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LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
9,236 backers pledged $1,314,542 to help bring this project to life.

Final design, factory prototype and 900+ lumens!

We arrived back in Melbourne over the weekend, bleary eyed, tired, but incredibly excited with how close we now are to production. I took the weekend off, spent time with the wife and kids and tasted some good coffee for the first time in weeks, first world problem I know, but the Hot Ovaltine I’d be using as a substitute wasn’t quite cutting it.

Back in Melbourne with the first factory prototype now in hand and the big decisions made, our next trip to Shenzhen will focus on minor design tweaks and producing the second factory prototype, which is (all things going well) the consumer ready version of the LIFX smart bulb.

And, the big news, we can finally reveal the bulb design will look very much like the ones below. 

Function has totally informed this design - enabling a whopping 900+ lumens output whilst simultaneously keeping the advanced electronics cool enough to operate efficiently. On that note we're actually super happy with the magic Ben and Nathan have worked on the design to
create this sleek, distinctive look.

We've narrowed the color/finish selection down to four main candidates (see below) and we'd now like to ask you to help us select the final production finish via an online poll. 

The contenders below, L to R are Matt Black. Dark Silver. Gun Metal Grey and Pearl White. You can take the poll here:

It's an exciting time because we now not only have the design, but the control board complete and the new firmware and the app both nearing completion.

The design we've chosen blends the aesthetics of what we feel the reinvention of the lightbulb should look like, with the practicalities of giving you brightness. 

The design is also a shift away from the basic LED bulbs that mirror traditional bulbs. From what we've seen, skimping on the heatsink leads to “running hot” - diminishing the lifespan of the bulb as well as reducing the potential lumen output. 

To show the previous factory prototype too (that you saw a sneak peak of in the last update) I recorded a little video of it running a demo sequence last night.

The bulb is just a solid works prototype, and it's not the sexy new design, but it should give a good sense of the progress we're making. I talk through some of the things we're still testing but we hope you enjoy seeing it in action. 

PS. For those who asked- the new underwear is going great. Just in time for Valentine's Day too!


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    1. Adam Wilbert on February 27, 2013

      I'm with Charles. Someone seriously needs to start a Kickstarter campaign to produce a lamp like the one in the render. Match the finish of the stand to the finish of the bulb and I would be in heaven!

      And the bulb looks fantastic. Go back and watch the initial video again and the original concept just looks like a toy. This thing rocks!

    2. Charles Windlin on February 23, 2013

      great design!

      where do I find the floor lamp fixture with the ball joint?

      thnx for any info


    3. F4C4 on February 20, 2013

      So, any results on the poll? Very curious about it...

      I agree that the white is less noticeable, but I guess I wouldn't mind showing this off... The Gun Metal Grey looks awesome! Got my vote...

    4. Missing avatar

      ckaminski on February 19, 2013

      White/pearl please. Anything dark will be too noticeable behind a lamp shade.

    5. Mark Zammit on February 19, 2013

      I would love to have a couple of colours. Gun metal grey is awesome and I was thinking of black.

      I'm still curious about the delivery time of these bulbs. 40 days till the end of march. I can't wait to get them :)

    6. pclabtech on February 17, 2013

      I too enjoyed watching the Light bulb Conspiracy video. Some may still say it's just another Conspiracy Theorists dream that we are all lead like sheep to buy the newest thing that comes out instead of making the old thing we have already "do for now." I wonder what the world would be like if we didn't have consumerism? What would society look like if certain inventions lasted decades?

    7. Missing avatar

      Shane Brosz on February 17, 2013

      I love black and gun metal grey, but I voted white because I think that it will aid in the product's initial critical reception by giving it an Apple-product look with the "futuristic" white.

    8. Missing avatar

      Neil Crump on February 17, 2013

      One more vote for "all the above". I think the bulb is attractive enough to stand on its own, so color choice could depend on room decor...

    9. Stijn Martens on February 15, 2013

      Very nice looking design! I prefer the black color.

      Does anybody know where I can buy a minimalistic floor or desk standard/fixture for my future bulbs like on this render?

