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Easy to use, affordable & super portable. Scanbox allows you to use your smartphone's camera to take amazing high quality scans.
5,585 backers pledged $184,499 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Phil Bosua (Creator)

Hey everybody,

Thank you all again so much for the pledges and kind comments.

A few housekeeping things:

• Surveys should be arriving in your inbox asking for your shipping addresses in the next day or so. If you have any problems please let us know.

• If your credit card was rejected by Amazon Payments, don't worry! You should have already been contacted by Kickstarter with instructions on how to fix the problem. Anyone who is having trouble can contact, they are ready and willing to assist you.

• To those of you that didn't have a chance to add in the extra cost for shipping please don't stress. You can use Paypal to send us the money. Our account is

• Finally if you (or a friend) just missed the Kickstarter campaign. Worry not. You will be able to purchase Scanbox and Scanbox Plus from our website in the coming days... so stay tuned!

We will be keeping everyone up to date with our progress via our website and from our Kickstarter project page.

- Scanbox Team


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    1. Moments on

      an update would be nice

    2. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      In production.

    3. Missing avatar

      John Waiss on

      Where is my ScanBox?

    4. Missing avatar

      John Waiss on

      Where is my ScanBox?

    5. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      This was posted in the comment section:

      "Creator Phil Bosua on July 19
      Hi everyone,
      Just a quick message, regarding shipping time. We are still aiming for a late August release for all you awesome KS backers. The shipping date listed on is for those who purchased Scanbox after the KS project finished :-)

    6. Joachim Reinhold on

      With all due respect I like to ask about the overall status, I wish to learn about your educated guess, when ScanBox will be shipped to those who believed in you and backed the project. I backed the idea, made all payments (INCLUDING the right amount of postage) but since then I haven't heard anything from you. Please forgive my blunt intrusion coming here but I really wish to know. Yours faithfully, Achim.

    7. Missing avatar

      Omer Alparslan on

      So how do we buy this ? I missed the pledge date I guess ?

    8. Walter H. Hunt on

      Yes indeed. When in August will the July 2012 delivery be taking place?

    9. Missing avatar

      Musaed Adel Hussain on

      Still ... No thing shiping to me !!!!

    10. SkwrHdz on

      I filled out the survey ages ago, still not received my ScanBox Plus!

      Are they being shipped?

      When should I get mine?

    11. Dale on

      Any word on the ship date?

    12. Daniel Moorthy on

      I filled out the survey on 12th July - still no Scanbox in the mail. Have they been sent out yet?

    13. Missing avatar

      Julie on

      I have no survey email either...please let us know what's up. Thanks!

    14. cris on

      When will the boxes go into mail? Just curious.

    15. Mohit Khanna on

      Hello Phil,

      I have not yet received any survey mails. Please can you update up on the status?


    16. Missing avatar

      David Appleton on

      Completed my survey on 12 July, looking forward to receiving my Scanbox as scanning stuff by hand with the iPhone is a bit "hit or miss" on getting the image focussed and well lit.

    17. Missing avatar

      matt on

      I still don't have my scanbox. When will I/the other buyers receive the product?

    18. Missing avatar

      Solomon on

      i never got a survey for my shipping address.

    19. roto on

      ...and thanks Carleton. Phil actually put me in touch with someone who can check out what my company (full-time gig) has to offer.

    20. roto on

      I just paid an additional $10 (bringing my total pledge to $28) for a ScanBox Plus and its shipping.

    21. Phil Bosua 3-time creator on

      The PayPal address is

      Thanks Glenn for pointing out this typo.

    22. Missing avatar

      Glenn Proctor on

      Can you confirm whether the PayPal address is as stated above and in the email? Or should it be ?

    23. Carleton Torpin on

      I'd definitely take Roto up on that offer. Responsive sites are the way to go these days and a product is only as good as it's website when it doesn't have a big footprint in retail storefronts yet.

    24. roto on

      Now that you've got all that shiny funding, I'd love to help you recode that nice website so it's responsive (i.e. - plays nicely on tablet & mobile...along with the full web).