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LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
9,236 backers pledged $1,314,542 to help bring this project to life.

Let's do this!

Hi Kickstarters

We just wanted to let you know that we've made a team decision to limit additional LIFX pledges. There are still some pledge opportunities available so tell your friends before they miss out.

Here's what we're thinking:
1. We want to put all our energy into developing the product, rather than building a large company (at this stage).
2. We feel by limiting the pledges it will ensure we deliver all first round orders on time. It's the right thing to do for our existing backers (we love you guys and thank you for making this such a hit in only 5 days!).
3. We believe that our success should ride on the product we deliver, not the product we pitch.

In the near future we'll put up a new website where people can signup to be included in the second production run. We think anyone who wants LIFX smartbulbs should be able to get them.

We've raised more than enough to execute on what we've proposed to do so now we are going to get down to the business of creating a full production run of LIFX smartbulbs fit for homes across the world.

Phil Bosua and the LIFX team

P.S. We are currently talking to some amazing production partners. We will continue to fill you in on progress of all things LIFX through the KS page and


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    1. Missing avatar

      Chuckles on October 14, 2012

      No need. Phil Bosua's comment on the 26th of September (in the Comments section) notes that they have secured a loan for interim funding to allow them to proceed. The team is already hard at work. This has also been reported here:

    2. Johnathan Hugh Higginson on October 9, 2012

      I concur, It'd be great if kickstarter would allow them to end the campaign earlier and be able to get started earlier. Would be a better chance to deliver by the estimated date.

    3. Colin Jones on October 4, 2012

      Is it not possible to close the pledge process early, get the cash, so that you can start earlier? :)

    4. Wei Yang on September 27, 2012

      There are a number of other projects who only have a $1 pledge minimum and those people can opt for no rewards. Maybe offer a $5 pledge in exchange for a Thank You card (and some updates on when the site and online stores go live?)

      Just a thought... I mean, most companies would love to have the problem you guys are having and it's never a bad idea to keep adding to the mailing list - especially on this popular platform.

    5. Russell Nelson on September 24, 2012

      Dang. I was wanting to get four. At least I signed up for two.

    6. James Jones on September 22, 2012

      I really appreciate the sentiment of wanting to cut off pledges to what will be manageable, but it seems like you are throwing away a huge opportunity for capital. I actually already pledged as much as I wanted, but couldn't you open up new tiers with a delivery of say 6 months or more beyond the first batch to keep interest up where you already have a very visible platform?
      Either way a backer tier of $1-10 with no expectations except providing support to you and receiving all the backer updates will allow more people to follow your progress.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Jacob on September 22, 2012

      @James C King, @Jason & others: These are prohibited rewards and would get the project terminated by Kickstarter.
      @Project: You estimated it would take you 4 months to deliver 0.1M worth of bulbs. So I'd say it'd be fair to say it would take you 13 times as long to deliver 13 times as many bulbs? So the project won't be late until April 2017.

    8. Nathan Thompson on September 22, 2012

      I like Jason's idea, I want more, and if i can pay $10 to get the kickstarter price I would buy a bunch.

    9. Missing avatar

      on September 22, 2012

      Now that you're sold out, please add a $1 (or 5 or 10, whatever) slot for people to get info and essentially sign-up for a chance to pre-order round two at the same (discounted?) price. That will help ensure you can keep demand up and build your customer base going forward.

    10. Tom Ryan on September 21, 2012

      @SmartThings, @Lifx, @Pebble...all great connectivity ideas (and since I back all three projects, all great for me!). But don't let scope creep ruin your plans!

    11. DeltaLima
      on September 21, 2012

      yes, very happy to see you guys making this call.. more project owners should do the same

    12. Brandon Linton (deleted) on September 21, 2012

      Thank you! Ship early, ship often is the way to go!

    13. John P. on September 21, 2012

      Bravo. You're doing the right thing– many Kickstarters get in over their heads and don't see it coming. I look forward to seeing your ability to use calculated vision keep you in the ring for a long time.

    14. Michael Yong on September 21, 2012

      I should clarify that I'm referring to the Reuters article when I mention erroneous assumptions based on minimal research and not anyone who has commented on this Kickstarter page in particular.

    15. Michael Yong on September 21, 2012

      It's great that you guys are so committed to getting your product to those who have pledged as soon as possible. I do get the feeling that you're doing this to avoid any further backlash for your imagined crimes. I hope that you understand that whilst however many people may rant and rave that you've deceived them, the vast majority don't feel that you have anything to apologise for (an assumption, but pledges are still going up, so it's supported in this respect at least). A logical person would understand the intrinsic risks of pledging on kickstarter and would have asked themselves most of the questions which were valid (i.e. not derived from erroneous assumptions, based on minimal research and understanding of most of the technology and even current pricing) before pledging. I'm considering increasing my pledge to $490 because of the uncertainty of the schedule for latter production runs.

      I wish you all the best in this endevour, and hope someday to see your product in pride of place on the shelves of electrical and lighting stores across the world.

