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LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
9,236 backers pledged $1,314,542 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping, reviews and other updates


It's been a pretty exciting couple of weeks at the LIFX office. As more and more backers start to receive their bulbs and share some (awesome) pics of how they are being used, its really heartening to hear good reviews coming back.


We have 7,000 bulbs on a plane to the US at the moment with an ETA from our logistics partner that these will leave the US distribution warehouse around the 10th of Dec. We have upgraded everything to air freight (at a painful cost increase) to get these to you as fast as possible. We have had a few questions around time frames on the logistics side so let me do my best to explain (if you get bored reading about logistics over your morning coffee feel free to skip the next paragraph).

After a bulb is manufactured it is packaged up and loaded onto a pallet to be picked up by our logistics partner. At this stage the pallet is freighted to either our US distribution facility (for orders in the Americas) or our Hong Kong distribution facility (for orders shipped to the rest of the world). Once the bulbs pass through customs these are then loaded in to the distribution facility and start shipping out to backers. Global logistics operations are something that even the big guys struggle with from time to time, luckily we have had Mike (pictured below) stationed in China for the past 6 weeks keeping everything moving. After 6 weeks of hotel food and not being able to sleep in his own bed, trust me when I say he is doing everything possible to speed up shipping.


The current estimate (and I say "estimate" as we are relying on quite a few 3rd party companies, customs, postal services, etc) is that 90-95% of kickstarter bulbs will be shipped out prior to Christmas. On the up side, China doesn't really break for Christmas so if you are one of the unlucky few that do not get yours in time, it won't be far away.

Version 1 of the Android app went live on the Google Play store this week. In an ideal world we would have liked this this to go out with a few more features but hopefully this will tide Android users over till we can roll out the next app update. We are aware of some bugs in the current release and these are being worked on as I speak.

Regarding programmatic access, some of you have rightly estimated that we use a (custom) binary protocol on the LAN (in the interest of speed and reducing fragmentation). We're working towards releasing a Ruby and C implementation as a reference to this, and to initially make things easier for our developer friends. Cloud is to follow, which will feature an authenticated REST interface to what is essentially an open TCP connection to the nominated gateway bulb.

GU10 is progressing well and at this stage we are still on track to deliver these in Q1 of next year. For those of you who are waiting on GU10's we appreciate your patience but think you'll be satisfied with the end result.

Also, here is a little video of 50 bulbs we setup in the office for testing. As you can see, it's quite feasible to run a whole house on LIFX- a milestone we've worked towards from the start.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Perrault on June 4, 2014

      I'm sorta p***ed - I've emailed you guys - no response. I have NOT received mine. I contributed a good sum for 8 of them and have heard nothing and received nothing. What gives?

    2. Thomas Lauwers on February 9, 2014

      Hey Guys .. I' still waiting for mine ... Belgium ... When can I expect it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew on January 26, 2014

      Milfred, my bulbs arrived 1st week of January. (I'm located in Sydney.)

      And boys; your bulbs are freaking amazing! So simple to install and use. Thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Milfred Gilbertson on January 18, 2014

      Just wondering about shipments to Australia. Have received nothing so far. Just sent an e-mail to support with address information.


    5. Missing avatar

      Jim van der Zon on January 9, 2014

      Netherlands... They have arrived!
      Very powerful lamps. My wife does not think they are pretty.
      Installation is very easy. Light is beautiful.

      Very curious to addional functionality in the app. Like:
      - timers in all their forms
      - GPS
      - connection to IFTTT

    6. Lisa Kruse
      on January 2, 2014

      Got mine in Chicago and LOVE them! Must buy more!

    7. Max Ciociola on December 26, 2013

      still haven't received anything in Italy... ;-(

    8. Missing avatar

      Tobias (deleted) on December 24, 2013

      Switzerland: No bulbs. Where are my bulbs, did anyone receive their bulbs? Next time it would be better to order the stuff direct from a local seller because they have the bulbs on stock

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim van der Zon on December 24, 2013

      Holland: No bulbs received yet. So nothing to play with during christmas :-/
      Still hoping they will arrive soon.

