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LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.
Created by

Phil Bosua

9,236 backers pledged $1,314,542 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Howard Levinson 7 days ago

      I knew this was a huge mistake, these things are garbage. After I got yelled at by a "founder" that told me to F off and die. I hope they lose everything since what they sold is junk.

    2. Creator Ken's Lil' Sister on March 13

      Thanks Chuckles, I will try them at the addresses provided.

    3. Creator Chuckles on March 12

      @Ken's Lil' Sister - standard questions & suggestions for those still missing lightbulbs:

      Are you awaiting GU10 (downlight) lightbulbs? These have not yet been released.

      Are you awaiting E27 and/or B22 lightbulbs? You should have received these already - you should contact LIFX via their website, Twitter or Facebook.

      LIFX haven't been active here for quite some time, but they are active on their website ( ), Twitter ( ) and Facebook ( ).

    4. Creator Ken's Lil' Sister on March 12

      I never got my lightbulbs.

    5. Creator Chuckles on March 11

      @Jens, @derCobold, yes, I keep having the problem recur as well. The last feedback I've received from LIFX (26th February) was "...the firmware team have looked at your ticket, and are investigating to find a fix".

      Isolating the cause is probably made difficult by the nature of the issue, only occurring after a few days; more promising is the fact that quite a few people are experiencing it, so hopefully LIFX have seen it first hand by now.

    6. Creator derCobold on March 6

      same here :-(

    7. Creator Jens on March 6

      @Chuckled, LIFX: cloud / IFTTT failed again with one bulb. 15sec without power and it works again for a few days. :(

    8. Creator Jamie McCarthy on March 2

      Anyone seeing this issue since the last app update? Say I have a bulb or set of bulbs set to red, and then I open the app up again later and 1. switch to the white wheel, 2. change brightness without touching the "color/white" wheel.
      It use to be, messing with the dimmer would also switch the lights to whichever wheel you were on. But lately, I'm seeing it just dim the current settings without switching from the color to white palette.
      Tell me if this description makes any sense - anyone else seeing it happen?

    9. Creator Chuckles on February 26

      @Saubatzen - it is apparently fairly common for people with multiple bulbs to have one or more bulbs fail to update (I had one fail and had to retry it individually - it then succeeded). Turn off (i.e. remove power) from the ones which have successfully updated and try updating the others again. Some people have resorted to updating their bulbs one by one.

    10. Creator Chuckles on February 26

      @Jamie McCarthy - You can set your lights to turn on at sunrise by using the Weather channel in IFTTT. However, the drawback is you can't also specify that this only happen on weekdays - they will turn on at sunrise on every day of the week.

      As you've found, using the Date & Time channel on IFTTT to turn the lights on at a particular set time will also allow you to restrict this to weekdays - preserving any weekend sleep-ins you may want :-)

    11. Creator Jamie McCarthy on February 26

      I know the bar was in initially VERY low in the software department, but these bulbs have made leaps and bounds since the last firmware update. Now with this latest app update, I'm psyched to be dipping my toes into the IFTTT world. Fading up to 50% orange at 5:45 each weekday morning. I'll tweak as necessary.
      I'd love it if someone (@Chuckles?) could school me on using the dynamic sunrise time.

    12. Creator Saubatzen on February 26

      Hi Guys,

      had anyone Problems with the FW-Update? 2 Bulbs are failed within the update process, with the Windows Tool and the androidapp. Maybe someone had similar experience?

    13. Creator Jens on February 26

      @Chuckles Thanks! That did the trick. All my lifx are now availavle via lifx cloud again.

    14. Creator Jens on February 25

      @Chuckles Local wlan is fine. I will report if your advice fixes my issue.

    15. Creator Chuckles on February 24


      When you have trouble with IFTTT, are your bulbs still working via the local LAN (e.g. using the phone app locally)?

      Try turning the affected bulb off, wait 15 seconds and then turn it back on. Try IFTTT now.

      I've reported a bug where individual bulbs lose connectivity with the LIFX cloud. It seems to happen after several days. Turning the bulb off, a short wait and then turning the bulb on again has always fixed this for me. When the problem occurs, other bulbs will continue to work correctly with the LIFX cloud (and IFTTT) and all bulbs continue to operate correctly via the local LAN (e.g. with the iPhone app, etc.).

      A number of other people have confirmed these symptoms and the fix with me.

      Apparently the LIFX engineers are looking at my bug report - hopefully we'll see a fix sometime soon.

    16. Creator Jens on February 24

      Has anyone else experienced problems with IFTTT the last 2-3 days?

    17. Creator derCobold on February 13

      Themes are back with App Version 2.0.3 :-)

    18. Creator PhilWheat on February 13

      Hector, doesn't work with betas.

    19. Creator Hector Silva on February 10

      PhilWheat... you can update your bulbs using the PC/Windows or Linux updater.

    20. Creator PhilWheat on February 10

      At this point, I have no clue what's on either client. I funded for the Fast Tracked Windows app - so IFTTT channels are what I'm working with until that happens and those are still lagging massively.

      I THINK my sideload of the Android app on Bluestacks updated one of my bulbs but not the other. Behavior is intermittent on both - my positive statements earlier are retracted as I can't predict what either will do for anything.

      But they did manage to launch the Blue Light Coffee replacement lamp.

    21. Creator Hector Silva on February 7

      Scenes are still here on Android :-D I haven't updated LIFX on iOS... appears that you need to update to iOS 8 to get 2.0

    22. Creator Jens on February 7

      I miss the scenes. The themes are nice but can't replace them. :(

    23. Creator Hector Silva on February 6

      Scenes are STILL there.

