nakano on

      I got today.
      It's nice !!

    37. Missing avatar

      jengpaul on

      Happy New Year! I still haven't received my scanbox, how could we check when we'll have it in hand? Thanks.

    38. Joseph Shivak on

      i think someone copied your work? or did you get a new name? Standscan just followed me on twitter and the box looks pretty identical with one change on power lights for pro version.

    39. Kay Krause on

      I wait and wait.
      It's a bit sad.
      Meanwhile makes "Stand scan" a lot of publicity (an ugly copy. Ugh.)
      Please let your fans and supporters very quickly know the reason for the delay!
      Thank you.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ida Cathrine Nilsen on

      Here too. I've waited for a long time now. When is it coming?

    41. Missing avatar

      Fiona on

      Were there supposed to be instructions? If so, I didn't get them. Can you at least post them online? Thanks.

    42. Haruhiko Arisaka on

      I still have waited long long time . I introduced it to my customer , now I became a liar .
      How can I receive any comments from "Team Scanbox" ?
      I got angry, and want to Kick them ! Sorry .

    43. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Pelzman on

      I was also surprised that my package came without any instructions, notes, nothing ... did you post anywhere? Is anyone monitoring this board?

    44. Alfonso X Moreno on

      I can see I'm not the only one who hasn't received what we paid for.
      Please I demand a notification when my shipment will be sent.

    45. Chapps on

      So very confused. The Scanbox showed up last month with no instructions ... and a 9v battery connector, but nothing happens when the battery is connected. I'm reading about an LED strip, but I can't see one in my Scanbox.

      Oh, well ...lesson learned.

    46. Josh Pelz on

      Do you ever plan on shipping this? It has taken you a very long time to assembl. 4 strips of cardboard...please advise if you stole from me or if i should expect this product to ever ship...

    47. Missing avatar

      davimlee on

      I've never received a tracking number of the product. Please advise.

    48. Victor Leal Garcia on

      I never received mine!! What should I do???
      So long wait.....

    49. Phil Bosua 3-time creator on

      Hello everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that we're continuing to contact Kickstarter backers to resolve any issues people may have had with the ScanBox. Many of you have heard from me by email already but if I've missed anyone please contact me directly at

    50. tigeranniemac on

      I haven't received mine yet. Who should I contact?