    10. Missing avatar

      JCC on December 23, 2013

      Where are my bulbs??? This is ridiculous, I'm so upset, have I known it would take 2 years, I would have bought the Phillips. Now I read they are available at Best Buy, is this a joke? Are you pulling names out of a hat?

    11. Joseph Binotto on December 20, 2013

      Anyone from California receive their bulbs yet? I am getting really upset since every Best Buy in town have them!

    12. Eric Bjord on December 15, 2013

      Yeah, LIFX has arrived, heavier than I thought, but works great and we've currently settled on a dark green colour for the living room, quite nice! Everyone who has visited us are amazed by it, so expect more orders coming your way.

      My only complaint is how the package was sent, since it was labeled "other" in "package content" I had to pay customs for it, which was another $29 after paying $74 for it here already, which was kind of a let down, especially since I've backed quite few projects here before and NEVER had it sent to me in a way which had me have to pay customs.

      But again, apart for that, everything great and very happy with my LIFX bulb!

    13. Missing avatar

      alvaro garcia blanco on December 12, 2013

      Anyone from Spain has already receied the lifx bulb?
      No information here about my package yet... (not sent at all)

    14. gerry campbell on December 10, 2013

      Got mine today. Simple to set up and they are absolutely awesome!

    15. Vagelis Fragkos on December 10, 2013

      Can Lifx confirm that Shipwire will do the shipping?Is it correct that UPS ground service will deliver the product and the final carrier to all destinations will be USPS? (That will mean, USPS will be the final shipping service to every country in EU that backed the project,thus leading to zero or decreased customs!!!)

    16. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on December 9, 2013

      "Your LIFX order has just been shipped!" They are using Shipwire that is using UPS Surepost. UPS will move the stuff from origin city to destination city and then hand it off to USPS for the final house delivery.

    17. nathaniel engelsen on December 9, 2013

      To be very clear, I mean to say I updated my location in Kickstarter. Obviously that is profile information that is not shared with creators.

    18. nathaniel engelsen on December 9, 2013

      @Bryan -- I moved back in May and updated my address within Kickstarter itself. The first time it was brought to my attention that they still had my old address was when I received the shipping notification. 100% of the items (like my Pebble watch) that I ordered have made it to me -- the LIFX bulb is the only one that I am having these problems with.

    19. Sacha Cohen on December 9, 2013

      I received my bulbs, including a gun metal one, today in the UK. Works well and is nice and bright, I wish it had the alarm integration right out of the box, but it will no doubt arrive at some point.

    20. Bryan on December 9, 2013

      @Nathaniel THey said in multiple updates and comments in the last 6 weeks that shipping was occurring soon, and to please contact to update your address if you have moved.

    21. nathaniel engelsen on December 9, 2013

      I just contacted the LIFX team with this:

      I moved sometime between when the LIFX bulb was supposed to ship and now, when it's actually shipping. I updated my address in kickstarter but I see now that you and your team did not update your address list. As a result, my bulbs are being shipped to my old address. Why was my old address used, and why weren't we, the backers, after a considerable delay in shipping, asked if we needed to update our addresses?

    22. Jesus Salcido on December 9, 2013

      Hey It's not fair that Backers invest on your project and Best Buy has the bulbs first, what's up with that , also , the bulbs were supposed to be delivered by April 2013 not 2014.
      I hope that at least the Backers have a special price once they can be purchased if they ever come, but I guess money is King and who ever has more has the first look and delivery, I'm very disapointed.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris B on December 9, 2013

      For what it's worth, it appears that BestBuy was in line BEFORE kickstarters:…

      Assuming that's true and that BestBuy fronted some money to them, then they should be getting their bulbs before backers.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris B on December 9, 2013

      Well, I can't say that I'm happy that Best Buy is getting bulb as soon as or before backers. BUT, it is important to be aware that it appears (at least at this point) that the delay right now is shipping, not manufacturing.