    24. Creator derCobold on February 4

      Firmware 2.0 removes bulb mesh networking capabilities... so every single bulb has now an IP adress and is connected to the wifi, right?

    25. Creator derCobold on February 4

      The LIFX 2.0 App is now available for iOS and Android:
      - secure Remote Access
      - IFTTT

    26. Creator David Mikal Johnson on February 4

      the removal of Scenes is just thoughtless. why would you eliminate the only thing that allows you to "favorite" a specific color?

    27. Creator Maarten on February 3

      The new app and firmware are really fast, light control is instant with no perceived latency. Works really great!
      IFTTT integration is really cool too.
      The Scenes seem to have been removed though, that's a pity. Hopefully there will be some way to save a color configuration of a group of lights again.

    28. Creator Chuckles on January 25

      @PhilWheat - agreed.

      I'm using the IFTTT Weather Channel to trigger at sunrise. My LIFX lights in the bedroom then slowly fade up to 50% yellow over half an hour (courtesy of the LIFX channel).

      (A second IFTTT recipe automatically turns the lights off at a set time later in the morning if I haven't already done so. This way, when I'm away, the lights aren't left on all day).

      My actual wake-up alarm is at a specific time (thanks Sonos), but I'm finding that having the lights fade up beforehand is making the mornings much more tolerable (I'm NOT a morning person). The IFTTT time variability isn't important in this scenario.

    29. Creator PhilWheat on January 25

      OK - for a rare note of semi-positivity from me, the latest beta update is definitely a step in the right direction. The IFTTT integration allows SOME level of automation for some limited inputs, and that's going to be enough for a lot of people. I've noticed that the polling from the bulbs puts a 2-25 minute delay in the responses, but you can actually work with that for most things. Note - don't use the bulbs are your alarm clock unless you set it for at least a half hour before you want to get up (just in case the bulbs don't catch it for 20+ minutes.)

      If they had the software at this state this time last year, I would have been able to deal with things - even though I'll never get the product the Kickstarter promised. But at a year after release (and almost two years after estimated delivery) it's just too little too late.

    30. Creator Dan Schmitz on January 25

      Have attempted contacting them several times. Since I am not active on twitter, this is the one place where on a daily basis I can log in and ask for a refund... Which reminds me.


    31. Creator Chuckles on January 23

      @Dan Schmitz

      I suspect you are just shouting into the void, I'm afraid. LIFX haven't posted here since February 2014.

      You'd have more success on their website or Twitter - the latter is likely to get you a faster response.

    32. Creator Dan Schmitz on January 23


    33. Creator Dan Schmitz on January 21


    34. Creator saxnix on January 20

      I wasn't aware that it needed iOS8. Kids have iPad 2 (I think??) and I heard iOS8 doesn't run that great on them?? OT, but does anyone care to give feedback on that?

    35. Creator derCobold on January 20

      @saxnix: great to hear. maybe this could be the reason for me to upgrade to iOS8 (due to the fact that the beta does not support iOS7)

    36. Creator saxnix on January 20

      Phil, you should see marked increase in responsiveness.

    37. Creator PhilWheat on January 19

      I saw the beta announcement and had to swing by, sorry.

      Dan - LIFX is no longer here, they've left a long time ago. If you want to contact them, see either their web site or their Facebook account.

    38. Creator Dan Schmitz on January 19

      Please refund my Pledge and confirm refund status!

    39. Creator Dan Schmitz on January 19

      At this point I just want my money back, but as usual there is no reaction.

    40. Creator saxnix on January 17

      Check out the Facebook page for info on the App/Firmware/IFTTT beta program (15 Jan).

      App is much improved with near-immediate on/off for the bulb, and effects seem much better/more responsive as well.

      IFTTT integration seems to be working well too.

      Took some time, but functionality really seems to be there now. Well done LIFX.

    41. Creator Dan Schmitz on January 14

      ok, so I guess it is now 2 years overdue.
      Could I please get a refund already! this is just ridiculous!

    42. Creator David Mikal Johnson on January 8

      @Cody L had no idea. couldn't find a word about bluetooth on the website. the tech specs are a little "light".

    43. Creator Maarten on January 7

      Happy New Year everyone.
      Still looking forward to the GU10's..:)

      Already 3 bulbs replaced (out of 10), and it seems another 2 are starting to break (not responding to app, or flickering). Let's see how it goes.

    44. Creator Cody L on January 6

      @David Mikal Johnson - you realize those can only be controlled through bluetooth. Right?

    45. Creator David Mikal Johnson on January 6

      Bye bye LIFX! Hello BOLT!
      Half the price of LIFX in the same form factor as a standard bulb:

    46. Creator Chuckles on January 5

      @Darrius Jones - if your reward was GU10 bulbs, they haven't shipped yet and are still in the "coming soon..." category. If it was the regular B22 or E27 bulbs then I suggest you contact them via e-mail or Twitter.

    47. Creator Darrius Jones on January 3

      I actually forgot about this project due to the numerous delays. Never received my reward.

    48. Creator Soulhuntre on December 22

      I have 4 of these turkeys sitting in a drawer. Honestly at this point I would not even GIVE them away to anyone I liked. The hardware is badly designed, the connectivity is atrocious and the feature set is nonexistent.

      In every way the Hue system is better than this - and every day I use it the way Lifx promised me I could use their stuff.

      At this point it is a write off, but every chance I get I make sure people know to stay far, far away from this company.

    49. Creator PhilWheat on December 18

      Yeah, the comment was:

      Darren Tyler‎
      December 15 at 7:14pm ·
      Just got an email update re the GU10 LIFX. You offered the option to change to another style, any chance of the option of a refund?

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