    10. Caleb Wong on February 15, 2013

      Kickstarter green for at least all of us having one in the pack :) This could show our difference between the normal consumers later on!

    11. Wabice on February 15, 2013

      For the sake of personal preference, I went with Gun Metal. It seemed like a more logical choice for ushering in the future of lighting than going with the standard white. However I can't disagree with the arguments here about many fixtures and other design environments created in a way where the white finish of the bulbs compliment them. I think it is worth considering supporting at least 2 colors for production, with white being one of them. Although I'm not entirely against @Erwin Smole's suggestion of a "Kickstarter Green" either. ;)

      Colors aside, I like the design! It's very different, yet I'm still able to recognize it as a light bulb at first glance.

      Also @Ryan Hoph, thanks for the tip on The Light Bulb Conspiracy. It was certainly a rather interesting and eye opening documentary to think on.

    12. Steve Nicholson on February 15, 2013

      As boring as it is, Pearl White seems like the best choice if there's only one color at the outset. It needs to work in all the places a regular light bulb would be used and those places all assume that the bulb is white.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris B on February 15, 2013

      I'm going to be boring and vote for the white. While I think the black is very cool looking, functionally, I think the white will be better. I have a number of fixtures in my house that have a glass "shade" around the bulb. (Something like this: Having a black bulb in there might not look good.

    14. Brian Holme on February 15, 2013

      grey and white. or black and white is what i would want.
      please let us have a choice of atleast 2 colors.

    15. Missing avatar

      Eduardo on February 15, 2013

      I can easily find use for all four colors. Pearl White is not my first option but most probably it would be the easiest to adapt to existing decorations. The black one is really cool, but I see it more in a modernist setting. Silver and Gun Metal are really cool also. The poll you sent needs an "All of the above" option!.

    16. Nathan Thompson on February 15, 2013

      I like the gun metal

    17. Cyril Biselx on February 15, 2013

      Everytime I saw the bulb in my mailbox I think: "Oh! Nice bulb! I'm gonna buy some more...!" it's a sign for a great design!

    18. Missing avatar

      Darren Jeacocke on February 15, 2013

      The darker colours might look cool on their own, but not installed. White ceilings, white bulbs. We don't want to bring attention to our light fitting during daylight when it's off. Please just go white.

    19. formerself on February 15, 2013

      The Pearl White is boring, but an obvious choice. You shouldn't even have to run a survey for this unless you are planning to offer two or more colours.

    20. Ryan Hopf on February 15, 2013

      LIFX guys - I realized something while reading this update - your work here is directly contravening over a century of industry policy. There is a wonderful documentary called "The Lightbulb Conspiracy" - it's about planned obsolescence and consumerism, and how the lightbulb industry was responsible for a cartel that founded the 'throwaway' society we now live in. I highly recommend you watch this documentary, to reinforce the importance of what you're doing here (not to make you feel pressured or anything :) ). You guys deserve medals, keep up the phenomenal work!

    21. Aris Chr on February 15, 2013

      Higher resolution photos of any bulb needed

    22. Erwin Smole on February 15, 2013

      I would prefer a kickstarter green

    23. Peter Van Hende on February 15, 2013

      First off: nice work.

      Beware of the poll! I work in Market Research and learned you have to see the results in perspective. Most people will give an opinion on aesthetics, but will not think about useability (it's not their job to do so!). So the results can be an element in your decision, but other elements should be considered too.

      Cost difference between options is an obvious example, but for me usability is key for this product. For example: if your brief is a Wifi LED lamp that can replace on ordinary bulb, you should consider the use cases of transparent or semi-transparent lamp shades that are built for transparent or white bulbs. In those lamps, the darker color options would stand out too much and render your bulb unusable for those use-cases (unless pearl white is the chosen color).

      It'll be difficult to choose one option. because I could see myself buying a lamp where the bulb is very visible because I want to show off your nice design. In those cases, I'd love a darker colored version!

    24. Russell Watson-Thomas on February 15, 2013

      Additionally, I love the gun metal grey and have voted as such, but I really think you should consider running two batches after the initial run and include the pearl. It's more... Wider consumer friendly.