      I suspect that it probably takes about as long to send a shipment of 1,000 bulbs to Best Buy as it would to send 1 bulb to two different backers. So if this is just a question of shipping items that are already in the US, then I don't really have a huge problem with it.

      If this is a case of sending hundreds to Best Buy while not being able to fulfill backers orders because they don't have enough stock made or not enough stock already in the US, then that's a big problem.

    25. Joseph Binotto on December 9, 2013

      I just got a UPS notice (because I am UPS MyChoice member) of a shipment from Amazon departing Hodgkins, IL, United States to arrive tomorrow. Since I don't have any current Amazon orders, I hope this is it! But I am really dismayed to see Best Buy has these bulbs and shipping them. Looks like many customers at Best Buy already have them. Anyhow, I will let you know tomorrow if my unknown shipment from Amazon is really LIFX.

    26. Missing avatar

      Derek Hood on December 9, 2013

      I have been patiently waiting in Texas since March and just hoping I could have my bulbs sometime before Xmas. But with this information (--…) you provided I have to agree I am very disappointed for the first time with this process it is very interesting that some how best buy is able to guarantee delivery by December 24 and it doesn't seem likely that the original kickstarter backer will be receiving our bulbs by December 24. It now appears that the photos of shipping boxes that we saw in previous updates were shipped to retail stores. But all we can do is hope that the original backers will at some point receive our bulbs before another major retail store jumps to the head of the line.

    27. Tramber En Short on December 9, 2013

      If you ship the bulb from Hong Kong (not from US), why is there an extra cost of 20$ on shipping to Europe ? Is it more expensive to send something from Hong Kong to Europe than from Hong Kong to US ? And as Vagelis says below if we (European backers) have to pay 20$ + custom duty, the final cost of the bulb will be ridiculously high. Initially it seemed to be a good idea to support this project, but at the end it appears to be much less. :(
      However, bravo for the job and let's wait and see ?

    28. Jason Pasierski on December 9, 2013

      Waiting patiently in New Jersey. Been very excited about this and am looking forward to adding this as part of our Christmas Spirit. Red and Green and everything in beteeen.

      Cheers guys, very excited!

      Ps. Sad that app is available for Windows phone. I will actually need to use my old iPhone to operate this, I hope it won't be an issue. :(

    29. Vagelis Fragkos on December 9, 2013

      If you chose UPS/Fedex we will pay a lot for customs and every bulb will finally cost €90 instead of €45 that is currently!

    30. Vagelis Fragkos on December 9, 2013

      So to all us European backers the bulbs are coming from Hong Kong using what service?Hong Kong Post or China Post?If that is the case we won't have any problem.If you chose UPS?Fedex we will pay so much money that you will have so many frustrated Out of US customers and your product will halt and sold only to US! PLEASE make a detailed shipment analysis update for Europe AND Australia cause those guys are not mentioned a lot in your updates.Please try to be more thorough!

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hawkins on December 9, 2013

      Who on earth made the decision to ship all European orders separately and individually from Hong Kong ? Each one then incurring a separate and costly handling charge in addition to higher VAT and duty cf one trade value shipment into any EEC country. I'm guessing this must be incurring an extra $100K + cost (to someone) as just the wasted handling cost per shipment is over $15 here without the VAT and duty increased costs.

      Also - Have you really not got an online order management system in place for customers yet so they can see their place in the queue, edit details and check despatch etc ? You've had so much extra time to address these issues because of the manufacturing delay and yet they seem to have not been done. There are really long delays in replies via email , if you get a reply at all, and I'm sure the questions being asked are all similar administrative ones that an online system would have addressed, freeing up your time now when shipments start.

