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Easy to use, affordable & super portable. Scanbox allows you to use your smartphone's camera to take amazing high quality scans.
5,585 backers pledged $184,499 to help bring this project to life.

Production shots.

Posted by Phil Bosua (Creator)

Just a very quick update showing you a few photos of Scanbox on the production line too. Can't wait to get these to you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Debi Crabtree on

      Since the Kickstarter servers were hacked, I have had a reason to return to this site, so I'll leave a comment. I found the Scanbox to be a waste of money. A lot of light leaks in as the design does not completely come together at the corners. Very disappointed. A complete waste of money. I have not been able to photograph a single image that was worth keeping.

    2. Harry Armytage on

      I got my Scanbox Plus and they look fantastic and work really well.

      Since they arrived in plain envelopes with no assembly instructions, is there somewhere I can download assembly instructions for the unit as I am gifting some of them

    3. Christian Scheinast on

      Do you plan to make a version of scanbox for the iPhone 5 as well?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      For one:

      pledged of $12,500 goal"

    5. Morten Greibe Petersen on

      How can the anticipated ship date be so off?


    6. Gerard Holder on

      I agree with Jacquie Gilmour and many backers here, I just like to hear about my backing at least once a month just to make sure they are still around.

    7. Missing avatar

      tigerwong on

      Your last update said our orders will be shipped 10/12. Can I change my shipping address? I will be leaving on a business trip on 10/10 (for 3 months) and would like to have my Scanbox shipped to my hotel so I can use it on the road. Thank you.

    8. remco on

      cee previous update....: shipping 12 oktober

    9. Dimitri Roegiers on

      Any update on shipment? Original delivery was July...

    10. Leo Vogel on

      Have the scanboxes shipped?

    11. Joyce Speer on

      Patience is a virtue

    12. Anonymous on

      Any idea when you will start shipping?

    13. Phoebe Owens on

      also ditto Jacquie

    14. Brian Calabrese on

      when is this actually shipping ?

    15. Steven Reynolds on

      Boom! Looks killer. Can't wait. Will it work with the new iPhone?

    16. Faryl Zaklin on

      Ditto what Jacquie said

    17. Missing avatar

      Jacquie Gilmour on

      Wow. Just catching up on comments over the last few posts. Some backers can be a wee bit brutal. I just wanted to add my voice to the quality over quantity group. When I back a project, I don't really pay attention to any dates except when do I pay to support a cool project. When something comes in the mail as a result of the project I've supported, that is a reward...just as stated on Kickstarter. This is not a live market. I come here to support ideas & initiatives and sometimes get rewarded with cool stuff in kind.
      If you want or need guaranteed ship dates, I suggest you look for 'shopping' websites, instead.

      Keep doing what you need to do to get it right & ready, Phil - and remember although we're not always vocal, the majority of your backers are interested in your initiative & not the reward. (Well, not totally true...the reward will be awesome! But we can wait until you're ready!)

    18. Scott Kerns on

      It should work with anything that has a camera...

    19. Missing avatar

      Jordan Willard on

      Will this work with iPhone 5?

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      George Vargese: In the September 11th update they said October 12th.

    21. Missing avatar

      George Varghese on

      Out of curiosity, have you started shipping any yet?

    22. Anonymous on

      Also in a previous post you mentioned you were working on a new scanning iPhone app. Any developments on that?

    23. Anonymous on

      Any idea when you'll start shipping?

    24. Melody Lu on

      Great photos! I'm really excited for when these come in-- I ordered mine for my dad, who is a crazy jetsetter always trying to scan signatures and paperwork...

    25. Joseph Shivak on

      can't wait.. i'll keep it right next to my Asus Transformer.. Just gotta find a nice holder for a 9volt battery to power the lights and keep it in my bag.

    26. Andy Haer on

      When you are done you should make a scan box that is optomized for scanning and depositing checks using the Bank Of America (or other bank) app

    27. Jason Weaver on

      Looking great guys!!!! I can't wait to get mine and start using it. This is the next generation of multi-Media in scanning, copying, e-mail, faxing and I so glad that I'm on the front line with you guys. Don't stop here take it farther this device can go so many more places I have had ideas on how you can expand on this. Let my know!!! SCANBOX IS THE FURTURE.