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LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
9,236 backers pledged $1,314,542 to help bring this project to life.

The arm wrestle as we inch closer.

Posted by Phil Bosua (Creator)

We've been back in Shenzhen for the past few days, and as always it's a stressful but exciting time. The factory is humming along as the tooling continues and we await the first batch off the line. 

Having done the rounds on Monday though, the 500 initial units are behind schedule, which is frustrating, as the UL/CE certification can’t commence without them. This isn’t down to any single factor, more a combination of many little things (e.g. minor component swap outs, power supply performance tweaks, correcting texture samples, serial number printing, end of line test gear, etc, etc).

The revised date for the initial 500 is now June 14th and considering certification takes three weeks, all going well we should be in a position by July 8th to push ‘go’ on the main run and starting rolling shipping as the bulbs come off the line. 

This is has been frustrating but as I have to remind myself we're creating the assembly line, not just the first batch. Once this first 500 are tested, certified and we're 100% happy with it all then we’re in a good position to crank a lot of these things out in a short amount of time and get them on their way to you! :)  

Probably the only people in the world happy with the few extra weeks are the software team. Damn them (note: we do love them), but having a few extra weeks up their sleeve gives them time to refine, test and build more stuff before submitting to the app store (and Google Play). For example, the ability to issue over-the-air firmware updates to the bulbs was always going to be a push for us, but we’re now confident this will make the cut.

The other thing we wanted to show you in this update was some real-world examples of how your bulbs will perform in the wild. Here’s a comparison we took of LIFX on one of its brightest settings vs some other bulbs we had at hand.

‘Images taken using identical camera settings for each bulb. With rubber chicken control’

So, apologies again to keep you waiting. The bottle neck has caused us a headache but it's something we'll push through and it's good to know we're inching ever closer. 

Next update will be before June 14 when we're back in Shenzhen again and I'll report back on these dates as we guide the production through this tricky phase, and onto the fun part, eating Congee at the hotel, wait, no, sending these on their way to you! 


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    1. Phil Bosua 3-time creator on

      Hi folks, sorry we haven't check this comment stream of late! We usually write an update, check the comments here then monitor the main comment board closely rather than the individual update one's. Apologies if you feel you haven't heard enough from us. Putting together the latest update now - stay tuned!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ziggy on

      When stating that you will provide information on a certain date, and do not, well that's when people start to wonder what is going on. I say this as a spreading feeling of being ripped off courses through me. Suggestion....POST AN UPDATE! You are now 4 days late for your, self imposed, deadline for the next update.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Chappell on

      Can we get a rubber chicken update :)

      Also I seem to have misplaced the email where you asked us to select the color I'd like. How do I go about this now?

    4. Mat Barrie on

      I asked them via email and they claim the next update "is being worked on and will be out soon".

      Interestingly, June 14th there was a Sydney Morning Herald article about LIFX saying that the bulbs are already going through the certification process - which would mean the first 500 were a success and I don't know why they wouldn't be shouting that out a little louder.

    5. derCobold on

      You wrote "Next update will be before June 14 when we're back in Shenzhen again" but nothing happend. :-(

    6. Missing avatar on

      Boys and girls were you shangaied?

    7. Matt Klein on

      Deal's a deal. I want my part. Starting to feel ripped off...

    8. Missing avatar

      J. I. on

      I guess they don't have good news.. we would have heard it by now if everything went well.. sadly it's not the case:( good thing is that we.won't have to wait too long for 2nd batch (if that doesn't get delayed as well)

    9. Missing avatar

      Lachlan Campbell on

      "The revised date for the initial 500 is now June 14th"
      Really would like some more communication, starting to feel scammed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug Hahn on

      Two months really. Starting to believe this is a scam

    11. fmotta on

      I am sorry, I cannot seem to see an updated delivery date for the hardware and Android Software.
      Can we get that soon?

    12. Geert Cuppens on

      Will the app be iOS7 compatible? ;)

    13. Andrew Brown on

      Have you seen these guys?…

      Literally an exact copy of your business plan.

    14. Vagelis Fragkos on

      Do you know with which company are you going to ship LIFX and from which location?
      Can we have a choice of shipment company?.I live in Greece,Europe and don't want to pay customs because with DHL,UPS,Fedex I will pay.Pls answer.Thank you.USPS is the best choice for international users if shipped from US.

    15. Matteo Ugolini on

      As everybody I am very excited about this project.

      I think that is better to be sure that everything is working fine before shipping and I prefer to wait a little longer than receive a defective bulb, but at the same time I agree with mark webbink this delay is beginning a little too long ;).