    16. Jason Pasierski on September 21, 2012

      I'm glad I snuck in for the first Production run. I saw this yesterday and was blown away. Very excited!

    17. Janardan Nathan on September 21, 2012

      Hi Phil an team, thanks for prioritizing quality over quantity.
      I'll be looking out for more substantial updates in the future.

    18. Chanakya Shah on September 21, 2012

      @Mario Kaufmann - In an ideal world, there would be partnering and not corporate lawsuits. Never mind, I am too kicked about this project.

    19. Drew Jackson on September 21, 2012

      if this is smart things compatible i will not only lose my mind and friends as a result of showing off, I will also lose a lot more money as i up my pledge on both projects so the internet can run my life and power bill!!!!!

    20. Mario Kaufmann on September 21, 2012

      @chanakya Shah: Well, looking at the lifx bulb pictured on the main page, it's extremely Philips-y design. That could be an issue, but I really hope that they rather partner than sue :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Gary Silva on September 21, 2012

      When you get to production or pre-production please consider sending out a few early samples so the DEV's here can help you with testing of the API/SDK interfaces. I'd be happy to help testing with Android :-)

    22. Ramon on September 21, 2012

      Yes! @SmartThings! Yes! What @Brandy said. Make it happen :)

    23. Paul Baron on September 21, 2012

      Great move guys. Have no doubt you'll deliver on your pitch.

    24. Chanakya Shah on September 21, 2012

      Hahhaha yes for sure Mario, but I was only wondering if there could be an issue with the patents. Also, I find it extremely weird to not see this Project as one of the popular ones on Kickstarter.

    25. Mario Kaufmann on September 21, 2012

      I have the Philips light. It's €200 here, no wifi, etc... it just so 2005 compared to lifx :-)

    26. eliter1 on September 21, 2012

      If you limit the amount that can be ordered and sell them all do you still have to wait until Nov 14 to fund the project?

    27. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on September 21, 2012

      Have any idea how much your going to sell these bulbs after the kickstarter project ends?

      It would be nice to know how much your planning to sell those on your second run or even after the project ending so we can order the right amount from the start to have to biggest saving opportunity for being part of the first batch.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tom Rosendahl on September 20, 2012

      Hey Guys-
      I am all in!
      Please keep me posted!

    29. pclabtech on September 20, 2012

      Thank you for seeing that if you keep the pledges open, you will just have a bigger load come March. I will enjoy my 4x LIFX bulbs and hopefully get my hands on the SDK so I can maybe goof around with a little programming.

    30. Yves on September 20, 2012

      @SmartThings @LIFX +1!

    31. Missing avatar

      mark on September 20, 2012

      @SmartThings would love to see that happening too. Only your SmartThing is not able of working in New Zealand yet; chicken and the egg?

    32. Missing avatar

      on September 20, 2012

      @ James C King. I second your idea of creating a 1$ pledge to gain future customers easier and build a mailing list that could be used (exclusively?) for pre-ordering bulbs after the first run.

    33. Brandy on September 20, 2012

      @SmartThings @LIFX Yes. This. Have you two talked yet? Get to it.

    34. Ben Hamey on September 20, 2012

      @Ian Lyons Thanks for that :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      bufferout (deleted) on September 20, 2012

      @James C King - awesome suggestion thanks. Will evaluate.

    36. Missing avatar

      James C King on September 20, 2012

      Phil - I'm glad you decided to do this, I think you'll find in the long run it'll serve you well.
      I also think you should add a $1 pledge with a reward for a code for a time-limited discount when you get your bulbs into full production, this way you'll keep interest in your project and still get a list of potential backers that will likely turn into cash at a later date.

    37. Ian Lyons on September 20, 2012

      Smart move guys. Now you're working towards a fixed production goal. It also never hurts to create scarcity around a hot product. All of us are going to be showing these off to our friends so the sooner we get them, the sooner you'll see a real spike in your orders.

    38. Andreas
      on September 20, 2012

      How does that affect additional bulb orders on all the levels?

    39. Jason Cartwright on September 20, 2012

      Congrats on the massive success, can't wait to get my 4x LIFX bulbs. I think capping the numbers and focusing on product is exactly the right move. In love with the possibility of this and future WiFi-enabled home automation devices.

      Hope you can allocate a dev team to continue work on the product while the rest of your team work on the production and distribution of initial orders.

    40. CK on September 20, 2012

      So it is about minimum 22k bulbs in March next year excluding additional bulbs for those who pledge more than 10. Really hope there will be no delay, I don't wish to wait for another 3 to 6 months due to this and that.

    41. Corey on September 20, 2012

      Thank you for being responsible and not just seeing dollar signs.

    42. SmartThings on September 20, 2012

      Let's make them smart.

    43. Steven VanHorn on September 20, 2012

      Great! So far everything I've backed on kickstarter has been wildly over funded and they went in the direction of delaying everything so that they could setup their company before shipping out any product at all. I'd love to get a bulb in my apartment without 6+ months of delays!