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Easy to use, affordable & super portable. Scanbox allows you to use your smartphone's camera to take amazing high quality scans.
5,585 backers pledged $184,499 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Phil Bosua (Creator)

Hi everyone,

First of all, just a quick note to thank-you all for your patience. We massively appreciate everyone's patience and support while we've been working to get your ScanBox orders to you. 

It's been a huge journey, we've learned a lot, and we apologize that the shipping date was moved back originally, but we now finally have some good news. After much pushing, prodding and late night phone calls we've got a firm shipping date. 

October 12!

So, all going well you should receive your ScanBox order very shortly after. 

If we hit any unforeseen problems we'll obviously let you know, but it's exciting to have ScanBox in full production and be able to have the little things on hand like the unbranded batch shown below. 

Also we thought we'd just send out an update to let you know two bits of exciting news.

1) We've changed the name of our studio from LimeMouse to LIFX. 

We've learned so much from ScanBox and are just hugely grateful for all your feedback, ideas and inputs. It's taught us a lot about, particularly about logistics, manufacturing and shipping. We've also just been really overwhelmed by your support and want to take what we've learned and make more cool stuff for you. 

2) Which leads us to our second piece of news. And it's a big one. We'll be announcing a new project very soon, called, you guessed it LIFX. 

Without giving too much away, we're reinventing another type of product ;) It will go live shortly, and we'd love your feedback when it has! 

But before all that happens, a huge thank-you again, and we really look forward to having ScanBox in your hands and hearing about how you're using it once it arrives. If you don't receive yours shortly after October 12 please reach out directly and we'll post your order to you personally. 

We want to thank everyone again everyone look forward to keeping in touch. 

All the best, 


*Below is an image is a collection of raw samples (unbranded) from manufacturer that were tweaked and form the basis of what's now in production, and ready for full coloration and design cues. :-)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kemp on

      Joshua Stebbins, kickstarter is more than just funding a project. It also functions as pre-market research. Do you think 3 months ago you would have anticipated $185,000 in orders and risked your own capital, or worse borrowed money from a bank based on your best guess?

    2. Missing avatar

      Corey Panno on

      Ship when right & ready is all I ask.

    3. Joshua Stebbins on

      I realize issues come up, but a three month delivery date push is a little extreme. What do you think interest for a 185,000k loan would be for three months?

    4. Amir Mortezaie on

      iPhone 5 is supported, right?

    5. Missing avatar

      Amer Mall on

      What Phillip Williams said :)

    6. Phillip Williams on

      I hope they work with the new iPhone 5!

    7. Kenneth Killeen on

      Good stuff guys.
      Look forward to it.
      Would also like an ETA on int'l delivery if possible?

    8. Dimitri Roegiers on

      The pile of ready-to-scan documents is getting problematic...

    9. Missing avatar

      John Oates on

      Do you know when international customers (in my case the UK) can expect to receive their Scanboxes? I was hoping to get mine for a big trip away at the end of October, and when I ordered I thought there would be plenty of time. Glad to hear that you have a firm date, anyway.

    10. Missing avatar

      Charles H Nadler on

      LIFX sounds like a transportation corporation or a holding company for nursing homes.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rob Heathcote on

      Thanks for the update, so looking forward to the light box.

    12. Missing avatar

      Johan Sosa on

      Me too, I prefer the name LimeMouse. LIFX is just a bit weird to say .. maybe it's different for Australians.

    13. Missing avatar

      Linda G McCullough on

      Oh come on...I like LimeMouse...

    14. Dana on

      You once mentioned some software that you recommended to use with this, can you tell us the name again?

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Felstead on

      Great stuff.Shouldn't take too long to get to Clifton Hill :-).

    16. Missing avatar

      Rusty on

      Just one question: how do you pronounce "LIFX"....

    17. Beth Lamenskie on

      Will we get an email about your next product?

    18. Anonymous on

      Maybe your existing backers Gould get a heads up and given a chance to buy into your new product at a cheaper fast acting price.

    19. Howard Oakes on

      Thaks for the update. I am looking forward to getting this into my hands.

    20. Philippe Thibault on

      Awesome news :) can't wait to see your next project :)

    21. Sippakorn K on

      Thanks for update!

    22. Missing avatar

      Gary N. on

      What's your email if we need to update our shipping address? Thanks.