    16. R. Weaver on

      I cannot wait to get my bulbs. I have been letting my bulbs burn out and not replacing them. Its getting pretty dark.

    17. Jeremy Snowdon on

      Is the rubber chicken LIFX's official mascot?
      If so, then it must have a name. I'd like to suggest 'BottleNeck' as my first preference, followed by 'Zero Watt Chicken' or 'Z-Watt' for short (pronounced "said what").

    18. mike smith on

      I didn't spot the rubber chicken pledge level ... damn, too late now...

      Well done guys, nice comparisons there.

    19. Jean-Philippe Encausse on

      Go go go can't wait to receive my LIFX in Europe ! Philips HUE are already there since months :-)

    20. saxnix on

      Regarding software development, do you have any progress to report on SmartThings integration?

    21. saxnix on

      I have just put in my 2nd, batch 2 order (now in for a total of 45 bulbs), and am curious as to how far back this delay will push the Batch 2 orders?

    22. saxnix on

      Thanks for the update. Couple of questions...

      Are you able to provide any sort of update on the GU10 bulbs?

      Is the design locked in and prototypes made? (photos??)

      Have any been made (and tested), or will this only happen after you get the screw-ins finalised?

      Have you had the same design issues/changes with these, or did they work as expected?

      Are you expecting to deliver them at the same time as the screw-ins?

      If you are expecting delivery of these later than the screw-ins, are you able to split orders and ship in different batches? (reason I ask is that most of my 30+ bulbs on order are GU10, but I have a couple of screw-in and bayonet types ordered.

    23. Michele Chalice on

      Hey there,

      I did not have the chance to choose bulb types awhile back. Do I still have the ability to do so?

    24. Wabice on

      So that means a free rubber chicken for everyone, correct? ;P Just messing with you. Thanks for the heads up! The bulb looks a lot brighter than what I was expecting just from looking at the shape of the bulb. It even almost looks like it's generating a sphere of light outside of the end of the light bulb, rather than in the casing! I'm looking forward to making these work with the Ube dimmers I backed once both LIFX and Ube are in my possession.

    25. Habi on

      Thanks for the rubber chicken control. I often swap the light bulbs in my living room out to those for a more romantic atmosphere. Now I know how the LIFX bulb will compare to my current setup.

    26. Felix Henneke on

      So if the software team has some extra time, what about the web Interface and Windows phone app?

    27. Justin Erswell on

      Keeping going chaps, it's exciting to see the progress and I am sure we are all of us backers happy to support the team @LiFx. Love the rubber chicken control ;)

    28. Levent Erim on

      thx for info update ..

    29. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Lamb on

      You guys rock! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Really looking forward to the day these arrive at my door!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Chuckles on

      @Peter - Note that the Philips bulb shown is not a Hue, but rather one of their standard, white only, non-WiFi LED bulbs.

    31. Karen Schulman Dupuis on

      Most excellent update, especially the rubber chicken control. :D

    32. Avinash Arora on

      Good Luck fellas! I know you're trying hard!

      This is why you always give yourself some fluff room on those timelines :p live and learn!

    33. Peter Hardy on

      Interesting comparisons, thanks. The Hue seems slightly brighter, but I like the temperature of Lifx a bit better - is that the default "white" setting for both? And I just so happen to have IKEA Ledare bulbs in the lamps I'll eventually be using Lifx for, so it was good to see the difference there.

      I am, however, disappointed that you didn't include a high-powered rubber chicken.

    34. Karen Westra on

      Take your time and do it right! You have my support!

    35. Andreas

      @Mark: You'd be amazed at what developers could demo internally. It's 1-2 years ahead of the market! Well, that's because it'll take a year or more to be a finished product.
      On Kickstarter, you're seeing things much earlier in the development process, that's why everything looks so like it's first-of-a-kind. I'm pretty sure that the Hue already was in development way before this project got started, just nobody outside of Philips knew about it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Webbink on

      Hi, happy to receive an update again but honestly speaking I am a little disappointed by again a delay. The delivery will finally be more or less half a year behind of the prognosed (original) schedule which makes me less happy with it and it also means that I (everyone) has been pre-financing the project for a veeeery long time. Finally also other suppliers are offering similar products in the meanwhile which come close to this, at the moment of funding. was still a very special project.

      I am still very enthusiastic about the project and realize (because I deal with Chinese too) that not always everything is running like forecasted, but I honestly hope we will receive a confirmation of shipment soon..