    25. Russell Watson-Thomas on February 15, 2013

      I'm actually remarkably impressed by this design. While you keep talking of efficiency I seriously think you're on track for a design award on this.

      It might be nice to give a comparison with its watt/energy efficient counterparts so people get some real scale, I notice a few people mentioning size.

      I'm really excited for you and this product, can't wait to receive mine.

    26. sylvia ng on February 15, 2013

      looks great! anyone know where can I get that ball-head light bulb stand in the picture above?

    27. Missing avatar

      THOMAS HILL on February 15, 2013

      Looks great... Assume you've stuck to the brief and the device will fit any lamp which previously accommodated a bulb? Good job.

    28. Missing avatar

      Toby on February 15, 2013

      That looks much taller than a regular lightbulb, is it? Would be a pity, because IMHO the appeal of the project was not an LED lamp, but a WiFi controllable light bulb that can be used in any lamp. If the final design is really taller than a regular bulb, it's a different product.

    29. Michał Hobot on February 15, 2013

      Not bulbish at all. Pity.

    30. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on February 15, 2013

      Looks great, nice progress so far. Just gonna throw this out here... but how difficult would it be have the enclosures removable with screw mechanism or some other way?

      I agree with the posters below that each color has a different use case... it looks nice... something that you wouldn't mind being out and fully exposed.

    31. Missing avatar

      Victor on February 15, 2013

      Wow! Sexy bulb.

    32. Andreas
      on February 15, 2013

      Thank you for sticking to your promise of 60W bulb-equivalent luminosity (it's even a bit more than that, actually) instead of doing the marketing talk of “that other WiFi bulb” and declaring 600 lm to be a 50W-equivalent!

    33. August Sturm on February 15, 2013

      Beautiful! You all made a work of art that is state of the art. So awesome! :-)

    34. Aren Patel on February 15, 2013

      These look badass. Can't wait! Cheers guys.

    35. pclabtech on February 15, 2013

      The first thought that came to mind was a "Push-up" yogurt pop ;)

      Nice design, I just hope it's not so tall / vertical that it peeks over the top of some torch lamps that take regular incandescent bulbs

    36. Missing avatar

      Pat Sully on February 15, 2013

      Totally love the new design!! Heaps smarter looking (imho) than the earlier versions.

      Are you still looking good for a March delivery date?

      Can't wait to get my hands on one and tell my friends about them.

      Great work guys.

    37. saxnix on February 15, 2013

      Wow! That is a different look. Looks cool. I second Paul's comment, are we able to get a shot of the GU10 bulbs?

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Burgess on February 14, 2013

      The bulbs look great. Are the downlight versions going to be a similar look and feel?

    39. Peter Fern on February 14, 2013

      Purdy! Can I suggest re-ordering the poll options to match the picture? Also, I can actually see having a range of finishes being a selling point (though I suspect this will only be an option after the initial production run), based on the setting/decor for individual bulbs.

      As these are far from small, yet fairly well optimized, I assume downlights are going to present some significant design challenges?

    40. Missing avatar

      Isaac Weathersbee on February 14, 2013

      The bulb design looks great!

      There may be an issue with the color poll survey. On the survey page the names are listed in a different order than the picture indicates. I assumed the order was the same as pictured and ended up selecting my third choice instead of my first. Others may make the same mistake and skew the results.

      (The dark gray, gunmetal, third pictured bulb looks fantastic!)

      You guys are doing excellent work, keep the updates and eventually the bulbs coming!

    41. Missing avatar

      David Jenkins on February 14, 2013

      Pearl white will match everything, but at some point you should offer at least 2 or perhaps even all 4colors, which will increase your ultimate customer base.

    42. Dijay Jadiya on February 14, 2013

      If possible can we expose the results of the poll... Thx

    43. Missing avatar

      Kevin I on February 14, 2013

      I like all of the choices - they just have different applications. I would say Pearl White would be the front runner, then dark silver, gunmetal, the black. Perhaps you could give us a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and, 4th choice in the survey?

    44. scott edwards on February 14, 2013

      Fantastic design guys, break the mould I say.

    45. Trevor Clark on February 14, 2013

      That is one sexy lightbulb! In every color (want gunmetal)!