    32. Andrew Hingston on December 9, 2013

      Guys another reason for the delay: They would rather ship out lifx to companies like Best Buy etc BEFORE the backers who helped FUND this project even get theirs.… As if that wasn't bad enough, I can't even buy them because Best buy only sells them in USA!

    33. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on December 9, 2013

      Short version: I think that if you have Gun Metal Grey in your order, your order is a bit delayed.

      I have all whites, and I got a shipping notification over the weekend. (An intention that shipping is near, no tracking number as yet)

    34. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on December 9, 2013

      Claes, Gun Metal Grey seems to be the reason your order is delayed... I don't think those are all quite finished up as yet. Who knows... but that's what it seems to me.

    35. Claes Ström on December 9, 2013

      @Phil @LIFX When will you come back with some concrete information to us where the logistics have failed?

      An answer about that tracking info should come "in a week *OR SO*", is no answer (and I have not got it)!

      I'm waiting in Sweden for 6 gun metal grey and 4 white E27 bulbs, and I have tried communicate with you here, Twitter, and support form at without any success since you (tried) delivered to Sweden and UK.

      In short:
      What happens with my bulbs?

    36. Ofir on December 9, 2013

      I saw the app, still didn't get the bulb in Israel, but my question is when is the timed light off or the linking to music going to be in the software?

    37. Missing avatar

      Cobrajr on December 9, 2013

      I hope you did not ship directly to Canadian customers using anything but USPS. We will all get hit with crazy high brokerage charges unless you worked that out with the other companies, USPS is flat rate at least.

    38. Cheong Yip on December 9, 2013

      From Sydney and ordered 4 white bayonet bulbs. Still have not received them either.

    39. Shane Poppleton on December 9, 2013

      To the other Aussies on here. I got my 4 white bayonet bulbs December 3rd

    40. Peter Russell on December 8, 2013

      Yes, seems like delivery to Australia is spasmodic Craig, with some getting theirs (seen posts), yet have not received mine in Melbourne as yet. Just seems odd.

    41. Andrew Hingston on December 8, 2013

      Guys if you choose to get a grey lightbulb there is a delay. I emailed support and they told me there is a delay with the grey ones. It's really unfair, If I had of known I would just get white it doesn't bother me at all what colour it is.

    42. ajfisher on December 8, 2013

      Hi guys. We've heard a lot about Europe and North America. Would be great to understand where Australia fits into the delivery sequence (not least as we all know what we're a small market and we have some of the worst logistics).

      I'm assuming that if the Aussie orders aren't out this week then they won't be until New Year?

      How are you going to deal with offices closing around Xmas - New Year periods?

    43. Phil Bosua 3-time creator on December 8, 2013

      @Jason - Have you emailed The support guys should be able to help you out.
      @Alex - grey bulbs are shipping out at the moment :)
      @Criag - Aussie backers are on their way over the next couple of weeks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Larry on December 8, 2013

      Good to hear US is getting bulbs. I hope I get mine before Christmas.

    45. Craig Stump on December 8, 2013

      What's the ETA on Australian orders (your home country!)?

    46. A D (deleted) on December 8, 2013

      Hey Phil! This is awesome news. It's why I love updates! :-) I'm personally wondering how the grey bulbs are doing in production?

    47. Jason Bradshaw on December 8, 2013

      I've asked multiple times how do I update my delivery address please.

    48. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on December 8, 2013

      Finally we shall see the light, and the light has many colors :-D

    49. Phil Bosua 3-time creator on December 8, 2013

      Thanks Chanakya! We have been advised by our shipping partner that tracking numbers are automatically generated when each bulb leave the warehouse. So be sure to keep an eye on your inbox (and maybe your spam folder depending on your mail client).

    50. Chanakya Shah on December 8, 2013

      Amazing guys !!!!! Can't wait for this to light up my entire room.

      Do we get a tracking number?